Fall has arrived!

Fall is here!

Well, even though it definitely doesn’t feel like it here in Michigan yet… it’s Fall. the leaves are changing, and nights are much cooler. However, the 75+ degree weather during the day will definitely throw you off…

I’ve been wanting to update everyone about my trip so far and just haven’t been able to find the time. But, that’s a good thing. I’m staying busy, I’m seeing a lot of people, and I’m doing a lot of shooting. For example, the image above was created in the middle of the day… in between Jency’s already very hectic schedule she was able to squeeze me in to create this shot.

Unfortunately my Volleyball photos are forever lost :( I was pretty bummed, but, things happen and I thought they were on my portable drive when cleared off both the desktop and CF card they were on. Oh well…
I shot soccer yesterday, too. I have some pretty incredible shots from that. Let’s just say I’m pretty much ready to buy the Canon 70-200 f/2.8 L USM IS after using Casey’s lense yesterday. I love my Sigma, it performs well and has taken many award winning shots the last couple years… But, it’s time.
Anyone want to buy a 70-200 Sigma EX DG Macro?

I’ll try and get soccer up later tonight… maybe.
I’m about to head out to go shoot Football :D Anddd after that I have a lot of friends in town that I’m really excited to see. So… not sure if you’ll all be so lucky.

Fire up Chips!

CMU and You, er, Me.. uh… I’m back?

I’m back in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, this week. Here at CMU.
I can honestly say I never thought I would be back here. But, things change, people change, and “nevers” become “maybes” – or in this case “how ’bout next week?”‘s.

I took the opportunity to redeem some airline miles I had accumulated over the years to fly back out to CMU. so far things have worked out great. I’m having a lot of fun, I’m seein some old friends, and I’m doing a lot of shooting too.

This particular shot of Casey I did last night in the studio. Man, things have changed a bit since I went here. the students managed to break two of the three studio lights… so the department is down to just one. I used a studio light with a softbox, and one of my own umbrellas with a 580EXII for this shot – all set off with Pocketwizards.

This is one of my favorites from that night, and will eventually make it to my portfolio when I have some time. However, the screens here in the computer lab I’m in are scratched and smudged… so I’m not too sure exactly how good a job I did on touching this up.

Hopefully I’ll have some Volleyball to share that I shot on Tuesday (it may have been accidently deleted off both Casey’s harddrive and my portable drive :( )
If not, you guys will have to wait til tomorrow when I have some shots of Soccer to share. Football on Saturday, too!

Keep it real.

My work on other sites

I always take it as a HUGE compliment when friends of mine use my photography for their images anywhere… I remember in school when tons of the athletes and various friends I had were using my photos as their defaults for Facebook and Myspace.

Well, Justin Imamura, long time friend and an extremely talented musician recently submitted some of my images to be used on his musician profile on various sites. We saw this one last night when he was showing me stuff online.
While they didn’t credit the photo to me, both are actually mine. The top image was last weekend at the Chronic Cantina (see previous blog posts) and the lower one is actually shot in San Francisco at Warped Tour back in June when I spent the day shooting various bands. Please feel free to check their webpage here.

Today I leave for Michigan.
I’m heading out to visit some old friends, teach a couple workshops, shoot three or four models, and three different sports events. There is also a birthday party and various other things to attend… Needless to say, I’m going to be busy – and I can’t wait.

So, my gear is packed, my cameras are all charged, I even have my light kit carefully wrapped and packaged for flight.
Leaving the house in about 10 minutes :D

Be sure to continue checking updates next week. I’ll be updating from Michigan. Gotta keep you all in the loop.


New location, new updates

Check out this location…
How freakin’ cool is that?! I’m gonna have to find a model to photograph here before they clean up whatever the hell it is they’re doing… I’m thinkin night shoot, hot girl, construction clothes – or lack there of – and some rockin’ lighting.

If any of you down here in LA want to help make this happen, give me a call or shoot me an email/text. If not, I’ll find someone :)

In other news my portfolio is now updated, so now you can view the images I’ve shot in the last week in the Models section.  There is also one new surf image up, too.
I’m also planning a trip right now… so, during that time you will still continue to see updates of everything from fashion/modeling, to sports, to possibly a little journalism – returning to my roots.

So, go check the port, see if you like the new work. Comment it, or just email me like some of you have.

Peace out homies!
More shooting this weekend, stay tuned.

A photographer becomes the model

Tonight was something a little different for Aaron… he became the model for once.
For those of you who don’t know him, Aaron is not only one of my best friends here, but also an extremely talented photographer. His photography is more like art than just pictures – and if his website was currently working, I’d send you all there to check it out.

Anyway, tonight we got together to take some photos and give me the chance to do a bit more shooting and practice my own lighting techniques. This first image here we shot on some business property and were fairly quickly asked to leave. Surprisingly, the security guy was very calm, and simply said “You can’t take pictures here…” as he walked by. We apologized, said we didn’t know, and left… Least amount of hassle I’ve had in a long time.

Afterward we found an interesting gated doorway to some sort of back alley behind a convience store… it was overgrown and smelt of urine… not pleasant… but that’s many alleys in LA – dirty.
We tried shooting there while I kept tweaking my strobes to see if I could get the light to do what I wanted. I actually pulled off a number of images I was happy with before we called it a night.
And by night I mean we went back, grabbed Ashley, and all went out to IHOP for late breakfast… it was delicious, and incredibly filling… Even now, and 3:17am I’m still full… and have been drinking water nonstop since I got home… guess the one glass I had at the restaurant wasn’t enough..

Before I go… here’s one more image… This is created with bounce fill from one 580II.

Pretty cool huh?
Come on, you dig it.

Alright, 3:20am means it’s time to crash.

Remus, out.

Today… was all about light

Today was all about light… experimenting with light. You can tell the skill of a photographer by how well he understands and works with light.
Now I’ll be the first to admit that I have a LOT to learn when it comes to controlling all aspects of a shoot. But, I’m working to improve on that as quickly as possible.

Today I did a few shoots. The first was with Vered – the image above.
I wanted to experiment with shooting into the sun… I wanted a starburst effect and nice bright fill flash. I lit that image with just one 580EXII and an umbrella… I think it worked out fairly well for my first attempt at this style shooting.
I’m looking forward to Rosa’s arrival in a week. We’ll be doing a lot more shooting and playing with light, and will be creating some images very similar to this idea.

Now, tonight I also went out on a night shoot with Beau. I was originally planning to go with Aaron, but, he works early… oh well.
Below is another style of photography and image I wanted to attempt to create. So, we went out from about 11:30p to 1:00a and created the following two shots.

This is the image I set out to create tonight. It’s a lighting technique I read about from Joe McNally – an extremely talented photographer I had the pleasure of working with, with Nikon, at Imaging 2008 back in January. Believe it or not, this uses no gels, and only one 580II.

This is just a simple image, using avaiable light from an overhead lamp in what appeared to be a carport… but hey, just cuz it’s a carport doesn’t mean you can’t take powerful images.

So that was my day of shooting. I don’t really have much to edit tomorrow since it’s now 3am and I’m just going to sleep… I think a good plan would be to get up, go running, and then go lay on the beach. After the things that went down today it’d be nice to just relax in the sand and sun.


I <3 the beach

Yesterday after working on photos all morning I cruised over to the beach.
I love that I live so close, not only is the drive fairly quick, but, if I choose, I can do a canyon run on the way home… hell yes.

So, I brought my camera with the intent on doing a little more surf photography. There weren’t many people out, but I managed to still get a few nice shots….

I’m heading out right now to do another shoot… so, late tonight look for another update and new photos from your’s truly.


Good Guys in Black @ The Chronic Cantina

The Good Guys in Black fuckin’ ROCKED the Chronic Cantina today.

I cruised down to Costa Mesa to chill with the guys at Chronic, enjoy the music and bands, and hell… there was even a fashion show.
The other bands were a bit more mellow… a bit more Sublime… Rick took the mic and they didn’t even get a minute into their first song before there was some sort of power failure at the sound board – how’s that for rockin’ hard?

I shot some 900 images today; a good majority of my shots were of the models since I was asked by each designer to take some shots for them.
Alright, alright… here’s a shot of some of the models during one of the fashion sets:

If people want, I’ll upload more later.

Anyway, today rocked, I made some great contacts, I shot some great photos, and I heard some great music.

Killer way to end the weekend – then again, as Justin pointed out this morning to me… everyday is Saturday for me.

Justin and Jaci

Last night’s shoot was so much fun! Hell yes.

I had to chance to shoot with Justin Sandler, a model I met through Model Mayhem. A bit of back story to Justin… I actually first saw a picture of Justin on another photographer’s profile, in his portfolio. It was really edgy, really sexy image of Justin in jeans pushing a girl in fishnets and a skirt up against a fence – fuckin’ hot.
Well, I LOVED that shot (most people who see it do) and actually was going to emulate the idea with my ex-girlfriend. Well, that’s not going to happen now, but no worries because I’ll be shooting something very similar next week.
Anyway, Justin and I happened to connect through MM a few weeks back and had been trying to set something up since then. Plans changed when we threw Jaci into the mix, but the shoot went really well. We all had a great time shooting around and making photos happen.

Here’s the first image I saw of Justin that I loved:

More images from this shoot will be in my online portfolio tonight or possibly tomorrow (Sunday).


Beau’s shoot

I’ve been wanting to create this image with Beau for the last week or so… But, even though he’s my roommate, our schedules don’t always match up.
Today I took only about 20 shots or so in our 60’s den here at home. This is pretty much the exact image I wanted to make with the light/shadows.

I’m heading out in a couple hours to do a dual shoot in downtown LA… I’m stoked. It’s with a model I’ve wanted to work with for a while, totally chill guy. So, we’re going out with my friend Jaci and going to see what images we can make happen.
I just had my camera cleaned today – got some sort of grease on the sensor with a sensor brush I used. All my lights are charged up… should be a great time!
Lastly, did a few minor updates to my portfolio – check it out with the link at the top of the page!