Megan Renee and Rita von Riot

A couple weeks ago I shot with Rita von Riot (left) and Megan Renee (right). This was part of my color themed series that, honestly, has been somewhat on hold the last few weeks with all the wedding work I’d been doing. Rita, or Crystal depending on how you know her, got in touch with me wanting to do a polka dots kinda theme for her shoot. The great part about working with Crystal is that she always comes up with some fun stuff and plenty of costume/wardrobe ideas to use.
A couple days before we were going to shoot Crystal asked about Megan joining us. Megan Renee is a highly published model across many different tattoo magazines. So of course she’s going to be someone I would be thrilled to shoot with. Not only is she extremely experienced, but her look is also completely different than a lot of the women I’ve worked with over the years.
So we all met up at Crystal’s studio to shoot and spent part of the afternoon creating a bunch of images. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to getting back to shooting more for this series after my next round of traveling finishes up.

However, until that time enjoy some of the shots from this series. I actually created a separate glamour section in my online portfolio now since it’s been getting more difficult to throw everything into Fashion knowing that not all of what I’ve shot is exactly fashion. Haha, so, some of them fall more in to that category.

We also got a shot of Crystal and her daughter Rylee. Rylee wasn’t too keen on spending much time with us shooting, but, we got a couple decent shots. I still need to go back and edit a few more.

This is one of my favorites from the afternoon

Both girls immediately started sassing it up once they started playing with the sunglasses Crystal had. haha.

And I loved Megan’s expression/pose here. You guys will mostly love the two ladies in not-much though I’m guessing.


I’m getting ready to start about three weeks of travel again in a couple days. I hope to have another update later this weekend for everyone in between my trips. So, check back soon.
I also will find out how I did in the national voting for RAW Artist’s Photographer of the Year contest that just closed public voting.