Derek Jameson’s new promo shots

Derek Jameson, singer/songwriter and musician in Hollywood, is a very old friend of mine.
And, being old friends, Derek has called me up a couple times when he’s been in a pinch for photos. Two weeks ago was one of those times.

It’s frustrating for anyone who pays for any service and there is a delay on that product. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have photos delayed being delivered to you. Well, that’s exactly what Derek was dealing with… a photographer was late getting images to him, and Derek needed them that weekend for new promo material for upcoming shows.

So Derek called me up for a last minute shoot…

We went to downtown Huntington Beach for a quick shoot on the streets. I originally planned to do a daylight shoot… so I didn’t bring my light kit to work with. Fortunately I still had all my strobes with me or else we wouldn’t have been able to do anything.

The shoot went great. We kept it simple, and Derek made sure that things moved pretty quick and we were in and out.

Images were sent to the graphic designer the next morning and promo material was created by the next afternoon. I’m glad that I was able to help him out on such short notice. I’m sure it’s not the last time I’ll be shooting Derek either. If you do a search on my blogs, you’ll find many of the other shoots we’ve done in the past for his cd covers and magazine features.

Been a busy March…

Wow, March is flying by already!
I started off the month up in San Francisco with some of the members of our car club, TOPDOWN. We attended Wekfest 2010 in Japantown and took home Third Place overall. Also, one of our members and really great friend of mine, Alex Doan took home a first place award for his Spoon S2000. For those of you familiar with the import community and have heard of Spoon’s black Honda S2000, that’s owned by Alex.. and he drove it up to the Bay Area from here in Socal to compete/show.

One handed shot with my Mark III while driving North on 5 in the rain and wind. Haha. Skills…

Also, this month was my birthday, nearly a week ago…

So, I got to celebrate (a bit early) with a couple friends at Disneyland! Haha! TJ, me, and Laura spent the day running around the parks riding rides and taking photos. My old friend Phil signed us in (Thanks Phil!) so we could enjoy the sunny weather and Laura could see Disneyland for the first time ever. TJ came along since he hadn’t been since he was a kid. Had a great time though!

Now like I said, this month has been crazy running around and taking care of a lot of things at a more personal level. I’m relocating/moving soon – still based in Socal though. I’m planning some upcoming trips to the Bay Area, Oregon, and possibly to Sacramento, too. All are work related trips and involve logistical planning with clients/etc. And, my birthday weekend lasted about five days… I won’t lie. Hahaha!

On a professional note though…
I’ve been notified recently of various images of mine being used by clients for many different things…

Jesse got ahold of me this morning, from Brazil, to let me know that one of my shots of him is being used on a press release there in Sao Paulo where he is currently doing shows.
So, I’ve been published in Brazil now! Woo hoo!

Jesse’s also running the image on his promotional material, and his new cd cover.

I recently did a shoot with Derek Jameson. I’ve worked with Derek many times on promotional material, album covers, and his magazine feature that was published last summer. Derek called me up needing a last minute shoot for some upcoming shows. We did a very quick shoot in Huntington Beach – I’ll post more from that shoot on my next update.

This promo poster uses an image of Derek from the shoot we did for his magazine feature in Unzipped, published July 2009.

I may have shared this before now that I’m thinking of it… But, Rick Thorne uses my images on lots of his promo material. And, this image for his Grindz and Rhymez tour features my image of him on Monster Energy’s website.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Not many new images to share with everyone just yet. I’ll have some new stuff up shortly, including another shoot with Derek Jameson (that I mentioned above). Hope everyone is having a great month! As busy as I am right now I’m still having a great time.

Calendar Previews; Update Seven – Final

For my last and final calendar preview I would like to introduce Rita von Riot!
This was one of my favorite shoots that we put together. The concept was to do something a bit 50’s or pinup-ish. Since we had rented out an air museum for the day we were able to book two different shoots that day – Rita was the second one after Lana.

Rita was a blast to work with. Take a look at the image above, first off… she did her own pinup style hair. Second, she put together and made all her own outfits for this shoot. The dress she’s wearing she actually bought and dyed to get it the right shade for the rest of the outfit. And she put together a number of other pinup-era costumes from things she found at the surplus store or already owned! I love creative models!

We tried a few different outfits and a few different styles. I also tweaked my processing of each image a bit to see what I thought looked best. This particular lingerie outfit with thigh-highs was great for a sexy shot without being over the top. The one thing that the pinup era still proves, is that you can be hot without having to show tons of skin.

Some of you guys may actually recognize Rita from her work in Lowrider magazine, MTV, etc..
Rita and I will actually be shooting again in the next month – which should be a lot of fun. We’re going to stick with a 50’s theme again, so whatever we come up with will rock I’m sure.

So, that’s my final update on this entire calendar. Again, it should be printed later in 2010 for distribution for 2011. I know LOTS of you guys have been asking me about it and I’ll be excited to update everyone as soon as I receive my copies in the mail. However, it’s a limited production that’s not available to the public… so, you’ll just have to stop by my place to check it out. Haha.

I’ve already had a few potential clients interested in my work for other calendars… with a little luck, I may be able to say that I have two 2011 calendars coming out. And hey, if you’re a vendor of some kind, please feel free to email (contact available in my portfolio on the link at the top of this page) and get in touch with me regarding my rates!

Good night everyone! I will have updates on my trip to the Bay Area later this weekend sometime.