Long Beach Grand Prix

I just spent four days shooting the Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix… it rocked.

I’m not going to lie… it was damn hot, fairly crowded at times, loud of course, somewhat disorganized, and at times it was even boring… But it was a lot of fun overall.
I was there to cover various race teams and some drivers that we sponsor, and as it was my first time out to the Grand Prix I tried to meet some photographers that have shot there to give me a few pointers about what to and not to do.
Actually, I even bumped into one of my favorite photographers there, Dustin Snipes, who does incredible work with lighting and sport portraiture. Check him out at www.dustinsnipes.com

I’m currently uploading nine different images to my portfolio. I’m going to continue to go through the rest and possibly swap out some images in the week ahead.

And check out this shot… come on, that’s fun, right? Haha, I think I just like the reflection of the fire in the wing…

I also have the AMA Motocross races coming up this weekend to shoot. So, I’ll be busy for another couple weeks. I’m hoping that next month I’ll be able to start back on my fashion projects. I had a number of things lined up before all the race seasons kicked off.
Although it is pretty amazing to be too busy right now… not many people can say that.

So, go check out the Racing section of my portfolio.

And check back this weekend for Motocross…

Formula Drift, Long Beach

Last weekend I photographed the Long Beach Formula Drift races.

I had a really awesome time there, met a bunch of our sponsored drivers – all great guys, and saw some really incredible driving. I wish I could handle my car at even a fraction of the level that these drivers can handle theirs. I always think “Man, I’m in the wrong business…” but, then realize, that being a professional photographer is pretty damn awesome also.

Above is a shot of Tanner Foust driving the Rockstar Scion TC… which, with the wide body kit on it, looks pretty awesome I have to say. Below is a shot of Vaughn Gittin Jr.  driving the 2010 Ford Mustang – which is damn impressive to see someone slide such a massive car around a drift course.

I was pretty pleased with a lot of my shots from the weekend. All are shot hand held – no mono pod, and most with a normal lense – not telephoto. I moved back and forth between 1/15 and 1/125 of a second depending on distance to subject, speed of subject, and which corner I was standing on.

Samuel Hubinette took third place is his BF Goodrich Viper – also impressive to see this car flying through the course.

Here’s how I looked most of the day since I didn’t want to breath in all the tire smoke, haha. Woo!

Visit the racing section in my portfolio for more images from the races. I’m actually just about to leave for the Long Beach Grand Prix where I’ll be photographing for the next four days.
Follow me on Twitter for updates on that too!

And sorry for the delay in updates everyone… I’ve had limited access to the web the last week due to work, travel, and the holiday.

Check back throughout the weekend for new photos from the Grand Prix!

Lucas Oil Off Road Races, Primm, Nevada

I spent Friday and Saturday in Nevada covering two different racing events. The first one, not shown, was the NHRA Drag Races at the Las Vegas Speedway. The whole day ended up being a huge pain because the weather kept the races from staying on schedule – and eventually shut things down completely.

The next day I spent in Primm at the Lucas Oil Off Road races, shown above. Check the image of Dempsey racing the number 5 car in the Super Lites class… this was shot at 1/100 of a second, hand held… so it produced some really gorgeous motion blur. And you have to admit that pretty damn good for hand held panning, right?

I had an incredible time, and met some other really nice photographers. One thing about standing out in the middle of the track… you get a front row seat to everything – and I mean everything…

It’s one thing to be standing front row for these trucks spinning out and nearly hitting everything nearby on the track…

And it’s something else when the drivers decide to drive right through the photographer/media area on the track. Haha… Man, you just gotta stay on your toes, and have eyes in the back of your head.

Wearing my jacket all day in the desert sun was honestly the best idea I had all day. No joke. I’m going to go buy a scarf for this weekend when I’m in Long Beach shooting Formula Drift. However it looks like it may be raining at that event.

I also have Drag Racing photos to possibly upload… and I never did upload images from King of the Hammers to my portfolio either… yikes.
I’ve been way too busy recently.

Oh well, busy is a good thing. Just means less time for updates.

Good night everyone, check back later this week for more images.