Automotive madness…

This is just going to be a quick update… and slight teaser of things to come.
My weekend is, has been, and will continue to be, filled with all sorts of cars.

Today I had the pleasure of shooting some of Anthony’s car collection over at Promax Motor Sports in Alhambra, CA. The shoot will be continued throughout the weekend, and then depending on things go… over the weeks to come.

Promax’s Smart Car… this thing is awesome, I want one now…


On Friday I attended the Garden Grove Classic Car show they have every Friday evening. Tons of beautifully restored classic cars. Everything from Model T’s to American Muscle. Very nice owners, beautiful machines, and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

I attended meet to check out the cars, of course. But also to find the perfect car for an upcoming shoot I’ll be doing. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard and Sarah C., owners of a Red ’34 Chevy. Now, I don’t have any photos of the car right now, ironically… However, Richard and Sarah have been kind enough to colaborate with myself and a model for an upcoming pinup shoot.

Meet Kassandra. This shoot is going to be great…

So, I’m gonna keep this somewhat short… Check back tomorrow for futher updates… and watch for some major new additions to my portfolio.
Busy night ahead… with a lot more editing to do too…

S2000 Challenge Series kickoff, and an album cover..

As I write this short update, I have been awake 22 hours… on a measly 3.5hrs of sleep…

Today was the kickoff event for the 2009 Speed Ventures S2000 Challenge Series – which a few of my friends are competing in. Now, the car above in a Civic SI, sure, but, it’s from today at Buttonwillow Raceway.

I spent the morning, in the cold, extremely foggy, weather at Buttonwillow waiting for the sun to break through so we could start the day’s events. Honestly, it was not a good day to be driving… and I’m glad I wasn’t. Many drivers ended up in the mud, doing various levels of damage to their cars… everything from broken axels, to cracked bumpers and screwed up alignments. Unfortunately, one Evo driver even totaled his car when he lost control and slammed into the wall.

Overall, photographically, I was quite pleased with my images. The above shot is among my favorites that I’ve seen so far. I’ll be sorting the rest, getting discs out to clients in the next few days, and updating my portfolio.

Also, last week I shot some album art…

This is an image of what the cd cover for Derek Jameson’s new album “Space and Time” will possibly look like.

I photographed Derek last week here in Los Angeles after he got in touch with me to help him freshen up his photos with new shots. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Derek for many years and watched his music grow and change during that time. I’ve always enjoyed his lyrics and felt I could connect with many of the songs. His music is available both on MySpace and iTunes.
I’ll update you all when his new album is released with the new artwork.

Well, it’s now 2am… I’ve been up and moving since 4am… which means it’s time for me to call it a (very successful) day.

Good night world.

FAME Industry Mixer

This past Monday was the FAME Industry Mixer in Downtown LA at Blue Velvet. It featured the artwork of artist and designer Jason Lee.
I first met Jason back November, I was the head photographer for a fashion show at Green Door, Hollywood, that featured the work of Blive Couture and SUBRAGE. SUBRAGE is Jason’s brand, you can check it out here.
I’m looking forward to collaborating further with Jason in the future; we discussed a few ideas that I’m excited about.

Also a shout out to London Moore of CNPublicity for putting the event together. And Lucky 7 Lifestyle (new site coming soon), since they were my fashion choice for the evening.

Later that night I had to head to Hollywood.
I met up with good friend, professional BMXer, Rick Thorne. As you guys know, I do a lot of work for Rick’s band, “The Good Guys in Black“. Well, they needed some quick band photos for some promo posters that were going to be created the next morning. Haha… no rush… at all.

Because of the quick turn around, we went with a simple all-black background. We’ll do a location shoot the next time around.

Also, Rick is bringing me on for his up and coming skate park tour…

Should be a great time. Sponsorship by Monster Army. Seeking out the next extreme sports athletes… Can’t wait.

So, that’s what’s currently going on with me.. I have more big news in the works. But, you’ll have to check back later for that.

Quick shoot with Kamal

This evening I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kamal. The majority of the afternoon was more business related, along with catching up on things since August. Plans were also layed out for shooting later this week.

But, as the sun was starting to set we headed to the roof for a few quick shots. With no plan in mind, no wardrobe selected, we figured we’d just make something fun happen.

This is probably my favorite shot from tonight.

I have a number of other casual ones. But, I’m keeping this post short this evening.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. Work all day, then a party/mixer in Hollywood, followed by a band shoot really late tomorrow night…
On that note, good night Los Angeles. Good night everyone.

Another lunar event

Tonight was another lunar event… “biggest full moon of the year” is what pretty much every online news source was talking about. Let’s also realize that it’s only the second week of the year, but whatever.

I’m annoyed only because I was sittin in LA traffic on the way home and missed the moon-rise… so, all the cool shots I had hoped to capture I instead watched slip away as the people in front of me did 25mph in a 40…. ugh

So, I have  a shot of the orange-yellow moon… I do, however, prefer my afternoon shot from earlier this week during the lead-up to tonight’s event…

Ok, enough lunar photography… picture of a moon… easy..

Tomorrow I’m in Hollywood for two shoots… so, more fashion work… coming soon.

Kick off the year right!

I think I’m one of the few people that didn’t dread the start of the business week now that the holidays are over. The reason for that… I’m a photographer, I love my job. Plain and simple… I love what I do.
Even in today’s rocky economy and needing to live carefully, I still prefer this over having a job I hate reporting to each morning.

Today I spent sorting photos, making edits and updating sections of my portfolio. A large portion of my income recently has been coming from autocross events and track photography. So, I’ve been working on updating that section of my portfolio with my most current and favorite pieces.

I also had some time to practice more Photoshop techniques… never a bad thing. Plus I get to create crazy stuff like the shot above… so what if it’s three months after Halloween. Haha.

I was also a bit bummed.. the other night had this really awesome “Cheshire Cat” looking Moon. I know you all have seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, by the time I got home that night the cloud cover completely set in… so, I took this shot last night. Still nice, but very similar to a shot I did last month.

More shoots coming in the next week. More racing to cover as well. And I think I’m doing a private fashion shoot in one of the clubs in Hollywood – I just have to pick which I want to shoot in. Should be a lot of fun. Stay tuned!

Playin’ around…

Got together with MUA Lauren Favorule today to play around with makeup. Although as I’m typing this the photo seems to have exported a little funny.. something with sharpening… Maybe I’m just tired. I’ll double check in the morning.

I have a busy week ahead – or something… I think it may actually be the weekend, haha. I don’t keep track of days anymore. Various shoots coming up, a few events, etc. Also I’ll be doing a lot of updates to my portfolio as well.

I need to get more of these into my automotive section:

And I need to update my sports portfolio with my new toy…
The Canon 70-200 2.8L IS USM… I’ve owned my Mark III for a year :)

So, hope everyone’s year is off to a good start.

A foggy start…

I shot the image above tonight at about 1am in Downtown Los Angeles. A man walks home alone on the quiet streets.

The last few nights has seen some incredibly thick fog – as bad as 20 feet visibility. I would love to do some more fog photos, but, I’m not up at 5 am to get all the morning shots of the sun trying to break through…

And as for this is how we’re starting off the new year… “foggy”
Sounds interesting… Maybe we’ll have trouble seeing our way this year..

Also, I’ve been shuffling through people’s caller id’s for use as wallpapers on my phone. I decided to screenshot a few of them to share with you guys. I might share more as I edit photos and load them up… But, for those of my friends who rather send me a picture to use – especially if I haven’t photographed you myself – please feel free to do so.

Pretty cool, huh?
I just need a program to shuffle through everyone…

Last post of the year… Goodbye ’08

Two thousand and eight… an open letter.

Many people will tell you that this year was a year of change. I prefer to think of this year as a year of progress. This will be a letter of personal insight to share with you a bit of my last twelve months. I will not be rambling on about politics, current affairs, or the like… I have a personal blog for that.

I have dealt with many life changes this year. Some exciting, some hurtful, but all for the better. My year centered mostly on work; and I’m currently many miles from where I started the year – both figuratively and literally.

I used to work for a company called Riverview Systems Group. I handled Graphics and Video support for major corporate events and tradeshows. I traveled a lot, had some great friends at work that were more family than just friends. I was learning a lot and meeting new people. And while my job slowly shifted from video to full-bore graphics and computer support, it still was not the direction I wanted to be heading.

I also both fell in love and had my heart broken this year. Picking up pieces of yourself off the ground is never easy. And while healing takes time for anyone, members of my family don’t slow down. It’s one of the traits that allows me to be successful in many things I do. July was one of the worst months I’ve had to deal with – but it forced perspective.

When you have something, someone, or some event force you into stepping back and looking at things, we all come to realizations about our life. Without hesitation I embraced what life handed me.. I chose not to take a step forward – no – but rather a leap.

In August I quit my job, I said good bye to my friends and family at home, and I moved out to pursue photography full time. It’s easily the best decision I made for myself all year.

I have spent the last four months doing exactly what I love to do. I hope that all of you have found something that makes you truly happy. I’m not talking about a boyfriend or girlfriend. I’m talking about something you do for yourself. Sure, my photos pay my bills – but I do my work for me just as much as I do for my clients. I LOVE what I do.

You guys can spend your year buying new “toys”, material items, food, clothes, etc. But try and find what happiness really is to you. Because believe me when I say that once you’re doing that, you will have a better understanding of yourself, and you will be more satisfied than any other object could do for you.

I have no idea what this next year holds for me.
I do not know where I will be living in a couple months.

I do know that I will continue to do what I love.
And I know I will continue to push my limits and push myself.

I want to thank everyone that has helped me this year, or been part of my life.

A few of those people I’ll mention here: Mom, Dad, Monica, TJ, Cassandra, JD, Ben, Rachel S., Steff and Adam, Julia, Jacque, Jennie, Marvin, AJ T., Derek Y, Charley C, Joe B., Michelle S., Franco, Jo’Juan, T-Rob, Aaron A., Nat, Evan W., Jon H., Ricky, Ray, Scottie, Panda, Brooklyn, Hunter, Michelle D., Vu, Anish, Quan, Jake, Mac, Sandy, Fred, Amy, Joey, Blue, Des, Asura, Alejo, Don, Richard, Rick, Ken, Hung, Ron, Kaan, Hiro, Vincent, Rob, Spencer, Andrew, Mark W., Marissa, Evon, Alex S., Kent M., Teri J., Casey S., Benz, Brand, Cliff, Rosa B., Heather C., Court, Lauren F., Jaci B., Chris F., Tiara., D’vil., Jason, Caitlin, Justin S., Jeff/Seven., Rick Thorne, Samantha W., Al, Fred/Show., Fred, Alex, the rest of TopDown, Aaron B., Ashley S., Linn H., Kelly B., Rachel D., Cherie and Hedley of Cherie Foto, the Nikon DSLR Dev team, Mike and Kris!, all the guys at Adobe, Justin and Summer I., Jaime L., Liz Q., Karen L., Melissa S., Joe L., Ryan B., Ryan W., Dee, Boston, Theresa, Kyle D, Adam, Aaron T., Naidymar, Justin and Natalie W., Kevin M., and tons of others that I’m forgetting to mention…

Extra thanks go out to my parents and sister for supporting my “go for it and make it happen” attitude. TJ and Cassandra for being there any time I needed them. Maya and Hillary for their kindness and helpfulness in giving me a chance. Beau for being there to listen and support. Phil and Bryan for believing in me.

And everyone else that has pushed me, held me down, praised me, hurt me, or in one way or another has touched my life this year.

I would not be where I am now without your influence.

To a crazy, hectic, busy, and successful 2009!

I’m ready.