Ringflash testing with Liz Sterling

This week has been packed with a lot of running around, shooting various things, and also testing some new gear. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently picked up a ringflash. It’s been a lot of fun to play with because it’s such a different way of shooting than I’m used to.
Last week my friend, promo model Liz Sterling, asked me to come do a few shots for testing. Really it was just her way of getting me to come by for dinner to catch up – shooting was just motivation for me to drive since I always looking for excuses to play with my cameras.
So how many of you are actually reading this and not just staring at the photos?

I love the color in this one, except right after Liz and I realized we forgot set up a fan for her hair. Blast! Next time… next time..

I did a few self portraits for fun, too. This was one I did to be a bit more gangster style. I joked that if I ever release my own rap album that THIS will be my album cover for my self titled release.

This shot was a bit of a homage to my friend, photographer David Esquire. He took a similar shot but had a fisheye lens to use. I only had a 16mm.

Lastly, and possibly most important, is my upcoming Christmas card!

I’ve been working on this all week. It’s going to feature me, my friend model/stylist Lauren Parsons, and my friend Anthony also!

So, check back next week as I’m making the last few edits on my card tomorrow and will be ordering copies to send out to people!

Keep at it. Move Forward. Push.

Occasionally something will happen in my career that leaves me sitting there a bit speechless.
We all have those moments – and let’s be honest, they’re not always good. Well, tonight was a great one.

Some of you that follow my work more closely through Facebook, Twitter, of you simply know me personally in real life, were aware that over the last four months I’ve been going through a lengthy application process for a pro-sports photographer position.
Well, the team decided that they’re going to hold off on hiring until next season. Not surprising given the huge amount that the team has been in the news the last three months. So, when they re-open, I will of course be in touch and applying once again – no doubt in my mind.

However, what I want to share with you guys is the following, because it truly made my month.

We had an overwhelming response to the posting and your work was among the best of the portfolios that we received.

To update you readers out there: I was selected from (apparently a ton of) candidates from across the nation that applied to the initial job listing for this photography position. Once selected from that pool, I was moved onto the next phase.

So tonight, as I read this letter that accompanied my portfolio (which I sent in per their request) I was overcome with a huge sense of calm, as well flattery. And I’ll admit, it was quite humbling too.

We find ourselves, from time to time, in positions where we start to wonder if we’re doing everything we need to be doing. Or if maybe we should be doing more.
December is a month that I typically slow down quite a bit. And, it’s not unheard of that during those times we ask ourselves if we’re pushing ourselves enough. So, I’m taking this opportunity to expand what I shoot and how I shoot it. I’m experimenting more and staying busy with my own projects through the holiday season since I’m slower work-wise.

To read this tonight, to see that the professional sports world considers me one of the best from a national pool of photographers out there, was huge.

So, Thank you.

To my readers, thank you too! I still will have a much longer Year in Review post at the end of the month. But this I had to share right now.

For those of you who are curious what I’m currently working on, click the break below to read on!

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