Some new portraits for the Winter…


For the most part this year has been off to a quieter start than usual for me. But, I’ve stayed busy doing occasional portraits in the mean time as usual.

Several weeks back I attended a video shoot that a few of my friends were doing in Hollywood. Originally it was planned that I would be doing much more photography than what actually ended up happening. The video crew was busy pretty much the entire day with the models, and each time I was going to do some shooting with one of the girls she was quickly pulled away for video. My favorite shot from that entire day ended up being an image of John, one of the video crew members working that day. He’s in the image above on the far left.
I also did some shooting with Marcello, the male model that was there that day. Amber was also on the shoot – who I’ve shot in the past and is one of my favorite girls I’ve worked with. Sadly I didn’t have any time to shoot with her that day though, oh well.

I also created a new, and somewhat horrifying image of myself one night around 1am when I was bored and felt like shooting something. The upside of remote shooting and plenty of equipment is that I still have myself when no one is around. Haha! Check out the resulting image…


Not bad, eh?

Anyway, click past the break for a bunch of images from the rooftop fashion shoot. And some portraits of a couple family members I’ve photographed recently, too!

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