The Holl-King Wedding, Monterey, Calif.

When an old friend like Eryn asks me to shoot her wedding day, it’s definitely something special. Even more was that when she was in the planning phase she double checked my schedule first to make sure she selected a weekend that I was available. How flattering!

Being able to be a part of Eryn and Ryan’s wedding was wonderful. Eryn and I go back a long time – back to days when we worked together (she’ll be the first to point out that she was my manager, too) and had silly jokes like calling each other ‘Jim’ instead of our given names. We both still answer to that with one another though.

The Kings were married at  Santa Catalina Chapel, which is part of the Santa Catalina boarding school. Eryn spent part of her school career there, and various women in her family were alumni themselves. So not only was the location beautiful, but also meaningful to the bride.

Ryan had this pose down. Seriously. It took very little direction on my part to get this image, and Ryan has the “Why yes, I DID just step out of a tuxedo magazine” pose goin on like it’s his job.
Ryan is one of those grooms who had complete and total faith in his wife’s decision on the photographer. I’m glad I had the chance to meet him over dinner prior to the wedding, however his personality is one that seems to click with everyone that talks to him. And it was heart warming to be able to watch and see how much Eryn loves him.

Eryn and I made sure to have some fun and take plenty of shots. There were so many areas around the venue to shoot, but Eryn knew exactly where she wanted images made. The rest was mostly left up to me. Given the style and age of the school I felt a bit of aging was needed for this portrait.

I have over 150 additional images after the break that I want to share with you. I know, it’s a lot, but like I said Eryn and I go back pretty far. And since she was always so excited to see new images from other couples weddings that I photograph, I want to make sure I upload plenty from hers!

In two weeks, my little sister is getting married, and Eryn was teasing me this morning about how it’s a shame that I can’t tag along to Hawaii and be around to photograph all the activities they do. How cruel is that?! Haha, I love Hawaii! I personally think Eryn and Ryan should just reschedule their honeymoon til the week after when I’m free… don’t you? Haha!

Enjoy the photos, leave any thoughts in the comments section.
Check back soon, too! I’ll be up in the Bay Area by the end of the week and will hopefully have some time to do some new shoots.

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The Rundborg-Johnson wedding, Michigan.

The Rundborg-Johnson wedding, my third trip to Michigan this year!

Most of you guys that follow my work closely know that I travel quite a bit despite being based in Southern California. The place I’ve traveled most this year (repeatedly for work) was Michigan. Second place is Portland, OR.

This time around I was in town to shoot for Alison and Ray. I first met Alison last summer, during the DeLand wedding I flew to Michigan to shoot. She was one of the bridesmaids at that wedding.
Well, when Alison and Ray got engaged she contacted me to see if I was available and interested in returning to Michigan to shoot for her. Of course! It’s always flattering when someone would like to bring me cross-country to shoot.

Over various emails and phone calls we worked out the details and everything was in place as her wedding approached. Alison was actually planning her Michigan wedding all the way from Washington D.C. where she lives, people were flying in from various areas to attend, so naturally a photographer from across the country should be expected, right? I heard many different ideas that Alison had and was really excited about what was ahead of me.

Two of the things that stuck out in conversation with Alison were the church she was getting married in, and her grandfathers old car she wanted photos in. “Oh, I can definitely do something with both those” I thought.

The photo above was shot after the ceremony, on the way to the reception. We piled everyone into the limo and I followed along in my rental to her grandparents house. “He’s so excited to have his car in this shot” Alison told me before the wedding.
Well, we took a number of photos in and around the car. But it was HOT out, so we tried to hurry so Alison and Ray didn’t have to stand there and sweat the whole time. I also made them climb up into the rambler seat in the back.  Those photos are later, after the break.

The most important part of this whole wedding was the church. “When I was a little girl I told myself I’d get married here one day… fortunately Ray was ok with that too and we traveled back to Michigan for the wedding.” See, the church is owned by Alison’s grandmother, so there is a lot of sentimental value attached to it.
And Ray is the type of guy who is definitely going to do anything he could to make sure his fiancé was happy. A perfect example, and big compliment to me, was at the rehearsal dinner. Ray pulled me aside and said “We’re so happy you could be here. It really means a lot to Alison that you’re doing this.” “Oh, thank you! I’m really happy to be here for you guys, it’s going to be a lot of fun.” “It was really important to Alison that you photographed her wedding. So I knew we’d do whatever it took to make sure we got you. So Thanks.”
Wow, what an awesome thing to hear out of the blue as your hanging out with the families at dinner and the groom comes to talk to you.

I had an incredible weekend. I got to see a few familiar faces from the DeLand wedding of course, and meet a lot of great new people, too.
I’ll cut this part of the blog short. I have over 100 photos that I wanted to share with everyone. So, as usual I will be posting comments along with various shots.


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Beau Peregino’s Mad Men contest entry

Beau and I need your help!

Beau has entered the Mad Men contest for a part on the show – and has submitted a shot that we took last week. Please click the image above, or this link, and vote!!
This shoot was very quick and we were able to do it here our large leather arm chair we have in the living room.
I used a simple two-light setup that allowed for two different shots. Beau only really needs one shot, and went with the image above.

This is a different angle of the same pose. Beau barely moved, and I changed one side light just a bit (softer for just a slight touch of light on his right side).
I actually really like this shot too. I think it’s a powerful feeling shot/pose.

I also told Beau that I would get a shot of him riding while he was in town.

Beau on his Yamaha R1.

This is shot one-handed from my S2000. My friend TJ has video of it. I’m sure my family would be mildly concerned if they saw what I do to get half the shots I take for stuff like this, haha.

AMC has removed Beau’s (and many others) image from the contest. We launched Beau’s photo into the Top 10 in under a day a half with out voting. Beau held the #5 spot (overall) and #4 for men for three weeks aquiring nearly 300,000 votes. AMC then suddenly removed all contestants with over 45,000 votes. No reason was given other then “you were cheating”.
Frustrating to say the least, especially since between this blog, facebook, myspace, twitter, and all my friends and followers who were helping promote this image, we had a ton of support.