Beautiful models, stunning photos, great shoots…

The above image was created with the stunning Melissa Miko, a motorsports model and racer. Melissa and I connected while I was working on a project recently and created a number of stunning images together. There were many other aspects to the shoot that I will be able to share at a later time.
But, while on this shoot I was able to create this shot. It’s actually a recreation of a similar shot I did nearly two years ago. I’ve been interested in redoing this image for sometime to once again have it in my portfolio. It just happened to work out that I was able to do it during a separate shoot with someone with an incredible figure like Melissa.

Obviously I was having a lot of fun with silhouettes and the sunset that day. Melissa was a great model, and simply laughed when I asked “gettin’ bored standing here while I do these?”.

So much fun. I look forward to shooting with her in the future.

I also recently shot with Jenny, a model and good friend that I met last year doing fashion shows in Hollywood.

This was a quick snap I took when Jenny was joking around during the shoot. I love working with this girl. We always have fun, she’s always willing to go along with wacky ideas I have, too – but I’m pretty sure it’s only because she trusts my judgment as a photographer. Either way, we always have a great time.

This photo I absolutely love.

I NEVER have photos of myself from a shoot, unless it’s one I take with people afterward. So the fact that Nick took this shot of me and my friend Adam while we were shooting really means a lot to me. It’s blurry, with yellow light.. but it’s hand held with available tungsten light. And it’s perfect because this exactly how I looked if you were watching me that morning.

Here’s another shot that Nick took while I was reviewing the images with Jenny. We were going over what worked and what didn’t every few minutes as we tried different things. Honestly, I’m not sure how people did this in the film days, haha. I love digital.

Another image of me, Jenny, and Adam between shots. Talking about different ideas/changes to the images we were creating that morning.

Anddd the standard “Me and Jenny” shot we always take at our shoots. Overall we had a great morning and a lot of fun at the shoot. It had been far too long since working with her and, among other things, it was great to catch up. My race coverage has kept me so swamped the last six months that I didn’t realize how long it had been since seeing so many of the people I used to work with constantly.

It’s been a crazy summer so far. And things are continuing to get more and more interesting for me. We’ll see how the next four months go. A lot of things are changing right now – but you guys know me… I’m always optimistic.

Check back late this week as I start updating my portfolio with larger versions of images that have appeared in my blog, and new work of mine from the last three months of race events, and photoshoots!

Trips back to the Bay Area are never dull.

I’m not even sure I can find the words to describe the hilarity of Jared’s mustache.
First, I haven’t seen this guy in at least two years. And then he comes walkin’ in with this Mario Brother’s ‘stache and shaggy, curly hair. I think the conversation went like this: “Dude, you got to let me take you picture” “Ok.” “No, really. Can I?” “Sure.” “Ok, cuz I have my light kit in my car… I’m gonna go get it…”

Anyway, Jared was a great sport and we took a bunch of shots playing with lighting a bit to try and get the effect that I wanted. I’m thinking that this is pretty close to what will become the final version. However, I’m positive the Gamma on my monitor is off… so this version might be overly contrasty to you all.
We’ll see…

But, this is the main reason that I returned home:

TJ’s surprise Bachelor party weekend!
Amazingly, he had no idea. Which worked out pretty considering that I came up from Los Angeles specifically for this event. It was great though, and we were all glad that TJ was surprised.
In this shot is me, TJ, and our friend Evan. We’ve all known each other since Jr. High. I’ve actually known TJ since 6th grade… which is crazy when I think that we met 15 years ago… and now he’s gettin’ married in a month.

The man with the plan was long time friend, and incredible drummer, Justin Imamura. I’ve known Justin for 8 years now. We met back when we worked in theme parks in the Bay Area. Check Justin out in Street Drum Corp: BANG, and the band PNDRS. Plus, we’re both Eagle Scouts… which makes him that much cooler, haha.

I’m not going to bother everyone with the shots from that evening, but rather share this last one of everyone before we split the next morning after breakfast. Overall I had a really great weekend with all the guys. It’s definitely hard to be so far from certain friends. However, I see them when I can and spend the rest of my time incredibly busy with my sports photography, fashion work, and weddings. My photography is my life, but my friends and family make up who I am where I’ve come from.

I also was lucky enough to see Liz, Steph, Linn, Chantel, the Bay Area S2ki guys, and Jill briefly before I left town. Thanks for making time everyone. I don’t know (other than the wedding) when I’ll be back in the area just to visit. The way that my shooting schedule and bookings are looking… it won’t be for a while.

In the meantime I’ll be rockin’ in Socal.
Hit me up people… I don’t have time for much, however I can always do lunch and dinners.

And, on a professional note: I have some really incredible shoots lined up. I’m doing one tomorrow morning with my gorgeous friend Jenny, and will be doing another one either this weekend or early next week with a few other models. Big news coming… just can’t share it quite yet..

Drag racing, XDL Freestyle Sportbike, and photoshoots…

Yep, that’s my boss.
No, really… it is.

Last Friday I went to Fontana to photograph some drag race practice for the day. The frustrating thing about shooting drag racing, other then them just going in a straight line, is that it’s not really a good sport to shoot during the day. Night time, dusk, lower light conditions are what help make for some really nice drag images..
But, I did the best that I could and came home with some halfway decent stuff. This particular shot is actually cropped in quite a bit from 200mm and has lost a lot of detail in the process. The day was also a practice day for select individuals to come out and test new setups – so, needless to say, it was slow moving.

This rider had a few shaky starts to his runs. I was actually fairly certain he was going to lose it at a couple points. But, he held it together and didn’t bail (thankfully).

Saturday I spent the majority of the day at the XDL Sportbike Freestyle championship in Irwindale. (I make my rounds to all the tracks in Socal, haha)
Honestly, for me, watching these guys break out some of these tricks makes me want to pick up a bike and start learning. I would never be an idiot out on the freeway doing this crap… but it’d be fun to just know how to control a bike like that.
I came home that night with a few hundred images from the competition. I still haven’t had time to sort them since I’m so busy with my other projects. However you can bet that I’ll be adding these to my portfolio soon. I’d also really love to do a dusk shoot with some color and lights with some of these guys… that’d rock.

I’ve also been catching up on TONS of other work from July – and even a bit from June. I’m incredibly swamped with work right now and have had trouble keeping up on my editing for my site. My work, and work for clients I’m on top of, however the stuff I do for myself I’m wayyyy behind on.

That being said, check out this wonderfully attractive image of yours truly:

This was during the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, in Lake Elsinore, Calif. in the middle of June. It was over 105 degrees out on the track all three days. Yes, I’m wearing long sleeves and a scarf – my hat was on the table. I stay completely covered for outdoor race events. You stay cooler sweatin in a long-sleeve than you do in a t-shirt with the sun beating down on you.
Try it. Seriously.

Speaking of editing and catching up on some other work. This is an engagement shot I did in Michigan. I’ll be photographing Mike and Christina’s wedding next summer – can’t wait, we’re gonna rock it out with photos.
Sure, this shot isĀ  a bit cheesy, but you know what… you need at least one cheesy, cutesy, pleasemomanddad photo during your engagement shoot.

And lastly tonight, a bit of insight on how I shoot.. I roll deep at weddings, night time location shoot, two assistants… ballllllin’

This is an image of the location shoot I did for Todd and Jessica during their wedding in Northern Michigan in July. This was during setup for our night shoot during the reception. We disappeared for nearly an hour, people started to wonder what happened, haha.
This is my Speedlite and Pocket Wizard setup. So easy to use, and very flexible for many locations and scenarios.

So, that will wrap up this update.
Tomorrow I leave to go back up to the Bay Area and see some friends and family. It’s another whirlwind weekend in the middle of my extremely busy schedule. I’m booked up the next two months solid – and once I return to LA on Sunday I’ll need to get back to editing again.

Hopefully I’ll have portfolio updates soon everyone!
Just keep coming back to see me


The DuBose Wedding, Prince Charming gets hitched..

Today I returned home from Texas – and as nice as it always is to be back at your own place, this is a trip I wish had lasted longer.
I went out to Texas to attend the wedding of one of my best friends from when I lived and worked in Florida six years ago, Kyle. Kyle and I went through lifeguard training together and worked at Typhoon Lagoon while on the Walt Disney World College Advantage Program in 2003. About two months into our program however, Kyle attended face character auditions and ended up in the roll of Prince Charming throughout the remainder of his contract with Disney. I was busy saving lives, he, however, was busy signing autographs – tough gig…

Here we are, six years later, all reuniting in Texas for his wedding. Sadly, not everyone was able to make it out, just four of the 10 or so in our group. Becky (NM), me (CA), Joe (NJ), and Deanna (TX) were all guards out in Florida and have remained great friends since. And again, it was just really great to be able to spend three days catching up with everyone while celebrating Kyle’s wedding.This was our second night in town after rehearsals when everyone went out for dinner.

The ceremony was great – and I managed to make some really awesome shots like this one here. This poor little guy looked so bored up there, and was rolling his head around waiting for time to pass.

Tiffanye’s dress was beautiful. And she was sweet enough to ask me to take some photographs during the wedding. I was not the official/hired photographer. However, I don’t attend anything that I may want photos of without my camera. And by the end of the night, I knew I had created many great shots that I’m sure both Kyle and Tiffanye will be very pleased with.
Let’s face it, I don’t want an important friend of mine to have bad images of their wedding if I’m there. I stayed out of the photographers way the best I could, but I’m also shameless when it comes to making sure to get a shot that I see someone else missing. So I ended up coming home with quite a few images.

The flower arrangements were beautiful. Tiff did a great job picking out her colors.

There also was a brief moment of panic when they realized makeup ended up on her dress at some point while putting it on. Five anxious bridesmaids and two concerned mothers later it was taken care of…

Here we are again, goofing off at the end of the night. I would say that after one hot and humid south Texas summer day, lots of walking, dancing, and goofing off later… we all still look pretty good. Haha!

I’m really excited to edit the rest of the images from this weekend. Unfortunately I’m still busy finishing the other three shoots from earlier this month; Kyle and Tiff’s photos will have to wait. I’m looking forward to a somewhat quieter August (less traveling anyway) before ramping up for a very busy September.
Good night all! Hope your weekend was at least half as great as mine!