Chris(tine)’s Disneyland Engagement Shoot

Chris and Christine are former workmates of mine from years ago – actually we all worked at Disney together.
Well, years later here we are and the two of them are now engaged to be married next June! Chris contacted me a while back when a friend of his was getting married to talk to me about photography, then a few months later he got in touch with me again with the news that he and Christine were engaged!

Well the two of them decided they wanted to do their engagement shoot at Disneyland, how fun! Disney has a special meaning to the both of them, so what better place to do your photos than the Happiest Place on Earth?

Christine was amazing – though she’ll probably be quick to tell you she was nervous the whole time. I kept trying to mention in emails to Chris that “we’ll have a blast man, it’ll be great to see you two and catch up. Don’t worry, we’ll have fun and get plenty of shots.” Chris said that Christine was worried, and she also wanted to make sure she looked good in the photos. And Christine, you looked amazing. I’m pretty sure everyone will be able to see that in all these shots.

But here’s the best part, Christine had done tons of research on different engagement photos that had been done throughout the park by other photographers. She came with a few pages of images for ideas and both of them had a really good idea of what they wanted. They had already decided they needed enough images for a book they were putting together.

Well, we walked through the gates and got started! It was a pretty warm afternoon, which turned into a wonderfully warm night as we ran all over the park making sure to cover everything we could.

The first shot of the day was something that Christine had found online. The wishing well shot. Try posing your hands like that and make it look natural and comfortable. It took us a few tries, I’ll be honest. And it was great that so many park guests came up and congratulated them as we shot.

More images after the break below.

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LA Rooftop shoot with 8 models, yikes!

Two weeks ago, while in the Bay Area, I was contacted by my friend Elle Favorule. Elle is a make up artist that I met two years ago doing fashion shows here in Hollywood. She called because she was putting together a small photoshoot with the idea that it would end dirty, grungy and with harsher contrasty light.

Well the small shoot quickly blew up in to a much larger production. Elle told me a few days before the shoot that we now had eight people interested in modeling, two hairstylists, two wardrobe designers that wanted to bring their clothing pieces, and the original two make up artists Elle, and our friend Samantha Ward.

We started simple and slowly added different clothing, different makeup, hairstyles, etc. By the end of the day we ended on the dirty, greasy looking photos like the end shot above.

I’ll keep this short, and share a little bit after some of the photos in the captions after the break.


Natalie was the first model I shot that morning, and she was stunning. Very few models can take such a beautiful headshot straight on and without having to force any sort of expression.

And the equally stunning actress Zoe Myers.
Zoe and I had actually met a while back – but both had to be reminded by Elle, haha.

More after the break..
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So much amazing news! And some BMX! LOL!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, nearly three weeks! I’ve been swamped with travel and also my little sister’s wedding!!
But I have some other really amazing news to share with everyone – even though most of you know. My images from Eryn Holl’s wedding were featured on both and’s homepages! How incredible.

Eryn’s father Steve Holl’s fight with brain cancer and the experimental treatment that has helped prolong his life has made headlines and grabbed national attention. His story has been shared all over the U.S. and also has been broadcast during the Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon on national television. My photos from the wedding were shown on TV, and the image above has been used on tons of different websites.

It’s really incredible the reach that their story has had.

Also, before leaving town a few weeks ago for my sister’s wedding I met up with BMX stunt riders Sean Logan and Eric Hough.
Above is Sean getting some serious air at the jumps here in Burbank.

It was great to catch up with these guys again. I was shocked how long it had been since I last photographed them.

I don’t know the exact names of all the tricks Sean was throwin out, but he’s really impressive to watch in person.
We spent a lot of time BS’ing and talking. It was also incredibly hot that afternoon so Sean and Eric were takin it a bit easier than normal.

Unfortunately the jumps were overgrown with a lot of shrubs. So it made most all of the camera angles terrible. And it really detracts from just how high in the air Sean is. That bush, is about seven feet tall in front of me that I’m trying to shoot over.

Eric was throwing some pretty hard tricks, too.
And again, the bushes really take away from just how high he’s getting on these jumps.

Sean, left, and Eric, top, takin a break. It was still in the 80s when we were finishing shooting at 6pm.
Crazy weather that day, and these guys were probably burning up I would guess. Hell, I was sweatin’ a ton myself and I was just wearing some cargo shorts while standing there cooking in the sun.

About to call it a day and head out..

I have so many more shots I’d love to share with everyone from family shoots I did recently, too. I also have a bunch of photos from my little sister’s wedding a week ago. But, I’m going to have to save those and do a much longer blog about it┬áseparately. And expect another post soon about last week’s rooftop shoot that I did with eight models, two make up artists, and two hair stylists. I have a ton of great images from that.

Check back soon! I’ll be doing more frequent updates again since I’m back from traveling.