Done editing LOORRS – Lake Elsinore


I’m pretty sure that’s what he must be thinking… At least, I’d like to hope that’s what I’D be thinking if I was able to do a trick like that.
I finished editing down my images from the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – Lake Elsinore event over the weekend. I was pretty ruthless when it came to cutting down my images, too. I’m going to have a few more chances to shoot this series, so anything not in focus or even slightly cropped in camera in a way I didn’t like got the cut.

Tomorrow I’ll need to go through and make my selections for my portfolio update. I’m going to need to do a MASSIVE race photo update later this week. I have SO many new images to upload. Honestly, I’m probably going to break my Racing section into different categories so certain types of sports are easier to find. I’ll also probably need to start removing images since there are so many.

I actually really like this image. Bright and clean, with some really great motion blur. But, all the sponsor stickers are easy to read as well. Expect many images like this in future updates as I’ve become increasingly good at capturing various levels of blur as slow as 1/40 of a second.
In future races I’ll continue to experiment with different angles/etc since I can knock out all my standard shots in a few laps now.

And, last in tonight’s update… another near-death moment. These are the shots I like to send to my family… typically with the caption: “Great news! I’m not dead!”
This particular instance isn’t quite as close as what happened in Primm… but, it’s not exactly far away either…

Don’t worry Mom, I’m careful on the track!

Anyway, check back soon for further updates. I did a quick update to the Fashion section of my portfolio. But, next is that big Racing overhaul… yikes.. a lot of work ahead of me…

Wheels are overrated anyway…

Yesterday was all about rolling your vehicle… today was about losing your wheels… tires.. and other important parts of your suspension, haha.
The driver above actually completed an additional lap and a half at least before opting out of the race after his tire flew off his buggy.

Now take a close look at this shot of Robby… see what he managed to snap off his trophy kart during his race?

Now this driver didn’t lose a tire or wheel… However he ran most of the race with this “hood” popped up and blocking most of his view. Hats off to him though… as he didn’t lose his position through the entirity of his view being obstructed. Hahaha.

Now there is nothing wrong with this truck…
Actually, this is to share another test of extreme motion blur.

I have a lot of time this weekend to experiment with panning, exposures, etc. I have all the shots I need from Friday – so now it’s time for fun stuff.
Yesterday I played around with 1/80 of a second. Today I was determined to beat that.
The shot above is at 1/40 of a second, at 110mm… completely handheld. Came out pretty gorgeous actually. The bad part is that this kind of motion is almost too extreme for any sort of advertising usage… so, it will most likely stay in my portfolio rather than going to print.

Speaking of print… I think I have a shot of Corry Weller from Weller Racing in the July issue of QUAD in the K&N Filters ad… someone go check for me…

One more day of racing at Lake Elsinore for the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series tomorrow. Should be a lot of fun.

Try not to miss the shot…

Try not to miss shots… like this guy did today at the track.

I’m currently shooting the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – this is the second of four times I’ll be shooting this series. We’re currently racing at Lake Elsinore, Calif. Last time I covered this event was the season opener in Primm, Nev.

This track is intense! Short course is definitely exciting, and when you have extremely powerful trucks – and some slightly wild drivers – anything can happen.

I have nearly the entire series of this accident… Unforunately, from a photographic standpoint, I was at a poor location for many of the accidents today. Most where on turn four – I was shooting at turn five.
But at least I’m not that guy on the hill who, while is the best possible location, was looking the completely wrong direction.

I was, however, in the perfect location for when Robby Woods rolled his truck. He was actually the first rolling of the day (there were a total of six that I counted).
Sadly, for me, I was checking exposure levels while getting my setting dialed in for the day… Again, this was like the second lap of the morning… I was one of the few photographers out on the track at that point. Robby immediately climbed out, threw a thumbs up, and once they rolled his truck back over he climbed in and kept going.

I actually really love this shot of Alan Pflueger I took today. Alan, in addition to being a really great guy, is an incredible driver… Many of you probably already know who he is, so I won’t go into that.
I took this shot though because I wanted to see at what point I could hand-hold at longer focal lengths with very low shutter speeds for a lot of motion blur.

This is a handheld shot, pretty much straight out of camera, at 1/80 of a second at 130mm. ISO 200
Admit it, you’re impressed. Haha.

I have two more days of racing to cover. I’m actually looking forward to putting my 5D Mark II that I use in the studio to the test out in the field. And I’m sure the video will be pretty bitchin’ if I decide to test that out too.
But ultimately I’m looking forward to being able to experiment a bit with my photography since I got pretty much all the shots I needed today..

Check back this weekend for further updates. And you can follow me on Twitter (@johnremus) to keep up with me on the racetrack.

Night all!

Michael and Ava

Haven’t posted an update in nearly a week. Part of the reason is I’ve been swamped with work and various projects.
I’m going to be in a commercial at some point – that was filmed last week. Nothing amazingly huge, and actually I had to play the arrogant sports car driver… hahaha.

Most of the week was spent catchin up on past projects for various people that requested additional photos. The shot above was shot when I went out with my friend Michael (Video Jockey) and Ava Johnson (singer/song writer) in Hollywood. This was on Melrose when we were just wandering around having fun takin a few photos.

I also edited some additional shots from Jesse and Laura’s shoot after Jesse requested a few more be touched up.

I think one came out rather nice, actually. I was able to really make the lighting and skin tones pop out against the grass.

This is another shot from the newly edited images of Laura and Jesse.

I actually am happier with these two than my previous images. I’ll be re-updating my portfolio with these and removing some of the others. I feel this are much nicer images and really set a mood and feeling between the subjects than the previous shots.

Also, it appears that I have images in QUAD, Sport Truck, and Parts Mag this month too… I need to double check those. And the feature on Rick Thorne in Rebel Ink isn’t in this months issue – I checked; I will need to follow up with Rick and find out when it goes to print.

Have a great week everyone!

Derek’s feature in Unzipped Magazine

The July issue of Unzipped magazine features a story about singer/songwriter Derek J.

For those of you who watch my blog, you’ll already know that this is a photo spread that I shot with Derek a few months back.
Derek and I have been great friends the last 10 years – wow, that went fast. And when he was approached to be featured in Unzipped, Derek came to me to do the photography. I was extremely flattered that Derek wanted me to do the shoot for him – he pointed out that he was more comfortable working with me than some random photographer. Either way, I was excited to help.

For those who aren’t familiar, Unzipped is gay men’s magazine. So if you don’t know that and go to pick up a copy, you may be in for a surprise. Just as much as people were surprised when I said I had some of my work featured on AVN’s website a month or so ago (AVN is Adult Video News, haha – see past blogs).

The spread features four different shots from our shoot that afternoon. The above one is also included, is my favorite, and will also be added to my online portfolio shortly.

I’m incredibly proud of this feature, and of Derek’s accomplishments. While our lives are very different, our core value sets are very similar – which is probably why we’ve remained friends over the years.

Please, if you’re interested, check out the feature in Unzipped.
You can also listen to some of his music and purchase his cds on iTunes and MySpace – I shot his most recent cd art, too


I have a number of other images featured in various ads. Probably in over a dozen magazines or so… I’ll have to start putting together a list. But here’s an example of a full page ad from this month’s D-Sport magazine.

The image features Tanner Foust at the podium after his second place win at the Long Beach Formula Drift, and also his Rockstar Energy Scion TC. Both images are from my work at the LBFD back in April. You can see some of those images in the Racing section of my portfolio.

This ad, and other like it are in various magazines including Import Tuner, D-Sport, Modified, Truckin’, Super Street, etc… they feature my work from the Long Beach Gran Prix, Long Beach Formula Drift, Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, Quadcross, Motocross, Superbike, etc…

I’ll get a better list together and update you all soon.

Good night everyone!

Gene Romero’s Flat Track Series

Tonight I shot the Gene Romero West Coast Flat Track Series race at Perris Speedway.

I’ve never shot flat track, and honestly, had never heard of it until a few months ago. But, racing is racing for the most part. And as I’ve told a lot of my friends or photographers I’ve met starting out… you need to be confident enough to walk into a place knowing that you’ll make great images.
Now, I’ve never shot this sport… but I knew I’d be able to come back with something decent.

These are just a few quick examples of what I shot tonight. Very lightly edited before sharing them with you guys online. I’ve been experimenting a lot with what shutter speeds I can hand-hold and track at, at various ISO’s and f/stops. Tonight was expecially interesting because it was, well, night.

Overall I’m happy with my images. I have a lot of great motion blur and some really interesting shots overall.

I would have liked to use my strobe a bit more, however I didn’t feel it was appropriate to blind the riders while they race… and honestly, I’m not sure what the rules stated about using strobes on the track… Maybe next time.

Anyway, check back later this weekend as I’ll be updating my portfolio with some of my new race stuff.

Good night everyone!

Portfolio updated! New Engagement shots, and some fashion

Tonight I was able to knock out a ton of editing and catching up on past shoots. It was a relief to finally have some down time and complete a huge chunk of the work that had piled up on me.

Among the updates I ran on my portfolio tonight was the addition of three shots from the engagement session with Joanne and Jason that we did last month. (Well, three weeks ago, but still last month). The shot above, and two others are in my Weddings section.
We had a great time and I’m still very pleased with the entire afternoon of shooting. Hopefully Joanne and Jason are as excited about their images as I was when I finished processing them.

Also, in my Fashion section are some images from the Beverly Hills shoot with Laura Shields and Jesse Hart. I won’t post those images here since you’ve seen them all in previous blog updates. They’re simply added now, higher res, to my portfolio.

Good night everyone! For those of you down here in Socal that will be at Zorba’s Bike Night tomorrow, come look for me! I’ll be lookin’ for some bikes for some up and coming projects.

I’m also going to be on the lookout soon for some new models for upcoming shoots as well.

Stay tuned.

Still playing catch up…

Tonight I’ve been working on three different shoots. I’m playing catch up with some images for Laura Shields and Jesse Hart, still. I have a lot of shots I like… which make it hard to chose which to edit.

Also edited this shot of Miss Alaska, Courtney Carroll when we were goofing off at the beach a few weeks ago in Santa Monica. Just a fun moment when she was laughing.

And lastly is another preview of Joanne and Jason’s engagement shoot. I’ve been working on many images for them and am nearly done. I will be choosing a small selection to use when I update my portfolio later this weekend.

In other news, my site was migrated to a new server by my webhost. It killed my portfolio and php links for about half of Monday. My old site – which still receives quite a bit of traffic for the Walt Disney World College Program (I trained lifeguards at the water parks in ’03) – is still affected. I need to go and edit a lot of root links that are now broken. Sorry to any of you who actually go through that section.

Alright, time to call it a night for me. I have a busy week still ahead of me.
And and a possible shoot in Hollywood to plan and figure out

Catchin up, with Laura and Jesse

Spent this evening catching up on many things – most of which weren’t photo related… things like car maintenance and errands, haha.
But, the last half of the evening was all photo work. So, a quick update tonight to share with everyone another image of Laura Shields and Jesse Hart from our shoot in Beverly Hills a week ago. I think this one is a bit nicer than the previous one I shared. And I still have many more to go through and select for editing.

But, I’m calling it a night.
Sleep well everyone.