Wedding photos up! Ngo Wedding uploaded.

I’ve updated my online portfolio with 11 new images from the Ngo Wedding last weekend. Please click the image above, or this link, to view my portfolio. As always comments are welcomed.

The wedding was so much fun; I had an amazing time there. Lighting was tricky, but I think I did pretty well. I caught a number of great moments and came back with MANY more favorite images than I expected. I originally had select around 37 favorite pieces from the entire shoot. But, when I tried to narrow that down to 5 or so to put in my port, I couldn’t choose less than 11… and even that was hard.

I’m not yet sure when I’ll be on my next assignment, but I’m looking forward to it whenever that time comes. I’ve started to really love weddings… which is odd because the first few I shot I didn’t enjoy too terribly much. Ha!

Til next time!

Jaci’s headshots

Last Friday I shot some new headshots for Jaci. I was pretty pleased with how most of them turned out too – especially considering it was a really quick shoot in between her work schedule.
We’re putting together a real shoot soon where I’ll have a chance to use lighting gear and everything else. I already have the shot in mind I want to do first, we’ll just see how Jaci’s balance is feeling that day.

I still have more of her photos to edit – I’ll get those in my portfolio soon.
I also have a shoot with Mina at the beach that I need to edit and get online, too.

Good night all!

Ngo Wedding

Today I assisted on the Ngo wedding in Los Angeles at the beautiful Ebell Theatre.
Ursula looked beautiful, and was so happy the nearly everything brought tears to her eyes. Mark, cool and calm, enjoyed every minute of their big day.
The wedding had both Vietnamese and New Orleans/Louisiana tradition mixed in. It was a beautiful ceremony, and wonderful party.

I had a blast.

…tomorrow sometime I’ll update my portfolio with images from the rest of the day.

Sports Portfolio being updated!

I’ve updated my sports section in my portfolio this morning. I added about a dozen images from gymmastics and volleyball.
At CMU I shot every gymnastics meet, and every volleyball competition. So, it would be extremely easy for me to upload 50 images from either sport. I tried to keep the selection small for each.

So, go ahead, check it out, let me know what you think.

Location Scouting

I wandered around for a while tonight looking for some locations that were interesting for night lighting..

I didn’t find much, however, I did find this wall…

Anddd we’re blogging..

So it’s 12:14a according to my computer…

I’ve started a blog powered by WordPress.  So far I dig it, but I’ve been told that Tumblr is the way to go. I’m torn, I like that Tumblr is nice and clean… but I like that WP stores everything here on my own servers.

Also, I can tweak this layout from WP a lot more.

We’ll see which one I keep