Ironman Chattanooga – with the fam

So at the time I’m currently writing this it’s been about a week since Ironman Chattanooga and I’ve mostly spent the time sitting around being lazy, with the occasional very-short workout mixed in. haha!
Note: Now, at the time I’m publishing this it’s been six weeks… I’m still being lazy with my post-race training, but I’m still getting out for a short work each day ;)

That being said, let’s get to my recap!

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Set up your Doge Wallet for the Banano airdrop

Ok, so why am I writing about crypto on my blog… well, I do love a good meme coin. And some of the peeps in the Banano Discord asked about how to set up a basic Dogecoin wallet and let’s be honest… things are much easier to understand when you have photos to follow along.

So what’s the deal?
Banano is doing an airdrop based on your holdings of Dogecoin from a snapshot they’re going to take on November 30th. The snapshot will be based on a wallet you register with them. This has led to a lot of people not as familiar with Doge trying to set up their own Doge wallet to cash in on some of that sweet, sweet potassium… ya dig?

I’m going to keep this as straight forward and simple as I possibly can so people can get their coins in, and then later get them out of a Doge wallet.

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