Find my work in various ads…

So I share with everyone who follows my work various updates on the many events that I go to and shoot. I’ve honestly lost track of how many different races and types of sports I’ve shot this year – which is pretty incredible. I’m sure that if I sit down and write them out, then I can figure out each and every one and their location.
Either way, I’m so busy shooting, editing, and getting work out to clients for projects that I do on the side (weddings, engagements, fashion, and models), that I don’t always have time to track down the many magazines that feature ads with my work.

I decided to make a brief post before I leave California again in a few hours and share with you all a couple ads that are running this month.
The above shot of Team Fun Center Suzuki was one that I did about two months ago, or so. I remember being at the track much longer than anticipated due to mechanical issues. That same night I had to get down to Newport for a fashion show, haha.

Keith Little I shot during AMA Quadcross in Glenn Helen a few months back as well. I took so many photos that day that the only person I specifically remember is Corry Weller from Weller Racing – and that’s because I’ve seen her at many other races recently.

Rhys Millen of Redbull Racing is someone I had the pleasure of meeting during the Long Beach Formula Drift event. I came back with some really amazing images from this event. I would encourage all of you to click on the link to my portfolio (top of the page) and check out my Racing section for more of my drift photos. So cool to watch, and pretty incredible to be 5 feet from these cars and drivers as they come whipping around the turn right in front of you – well, from where I stand as Press anyway.

This particular shot of Carl Renezeder I took out in Nevada during one of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series events that I was at. I’ve shot Carl many times since then and have posted shots of him driving multiple times in my blog. Carl’s a really nice guy, and one hell of a driver. Watching him out on the track truly is impressive.

So, there you go! A few examples of my work that’s been in print recently. You can find these in multiple magazines including D Sport, Import Tuner, QUAD, Truckin’, Off Road Truck, Bagger, Cycle News, Parts Mag, Drag Specialties, Moto Playground, Thunder Press, Transworld, Modified, Sport Truck, Super Street… etc. There are least 6 different style ads running right now with differents – maybe closer to 10, I’m not positive.

So, now I’m about to pack up a few last minute things and head to the airport..
I’m leaving the state again in a few hours – this jet-setter lifestyle, man, it’s rough… hahaha

Catch you all this weekend.

Another incredible off-road race, wrapped!

Last night wrapped the final day of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, Lake Elsinore, event. As many of you have already read, I spent three days out there again this month covering the races. The main difference this time around, compared to last month, was that these races were held at night. And, for only one heat… we had some incredible light!

The day, overall, was slow paced for me. I spent most of it tracking down certain drivers and trying to set up some portraits for my side project I was doing during this particular weekend. Unfortunately I was only able to shoot an additional three drivers – but, that’s better than not being able to shoot any. More on that later though…

It’s really unfortunate that more of the racing couldn’t have this kind of light! How amazing would it be to have a series of race images with this kind of color? Granted, I would have needed some Alien Bees and my Pocket Wizards to REALLY play it up and take advantage of the light… but either way, I wish sunset lasted longer than one race, haha.

And check out this shot of Robby Melton… I wish I was this much of a badass at his age. Seriously. How much fun would this have been in Elementary school? I had to settle for the little go karts at the mini golf place. I feel slightly cheated out of race-driver-in-training childhood.

Now I mentioned above that I was able to do a bit more on my portraits project that I previewed in my last post. Sunday evening I had the pleasure of meeting, and photographing, Carey Hart. Here’s a guy who was not only a really chill person, but also a man of his word – which can be very rare in this industry. Carey agreed to a shoot at dusk, which as it turned out, was perfect for my lighting. And even as busy as Carey was, he still made time to meet with me – which is hugely appreciate.
Check out this portrait below..

Let me know what you think in either a comment, or shoot me an email. I would love feedback on this series of portraits I’m working on.

Night fell pretty quick, and that’s when things started to get really serious… Trophy Kart was done, UTV was done, and Buggy had long since been over… It was time for the trucks.
Lighting, was harsh… I’m not going to lie. But, I love a challenge, and even if I don’t come back with a ton of images, I can usually create something cool.

Above is Rodrigo Ampudia driving the Papa’s & Beer truck, being chased by the KMC truck – which is quite obviously rocket-powered.

Rodrigo was one of my favorite drivers to photograph all weekend. He was realllly pushing his trucks to the limits – sometimes a bit too far actually. And again, the fun part about night shots is capturing the flames that shoot out of the exhaust. I would have loved to do some dusk drag-racing shots when I was in Nevada a few months ago, but the weather didn’t permit it.

This shot of Carl Renezeter is among my favorites from that night too. This shot is pretty much straight out of camera. Let’s hear it for the 1D Mark III, L glass and some serious hand-held panning skills huh? To be fair, panning at 1/100 of a second is not difficult at all. This was shot at 1/100, f/2.8, ISO800 at 80mm with my 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM and 1D Mark III with available light from the track floods – no additional speedlites/etc used.

Another example I wanted to share. Number 99, Robby Woods – a really cool guy who actually wrenches on his own truck. I don’t care who you are, it’s impressive to walk into a pit and see the driver hunched over his rig making repairs on his own.
The above image hasn’t been altered in any way. No color correction or toning – nothing at all.
It’s shot, completely handheld, at 1/60 of a second, f/3.5, ISO800 at 70mm with my 1D Mark III and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens.
I really wanted to share with everyone what my images look like, uncropped, straight from camera.

Here’s another quick shot of KMC’s rocket truck! Haha, seriously though… there were quite a few trucks spittin’ flames last night. KMC and Papa’s & Beer just happened to be in front of my lens most of those times.

I thought this might be a nice image to end on.
It feels a bit serene… Like it’s all quiet on the track and this lone truck is out there by himself in the moonlight. Of course that’s not actually the case, but it’s fun to make up little stories in your head, right?

Overall, I’m thrilled with the images I came back with this weekend. I shot quite a bit less than previous races – but, I was aiming for more variety and trying some new things. Some of those new things worked, and some didn’t. I have more ideas for what I’d like to try in the future and will hopefully get some opportunities to do other shoots with various drivers or teams directly in the future for other projects.

In the mean time however I have quite a few photos to edit still and some major updates to my portfolio to do at some point. But I’m also still editing previous wedding shoots from this month.

I’m still busy as hell, and will continue on like that the next six weeks.

But when you’re doing something you love, it’s hard to call it work.
I haven’t had a day off in a month – but I barely notice.

Good night everyone!

Lucas Oil Off Road, Day 2… Rocked

Yesterday was Day 2 of the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series event at Lake Elsinore. This time around the racing was all at night – with made for some tricky lighting, but also some bitchin’ shots.
From my location on the track, around turn 5, I noticed pretty quickly that some of the trucks were backfiring pretty bad. And after getting a pretty cool flame shot during the Long Beach Grand Prix, I decided I wanted a night-backfire-shot from off road, too. It was only another two laps or so before I nailed this one; the image itself is a bit grainy… but it’s shot with only available light – I don’t have Alien Bees to set up on the track and risk them getting run over.

The racing actually started in the evening, at dusk. Here’s what shots were lookin’ like before the sun went away completely. Not terrible, but not amazing either. I think I miiiiight actually bring some of my 580EXII’s and Pocket Wizards out to the track tonight and play with some lighting at sunset… maybe… that’s a lot of gear to risk.

This shot was made during the Unlimited 4’s… Carl DESTROYED the rear end on his truck coming off a jump. I was fairly sure he was going over the way that he landed (right in front of where I was shooting from). He held it together just fine, but the truck was done – and he was out of that race.

Flames were pretty common in the Unlimited 2’s and Superlite classes. There were mainly three trucks or so that kept backfiring when they landed. KMC Wheels was one of those trucks. I was able to get a few pretty good shots of it. This image looks really soft as I read this post – I need to double check if my images are being resized on upload… grrr.

Last but not least… another preview of the portraits I was shooting yesterday. These are quite simple, rough, harsh portraits of the various drivers. I shot these with hard, direct light for the really dramatic and powerful effect. What these guys do for a living is pretty hardcore, I wanted some cool images to show that attitude. The above driver, Leroy, is the driver who flipped his truck last month (see earlier posts for photos). Really great guy and his race team has treated me great this weekend.

So, now it’s about time to start packing up my gear and get ready to ready to head out. I have one more day/night of race coverage for this event. We’ll see if I feel like setting up my Speedlites today – I’d love to play with some light and color, but am also half certain that my gear will get run over out there. hahaha.

Check back late tonight or tomorrow morning for an update of the results of the entire weekend!

Back in Lake Elsinore, shooting LOORRS once again.

Today was the first of another three days of off road racing at Lake Elsinore for the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series. I was out at this track a month ago covering the same race/series. Today wasn’t quite as hot, but I would say it was MUCH more dry, and MUCH more dusty… All around, a pretty miserable day.

I was incredibly frustrated with how many issues there were on the track – I have no idea what they were, I just know that I sat out on the track for an hour waiting for whatever the delay was to end. I came home with VERY few images in general, let alone many good ones.

I did, however, decide that I’m going to do a portrait series on our sponsored racers…

This is how I intend to shoot this series… very dramatic lighting… harsh, sharp shadows… The races are in the desert, these photos will pretty much demand this style I feel.
This is a portrait of Malcolm Pointon, from New Zealand. I actually have shared a few shots of him in previous posts. Today I had the pleasure of meeting him.

This is a shot I did of Malcolm last month as the previous race. It’s one of my favorites from that weekend.
Speaking of that weekend, I need to update my portfolio still with those images. I’m not behind by off road racing, flat track racing, two weddings, and an engagement shoot…

Too much to do, and too much edit.

I’m staying incredibly busy though… and honestly, I may hire someone to start assisting with editing.

Good night all, see you on the track tomorrow.

Weekend two in Michigan – another gorgeous wedding.

For the second weekend in a row, I flew cross country to Michigan to shoot a wedding.

This time around it was Lisa who called me “last minute” a few months back to explain some problems with the photography company they were dealing with. Long story short, her and Craig decided they wanted to bring me out from California to shoot the wedding instead.
I met Craig and Lisa shortly after transferring to Michigan to finish my degree. Craig I knew through football, he was on the team, and I shot the team..

The wedding itself was beautiful. It was a traditional wedding in an old Catholic church.

The lighting was really tricky – however the priest gave me permission to use strobes, and asked that I not photograph the sacrament part of mass. Easy enough rules to follow.

I have a lot of really fun photos from the reception, too. It was basically a huge party and small reunion for many of the athletes from school. I got to see so many old faces and I had such an incredible time with everyone.

I do want to share one particular photo though…

I captured this image of Craig, quietly waiting for the ceremony to start. You can see a hint of light catching the side of Ben, the best man’s, head on the right side of the image as they both sit in the darkness. I think it just shows the feeling of slight nervousness and anticipation as they talked beforehand.

One of my favorite images is this shot of Lisa, Craig, Me, and Anne after doing some portraits by the lake. We also took some really gorgeous ones at the marina as well. But the whole shoot was filled with laughter, and dancing. Anne was my hot assistant for the afternoon multiple times – gonna have to start bringing her to California to help on shoots now.

Also, I’m jumping back and forth between this wedding, the DeLand wedding from last weekend, and the D’Orazio engagement shoot.

This is another shot from the D’Orazio engagement shoot last week in Frankenmuth.
Mike really liked the bridge shot I did for Joanne and Jason two months ago for their engagement photos. This was a variation of that image on a pretty cool bridge out there. I’m pleased how it turned out. And while it looks nice in color, I think I prefer it in black and white.

Anyway, I have another busy week ahead. Tons of editing to do, many many images to color correct and tone.
This weekend I’m shooting the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series again – but it’s evening/night racing under the lights… so that should be a blast.

Check back later this week… I should have many more updates and some portfolio updates as well.

Amazing weekend in Michigan: Wedding and Engagement shoot

The DeLand Wedding – Michigan.
What a beautiful wedding, and what an amazing time I had. Todd is an old friend of mine from college who, instead of hiring someone local, opted to fly me out to Michigan from my home in Los Angeles, California to photograph his wedding weekend.
This was a HUGE compliment for me not only because of the expense in bringing a photographer cross country for a wedding, but also because Todd is a photographer himself – and as such he’s more critical of the quality of other people’s work.

Todd, his beautiful wife Jessica, and I had a great time creating some truly amazing and fun photos of their big weekend. I spent two full days with them and their families photographing all the weekend’s events. We also went out and made some gorgeous images, like the one above, on Lake Michigan, sunset photos on Crystal Lake, and we even did a night fashion-style type shoot in a crumbling abandoned building!

This is one of my favorite shots from the night shoot!
Why have normal boring wedding images when it’s so easy to create something like this!?! Jessica was an amazing bride to work with – so open to ideas, shooting, and walking through abandoned buildings in her wedding dress during the reception!! And I knew Todd was looking forward to doing a shoot like this, too.

Overall, I had a truly amazing time with the DeLand’s and both of their families. They went out of their way to make me feel welcome and part of the family. When I thanked them all and said what a huge compliment it was to me to have been brought out for the wedding, Todd responded with “Well, I knew what I was getting. And we’re really happy you could do it.”

..and the weekend didn’t stop there..

I even managed to do an entire engagement shoot while I was in town for the weekend.

Mike and Christina have booked me for their wedding next summer – also in Michigan, haha. It worked out perfectly that I was able to do an engagement shoot with them while in the state for Todd’s wedding. I stopped in the small Bavarian town of Frakenmuth on my way back to Detroit on Sunday.
The three of us were able to create some really fun, playful, and vibrant shots. I’m excited to edit down the rest of the shots. I already have a couple other favorites from some bridge shots that we took!

So check back soon! I’ll have a ton of updates to my portfolio for racing I’ve been covering. I won’t be updating my Wedding section for a while because I need to finish the images for the clients before sharing more with all of you, lol!