50th post, and a few updates ;)

This is my 50th blog entry since going live – with this version – back in August. So fifty entries in approximately three months is pretty good. Hopefully I have kept you, the readers, entertained and impressed with my work.

Tonight I share with you another image from the track yesterday. I was having fun with the dusk lighting, slower shutter speeds, and panning toward the end of the day. Throw in the headlights that people started using and it made for interesting photos. I will admit, I would love this photo more if there was no cloud cover and I had a gorgeous pink and blue sunset behind it… but, I can’t be too picky, can I?

I spent all day sorting 3,200 photos from yesterday – and burning DVDs for everyone who ordered discs from me. If you drove an S2000 yesterday, this Lotus, the black 300Z, or the white RX7… I have photo discs available for a small cost if interested.

Kat said look tough… Alex just looks drunk, haha… good times though..

Click the photo above, or here for the gallery from BC’s After Black Friday Birthday party at Shark Club in Costa Mesa. I was pretty tired after spending the whole day at the track… but I still made it out to celebrate for a bit with everyone. Call/Email me if you want any of the photos.

Post-Turkey Racing…

Today I spent most of the day at the track in Buttonwillow doing some Autocross photography for the Bay Area S2ki crew – the car club I’m a part of.
I had a great time with old friends, hanging out, catching up on life, and shooting some photos. I’m beat though… nearly 400 miles of driving for me today… and over 3,000 images shot.
I have a lot of editing to do tomorrow.

Good night all

Blive at Libertine gallery up

I uploaded the gallery from last night’s show at Libertine (click the image above or here)

I’ll be honest, I did not enjoy the evening photo-wise. The way the whole night turned out is not how I’m used to shooting and covering an event. It was frustrating, confusing, and I returned with no usable photos. I enjoyed spending time with friends afterward, yes. However, many people in my party had bags/items/gear stolen; fortunately, most was recovered – though some was not.
And I will definitely think twice before returning to this venue.

I’m uploading this gallery, for the MUA’s, models, and whoever else is interested. I’m very disappointed that I have nothing I consider possible portfolio material after this show, though.

Some “new” old work to share

I typically shoot anywhere from 100-400 images per shoot. It really depends on what I’m shooting, who I’m shooting, and how many outfits (or even models) are going to be shot.
That being said, I have a lot of photos that never make it to post-processing, let alone my portfolio. So today I’m going to share with everyone a selection of photos that no one has yet seen. These are images that I’ll go back to when I’m taking breaks from current projects – or just have some time to kill – and edit.

Above is a shot of Kelly. This was done in Michigan on my trip back two months ago. This was part of a “broken doll” series we did. Each piece from her shoot has been processed a bit differently. So far I’ve been happy with each variation I’ve created. (examp 1 | examp 2)

It’s no big secret that I love working with Jaime. I always come back with fun photos, and a huge range of poses, expressions, and attitude. She’s definitely my favorite girl to work with. The above photo I like because it’s different. Sure, you can’t see most of her face, it’s dim, and different than the other images I done that are bright and vibrant (like the one), but that’s why I like it.

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot with Justin and Jaci. We created a ton of great images that night in multiple locations and with many wardrobe changes. I like the wide angle of this with the color of the graffiti, pose, and expressions. It all works for me.

This shot of Liz is also fairly old. It’s from a shoot that I was actually unhappy with many of the images. I didn’t feel as though I had the lighting right for what I envisioned. However, the shoot was rushed and amazingly, I was able to pull of this shot, and one other one that I liked.

That’s it for now. I may throw up a new gallery later, but we’ll see. Also, please check out the blog post right below this. I’m the main photographer for a fashion show at Libertine this Saturday. Everyone come out and support!

Coming up this weekend…

I’m the main photographer for another fashion show this weekend!

The Classy and Sassy show at Libertine will feature the work of Michael Benz, with hair and makeup by Tiara and our girls at MUAH. I’m excited, should be another night of meeting new people, finding potential clients, and otherwise just enjoying Hollywood with cool people.

And the above poster features another shot of mine, of course…. and then even used one from my site rather than requested a full res, touched up, image.

Keep it real homies.
I’ll have more stuff to show you guys soon.

A little more Green Door..

Tonight I caught up on a bit of photo work I’ve been slowly finishing the last few days. I had wanted to head up to Hollywood for a fashion show at One… but, this was probably a bit more important. In addition to processing some images from Les Deux, I also processed a number of headshot style photos I did my friends on the MUAH make up team.
The above shot of Jessica is one of those images. And again, being one for simplicity in my work… the above was shot with simply one 580EXII… not out of choice, but out of necessity while working in a very small, very packed, dressing room.

This image features pieces from both the Blive Couture collection and SubRage collection as each model is representing a different designer. I was just being creative and seeing what I could do with lighting and my large collection of gels I brought with me. Tiara and D’vil were more than happy to pose for me as I experimented.
I ended up with great shots like this one.

Southern California’s on fire… again

Socal is burning again…

This is part of the Yorba Linda fire in Orange County. Unfortunately as a freelance photojournalist I’m not allowed much closer than this…
The air quality has quickly gone downhill here all day. Below are some photos from this afternoon… you couldn’t see the sky… Hell, you could barely see the sun.

Yes, the sky was really this color… it was gross…

You could barely see the sun too… I couldn’t even focus very well, ha!

Women’s Basketball… and some models…

Last night I shot the CSU Fullerton vs. Santa Clara U. Women’s Basketball game… I’m not completely happy with the shots I came back with to be honest. I have some good moments like the shots above. But, there was apparently a student photography class practicing at game too… because some 30-40 people were lined up on each end of the court shooting. It was rediculous, and didn’t allow much space to move around and sit.

We’ll see if I can continue to get credentials for various sports games to cover down here. I miss sports work.

Also, I’m continuing to edit my images from the Blive Couture fashion show this past Thursday. Here are two more images of Jessica.

Jessica pointed that even if I forgot her name that evening she would remember mine… I joked that she was going to make me feel bad if I did… so, I made sure to remember. Haha.
I was able to create this shot with one on-camera 580II.

And I of course have to take photos for our sponsors… ;)

In other news I have a brand spankin’ new Pocket Wizard II courtesy of Les Deux, Hollywood. Some gear was damaged on our shoot, and they replaced it right away. BIG Thank You to Johnny!

And I’m going to add a few of these images to my portfolio, and then some more later on too.

Blive and Green Door gallery uploaded!

The First Annual Blive Couture Fashion Show at Green Door, Hollywood, gallery has been uploaded!
Please click the image above, or click here.

This is a selection of photos from the entire evening. I also did a number of fashion photography shots – those will not be in this gallery. Once those are touched up I will be making further updates to both my blog and portfolio with those images. This gallery is purely for everything else from that evening.

To the MUA’s, hairstylists , and models… I will get you toned images of you/your work within the next few days.
To the promoters, designers, and event coordinators, I will be getting you touched up images soon too!

To everyone I worked with last night, I had a great time. So much fun, and it was a pleasure to meet and and work with all of you.

Now, I’m off to finish prepping my gear for tonight. I’m cover the SCU/CSU Fullerton Basketball game. I love shooting sports, and am really excited for this coverage.