Call of Duty: Black Ops shoot with Beau

Mother #$&%’in Black Ops!

You guys have no idea how excited I am to share this shoot with you all! About two months ago I got a phone call from Beau Peregino – he’s been on the east coast doing various acting work/etc (seriously, google him for the controversy about the political ads he was in, haha!).
Anyway, Beau sent me a photo of some Special Forces military gear he was given to use by a close friend of his (who is in the Special Forces). Beau said “next chance I have to get you to this coast, we have to do a shoot in this gear.”

Well, shortly after that conversation Activision released their press photos for Call of Duty: Black Ops. I immediately loved the imagery and knew that I would have to emulate the game cover with Beau and the gear that he had.
Two weeks ago I was traveling around Florida for work. So it wasn’t hard to make a few detours after my trip before returning to California.

I traveled up to Maryland to shoot with Beau. I was also able to see a few friends on my extended trip – which included continuing on to Boston.

Here’s a wide version, which I also like.

This crop isn’t as tight as the previous one, but still works and also allows some flexibility if I want to use this shot for other things.

This shoot was surprisingly simple. It was a two light setup – specifically a two speedlight setup, pretty sweet, huh? I worked with two versions of shots of Beau, and composited about 15 total layers for the image when it was complete. Most were smoke and masking layers. There is a lot more to this image that is masked out that I have to work with in case I need it.

Beau and I goofing off when we were starting. Our friend Hillary came to hang out during the shoot and watch, and she snapped the only behind the scenes shot of the night.

I’m currently back in California and catching up on work and edits. I also just ordered some new lighting gear and hopefully will be experimenting with that soon, too! Kassandra (you’ll remember her from the calendar I shot) has┬átentatively┬ávolunteered to test with me for fun once my new setup arrives. So hopefully I can line up her and another model or two for new images soon!

Rock on, Wingers! Well, a little, huh Sarah?

Rock on!
Haha! Sarah was told that she would have to love everything about Erik, including his love for KISS. She agreed.. a little.

Two weeks ago I was in St. Augustine, Florida to shoot the wedding of Sarah Fisher and Erik Winger. Sarah is actually an old friend that I’ve known a number of years. We met through mutual friends. I used to train lifeguards for the Disneyworld Water Parks in Florida, and she’s a performer for Disneyworld and Universal Studios. We’ve kept in touch over the years despite being across the country and she’s followed my work, too.

So, about a year ago when Erik proposed, Sarah contacted me to figure out what it was going to take to get me out to Florida to shoot for her. ┬áThis was a big deal for me too. It means so much to me when someone wants to fly me across the country to shoot – and I’ve been booked out of state quite a bit this year. Also, Sarah has been one of the first to comment on every wedding that I’ve shot and added to my Facebook page and point out that “you’re shooting my wedding in a few months!”

I arrived in Orlando a bit early and then traveled with Erik and Sarah to St. Augustine where the wedding would be. I know that Sarah mentioned she was concerned that Erik and I wouldn’t have a lot of time to get to know each other before the wedding the day. I personally feel it’s important that I have a chance to meet the bride and groom before the wedding day if possible so they can get to know me and I can get to know them. Erik and I ended up getting along great – to the point where our joking around and sarcasm was bugging Sarah. I’m pretty sure there was a moment or two she had to say “Hey you’re MY friend” when I was siding with Erik on something, haha. Love you both!

The entire weekend spent with them was great. Their ceremony was beautiful. And there was just so much love and adoration between the two of them that I was able to watch. Honestly, it was wonderful to see Sarah so incredibly happy after all the frustration that came with putting the wedding together.

As usual, I’ll caption a number of the shots below and save you guys from reading too much text here.

And yes, my signature shot I do with most of my clients in some form. We weren’t too sure about beach access for images, but I’ll touch on that a bit later.

Please, read on after the break! I have over 100 images to share with everyone. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below, or contact me directly via email.

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Summer is back this November with Liz!

Do I have your attention?

This past Friday I went out to Huntington Beach with Liz to do some volleyball/beach shots that she wanted to shoot. I joked with my friends online that “I guessss I could tolerate a third beach day in a row and photograph a girl in a bikini…” Haha!
November and December tend to slow down for me work-wise. And, with California’s heat wave and 90-100 degree temperatures this week, I’ve been at the beach a lot relaxing.

But seriously, would anyone complain going to the beach on a Friday in November? No.

Liz, among other things, does promo modeling for companies, shows, conventions, etc. “Hi, you’re tall and gorgeous, can we pay you to come sell our products to people and all these big events?”… must be tough sometimes, don’t you think?
Anyway, Liz had a number of shots that she liked and wanted to try. So, we went through a lot of different ideas – all of them around the volleyball theme, though. So as I edited everything, I toned all of them very differently. One style of editing didn’t fit every style photo I shot that afternoon.

More photos after the break
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