Upcoming Video, by DaBooth.com

Check out this quick preview of an upcoming video by DJ Drizzle, of DaBooth.com of my shoot with Crazy Mike from WePlayCrazy.com
Me and Crazy Mike rocked two different shoots recently in Venice Beach and Long Beach. This video shows clips from the Long Beach shoot. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product and hoping that it may have a bit of the night shooting from the Venice shoot.

This also reminds me that I’ve been wanting to start making clips like this of other shoots I do. Maybe I’ll start bringing an assistant to tag along and at least get a few shots with a Flip cam or something. Then again, when am I going to find time to edit video? Haha!

Hope everyone’s holiday is going great!
I’m still in Bay Area, but I will be headed home to Socal in a few more days.

I will have a year-end update later this week, I think.

Crazy Mike, from “We Play Crazy”

Sometimes a completely different style photoshoot demands a different style of editing. This is sexy, gritty, dark, and has attitude. I needed the final image to reflect that and went with a rougher post production than I typically would take with my work. But, I needed a billboard worthy image. Hell, I could easily be selling you cologne with this photo… and you’d buy it, too.

This weekend I had the pleasure of working with with Crazy Mike of We Play Crazy. Mike and his team are currently out here from the East Coast filming with MTV. Saturday we hit the beach with model Lyla Dee and did a night shoot in Venice on the sand and in the water. I have to say, the photos came out pretty damn hot. I’m still working on the other pieces for Mike, but they’ll be posted up here soon, too.

This image will make an awesome poster – I’m going to probably print one tomorrow on my new Epson medium format I just picked up.
Mike and I did a few series of these backflip shots while waiting for Lyla to meet us at the beach.

Now today, Sunday, I ended up chillin’ with Mike and his crew again… but this time we did something I have quite a bit of experience with… extreme sports.

That’s Sean Logan doing a backflip-360 about two feet away from me. Crazy Mike down below gettin’ some footage for their new reel.

Eric Hough was hitting quite a few jumps and tricks too. His face is a bit blocked in this shot, but it’s always great to have a clean, simple image that you don’t see every day.

One last image of Sean as he’s doing his backflips. Hopefully I’ll be working with these guys again in the near future. I would love to start mixing their skill with mine and take stunts like these and mix in what I do with color and light and create some really incredible stuff.

So, I have quite a bit of editing ahead of me this week. I leave for the Bay Area on Wednesday – so for everyone back in the Bay… text me. Let’s meet up. I’d love to see all of you while I’m back in town for Christmas.

Kamal, GQ’n it up

This shot is straight from camera, no editing. I rarely feel that any shot is perfect out of camera and requires no touching of any kind. But, occasionally I’m proven wrong. That’s the case with this shot of Kamal from our shoot on Wednesday.
I spent most of the day with Kamal shooting and catching up on life. We shot probably five or six different looks – most of them specifically designed for some upcoming projects he’s working on. However, I’m going to share the dressier photos we did.

This image only took two tries to create. I considered removing the lines from the ground… but then decided that they really don’t detract from the image too much… do they?

Working with Kamal is always fun. We met through friends over a year ago, but always have trouble matching up our schedules to do a shoot. This time around, however, I think we created some really great stuff. The themed shoot we did I will be able to share with you guys in a few weeks.

But this series was both powerful images and fun images (like the jumping one above).

One light was used for moodier, dramatic lighting. Of course now I’m wishing I used a second one at 1/4 for a real slight rim light/hair light… but, there’s always next time.

Tomorrow I’ll be shooting in Santa Monica with the stuntman “Crazy” Mike Gaboff. Should be a great time, and I’m sure we’ll be creating some really incredible images… think fire, flips, stunts, girls, etc… You get what I’m sayin..

New Off Road Section added! Racing section redone.

I decided that I needed a completely new section added to my portfolio to help organize (and separate) the many off road photos I’ve shot this year.
For those who aren’t aware, I handled all photography for both K&N Filters and AEM Induction Systems for the majority of this year, 2009. Doing so meant that I covered nearly the entire Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, and many other sports like AMA Supercross, AMA Quadcross, AMA Motocross, dirt track racing, etc.

I decided that completely separate Off Road section and a Track sections are now pretty much required due to the large amount of images from each type of racing I have to share. The Track section was previously just called “Racing”. I think the two sections will help quite a bit for those looking for only one side of the sport.

Next up I will be doing another large update to my Wedding section. But that will be later this week.

In the mean time, check out the 30 new images in my Off Road section!

Enjoy everyone!

Racing update coming soon!

I’ve been working on a major update to my Offroad portfolio.
I have a few thousand images from the Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series that I’ve spent a good part of this year shooting. Well, for those of you with a sharp eye on my Racing portfolio, you may have noticed I haven’t done a major update since the Long Beach Grand Prix.

Within the next day or so I will be adding between 10 and 20 new images from the Off Road Series. I’m actually considering creating an entire section with just dirt track images. I have more than enough work from both dirt tracks and asphalt tracks to fill two sections. It may be best that I just do that instead.

I also have a lot of images like this…

And I’m sure some of you will be excited for those, too.

So, check back soon. I have quite a few updates coming.

Dual Shoot with Envious Studios – a preview

I’m keeping this post short… simply because I don’t have much ready to share, haha.

Last night I had the extreme pleasure of working with Envious Studios on a spur of the moment photoshoot – one which changed themes about three times before the shooting actually started.
We ultimately ended up shooting in an autoshop with two models, Sydney (pictured above) and Courtney (who I’ll add later).

Anyway, I have many more shots of both models that I’ll be working on over the next few days. I have a few more shoots in the works for this month, too. I also and just about done with that 2,400 image wedding I shot… whew, lotta work!

Good night everyone!
Check back soon for a preview of Courtney!

The Project… it’s wrapped!

Let me introduce Rita von Riot, who I had the pleasure of working with during this this project the last couple of months.
Rita not only brought an incredible attitude to the set but she even MADE her own costumes. Ok, obviously she’s not wearing much in this particular shot. We did a few images on our own outside of the project we were working on for the client. This is one of two shots  we did – both similar style – on our way out that evening. I think think it came out stunning and exactly as I hoped it would as she hit her pose.

Over the last few months I’ve been working on a project that has allowed me to shoot some very creative images at some very unique locations.

I also had the opportunity to work with a few good friends of mine. Above is a shot of me and Adam during a shoot with Megan Black (who you’ll remember from the shoot I did with Megan in Laguna). You’ll also see Nick and Caitlin in pictures later. The project is now complete, and should be ready in a few more weeks! I’ve seen a possible mockup and it looks great! I can’t wait to share more about it with all of you!

Until that point when I can disclose more details and show full images from the actual shoots, I’ll just share a few group shots. Sorry guys, it’s the best I can do. I’m sure everyone can understand rules and client relationships. Plus, these people are friends of mine and they’re being very flexible in allowing me to share a few details! And let’s be honest.. it’s only going to help drive interest and excitement!

I want to figure out details for a showing of my work, too! Right now it looks like mid January will be best. I’m thinking something in Orange County or perhaps West Hollywood?
A photography show of everything I’ve done the last 12 months and the inclusion of some images from this project.

What do you guys think?
What if I get some of the models to come, then would you go? Haha.
Contact me! Let me know your thoughts!

Me, Caitlin, Adam, Michelle, Nick, and Craig after a (long) crazy night of shooting.
The energy she brought to the set was so much fun we went two hours past our planned finish time.

Adam, I forgot his name (Sorry!), Kassandra, me, and Nick.
Kassandra and I have been trying to put together a shoot for the better part of a year. We were finally able to work together on this project. Yay!

Adam, Ashleigh, me, and Nick.
I don’t know how to thank Ashleigh for saving us. Not only is she gorgeous, with an incredible resume of experience and published work.. But she rocked this shoot for us after a different model canceled. Ashleigh had one day’s notice; and she couldn’t have been more prepared or made it any easier for me to work with her.

The last shot I have tonight is Caitlin, Nick, Rita (from the top of the post), Adam, and myself.
Again, Rita was the kind of model you always hope to shoot – fun and easy going. Hopefully one of these days I’ll have to opportunity to work with her again.

But that about sums up what I can share with you guys on one of the multiple projects I’ve been working on this Fall. Please email me or shoot me a message on Twitter with what you think about a mid-January photography show!

Have a good night everyone.
I’ll probably do another update this weekend.