The Clark Wedding Reception

A short while after officially tying the knot, Brandon and Cassidy threw a party and reception for friends and family – and they brought me up from Los Angeles to shoot it all!
The Clarks are two old friends from high school… two friends that I haven’t seen in 10 years, however, like many people, we all know what each other are up to through Facebook and other mutual friends.
I was contacted by Cassidy a few months back and asked what it would take to get me to the Bay Area to shoot her wedding reception. Her and Brandon had married earlier this year and they were now going to have the reception separately for friends and family. It turns out that Cassidy checks out my photography from time to time and was hoping that I could shoot for the both of them! How awesome is that.

And I travel to the Bay Area frequently as many of you readers may know, so a trip up was no problem at all.

The party was a blast. It was crazy to think it’s been so long since I’d seen some of the people there. Brandon and Cassidy are the first people I’ve shot for that I went to high school with, so there were a number of familiar faces there that day.
Brandon and Cassidy have truly gorgeous wedding photos. Seriously, whoever they had shoot for them during their private San Francisco ceremony did an awesome job – and I’m very particular when it comes to other people’s wedding images. So when it came down to shooting their reception, Cassidy said she wanted plenty of shots of everyone just having a good time.
Piece of cake, right?
Their reception was outdoors in Saratoga (the South Bay) and had a Hawaii/beach theme to it. It was bright, sunny, and mid 80s when we started. Haha! And anyone who’s ever picked up a camera knows that means there is going to be some strong light and harsh shadows. But, despite the tricky lighting, I made the best of what was a really gorgeous afternoon. Check out the images below! Sorry for the delay for those of you who were waiting so long.


Images below the break.

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