HDR… took me about 10 minutes…

So I’m not really sure why I had trouble with HDR post processing before… But tonight I had some time to kill… Eh, who am I kidding, I’ve barely been sleeping. It’s currently 3:30am and I’m up working on photos still. Haha.
Anyway, last time around I had trouble correctly processing any images to become close to something that would even look somewhat HDR-ish…. Tonight though, it was a piece of cake.

This, over exagerated image, is Tampa. I shot this a year ago on a business trip I took while doing a bit of work for Nikon. I remember shooting it thinking “if I ever learn HDR, I bet it’d look pretty cool”. I’m going out on a limb and saying that I suceeded.

This photo I shot in San Francisco a while ago when I was wandering the streets with my g/f at the time. I was surprised at how clean this one turned out. Makes me almost want to sell my S2000 and buy a muscle car.

Speaking of S2000’s… here’s another shot from yesterday’s track day…

On a rainy track day… everyone becomes a drifter… whether you want to or not.

So, it’s closing in on 4am. I should really try and sleep, or something.
I may have some people lined up for the holiday shoots I was planning. Keep posted here to  see if I pull them off. I also have a fashion shoot coming up, and retro motorcycle shoot, a motorcycle stunting shoot, and who knows… maybe some HDR now, too.

A Rainy Track Day

I was told by one of my professors that take great photographs, but I needed to develop a style that carries through my portfolio.
I believe that I’ve been developing that style over the last 6 months – more than I did before.

Today I was up in Buttonwillow at the raceway for another track event. Thirty or so drivers turned out for a blustery, rainy track day. There was plenty of sliding all over the track, too.

So, rather than take a bunch of standard “panning with a bit of motion-blur-background” shots, I decided to what I do… find interesting lighting and color, and approach the shots a different way. This is one of many different images I had. It’s funny that I had this type of lighting and clouds for a track day; I’ve been wanting this type of light for a fashion shoot for weeks.

More to come later. But right now, it’s nearly 3am.

Practicality, with style and power

I’m stoked.
Flat out… just plain excited.

Nearly everyone I’ve talked to about my life and how I’ve got to where I am has said “John, I wouldn’t have the balls to do what you’re doing…” For those who don’t know, I’ve been working purely as a freelance photographer since the summer, moved to a completely different area, left a steady job w/ great benefits, all to pursue something I love – photography.

What does this have to do with the new BlackBerry Storm… I’m practical – most of the time. The majority of my money is directly invested into my career. My “toys” are tools, expensive tools, but tools regardless.
So, when it came time to let my parents know what I wanted for Christmas I asked for things like a monopod, batteries, and running shoes. All things I need and use daily.

My parents took one step further though in support of my decision to pursue photo by moving, freelancing, etc. They replaced my three year old, but damn realiable, Palm Treo 650…. with this. And helping me with health insurance in case I come down with something – although I don’t ever really get sick/hurt.

So, Mom and Dad, since I know you’ll read this eventually… Thank you!

And since I know everyone else will want to know about the Storm and how it performs, I’ll post a review soon. Let’s be real, I’m a proud new owner of the most sought after phone right now.

The Moooooon!

Well, unfortunately tonight I don’t have new fashion photos to share with everyone like I had hoped.

Due to my other job, I missed the fashion show and party/concert at Kress with my friends. But, now you get to enjoy this rockin photo I shot of the moon tonight at about 1am when I got home. I’ve been really wanting to go out and do star trails too, but the recent storms have prevented me from doing that. So, hopefully soon.

I also have a shoot this weekend, another track day next week, new gear arriving in the mail soon… anddd, some friends in town next week, woo!

Good night world. Sleep well.

My work, on Fender

My work has been featured on the Fender artist’s pages!

I’ve done a lot of work for the Good Guys in Black – they actually make up about half the band photos I currently have in my portfolio.
Anyway, on Fender’s website they have an entire section devoted to featuring various bands. Currently you can view many of the images I did for the GGiB last month during a band shoot. Rick Thorne wanted clean, even images of each member as well as group shots. Those are featured as well as shots of the band performing at On The Rox, Hollywood, Calif.

I also have work featured on a couple more artist pages like this… one for drumming equipment, and one for something else… I’ll have to look those up.

Portfolio updated

Fashion section has been updated with images from last week’s “Think Green” fashion show. I have a few more images that I my touch up and edit, but for now I’m pretty pleased with the shots that are up.
There is another show coming up Friday/tomorrow that I’m not sure if I’ll be doing much, if any, shooting at. It’s a Moulin Rouge costume party… so, it could potentially be a great time.

Also, I put a few images from the races at Buttonwillow in my automotive section. Only a few though, because there’s no real reason to upload a ton of photos that all look similar, ie: cars on the track with motion blur..

More shoots are pending for this month. I’m looking forward to the holiday themed stuff that’s in the works.

“Think Green” gallery uploaded!

The gallery from last night’s fashion show at Cincada is now up, please click the image above or here.

This is the largest gallery I’ve uploaded to date. Nearly 200 images, mostly because there were so many designers. I do apologize for the first few sets of girls on the runway having bad lighting. I’m not one to bother much with situations where there are 7 other photographers scrambling to get every single possible photo the whole night.

That’s just not my style.

So, I did a few shoots before and after the show in a flavor that’s a bit more my taste. The image above is a preview of the new images I will be adding to my portfolio this weekend.
I did maybe four different shoots that night. I believe I have very usable images from each. I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time touching up and polishing those shots.

However, until that time please enjoy the gallery. And check back soon for further updates.

Ok, here’s one more preview..
Good night all you beautiful people.

“Think Green” Fashion Show

Tonight was the “Think Green” eco-friendly fashion show at Cincada in Los Angeles.

Multiple designers, lots of models, but sadly – due to a last minute venue change – a small turnout of guests for the fundraiser. All the lines were made from recycled products and other materials like paper. It was a lot of fun. A bit hectic because of the sheer volume of pieces… but a lot of fun.

So, I’m sharing one image, as usual, before I call it a night.
Check back tomorrow for a gallery, and perhaps a couple more photos from some of the models I was able to shoot.