Rosa’s Corset shoot

Rosa and I finally shot again a few nights back – after months of trying to time our schedules and put a shoot together.
The inspiration for this shoot came from a portfolio of a photographer in England. That particular gentleman does all black and white work – it’s gorgeous stuff, all studio work, too.

Well, Rosa recently did a fashion show with a designer who makes her own corset line. That particular designer, whose name I need to get, was kind enough to loan Rosa an outfit for us to do some shooting. The original plan was to do all black and white images. But, as usual with me, I’m going with the color versions for the rest of the shots I want to share.

Also, I’m moving this week, so expect my next update to be delayed as well. I should be doing some extreme sports photos here shortly. I also have another shoot with Megan in the works – you’ll remember her from some of my beach work in the past.

But, for now, enjoy this brief update tonight!

Check back later this weekend for another update with another shoot.

A new month, a few updates.

Happy May everyone!
Well, it’s nearly a week into this month already and I’m finally posting a new blog. I’ve been swamped editing the last couple weddings I shot. I wanted to get them completed, out to clients, and out of the way. I have some big things coming up that I wanted my plate clear for.
But first, I finished the Niles wedding and sent the images out to the client today. So, that means I pulled a two week turn around on both weddings I shot in April – which is pretty fast for the amount of photos and everything I did. The image above was from the Niles wedding. Jessica was waiting and watching Tara get ready and then turned to watch me just long enough to make two images, this one was my favorite.

This is another image from the Niles wedding that I really liked. There’s just enough uneasy/awkwardness between the two boys, Isaac and Jacob to contrast the uniformity and seriousness of the groomsmen behind them.

Now some of you may remember me mentioning that after I got off the plane from Portland I was called into Hollywood to do some headshots for an actor out there. Michael was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon with doing some new shots for him. The image above was towards the end when he asked to do some fun ones that he can use for comedy events and hosting (if I recall correctly). I really liked this one of him goofing off.

One of the more serious images we created. Michael opted to have all the shots cropped in tighter to better frame his face. I’m sharing this one wide because I like the feeling added by his hand placement.

A lot of you guys remember the night shoot that I did with Crazy Mike and Lyla Dee, right? Well this image was one that I took the next day in Long Beach. The shoot wasn’t really a shoot for me though, it was a mock shoot to get some video footage. So, I didn’t really have time to bother focusing my lights. I like this image, but wish there just a tad more light on Mike. Last I heard, these two started dating… so I could probably recreate this pretty easily if I want, hahaha!

Also, Mike has relaunched his website and it features a number of images by me! Woo hoo! Haha! So, check out the “About” section. You will find my images of Crazy Mike, Sean Logan (under Action Sports), and even photos of DJ Drizzle (under Production Crew) from our shoots a few months back.

And lastly on a personal note:
This is Paul Flores and his son at the beach. Many of you guys know how active I am in the car community beyond just photographing professional racing. Well, Paul was a friend of mine through the import community I’m involved with. He died in a tragic accident while working on his car last weekend. He leaves behind his son, girlfriend and family.
Paul was a wonderfully caring person who always helped everyone without expectation of anything in return, he was never mean, and never stopped smiling.
We all knew Paul and his Laguna Blue Honda S2000 as “Smirf”, and his death was both a huge shock and very upsetting to all of us. Please keep his family in your thoughts as they deal with the loss of a wonderful person.

Tonight, Friday, I’ll be shooting with Rosa. We haven’t shot anything together in a long time – mostly due to my crazy schedule. But check back soon for images from the shoot!
And it’s becoming more and more solid that I will be leaving overseas for an opportunity abroad to work on a short film in Morocco. More details on that to come… but if anyone wants to sponsor some high capacity CF cards or Lacie drives… I’ll gladly accept ;)