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Beau’s shoot

I’ve been wanting to create this image with Beau for the last week or so… But, even though he’s my roommate, our schedules don’t always match up.
Today I took only about 20 shots or so in our 60’s den here at home. This is pretty much the exact image I wanted to make with the light/shadows.

I’m heading out in a couple hours to do a dual shoot in downtown LA… I’m stoked. It’s with a model I’ve wanted to work with for a while, totally chill guy. So, we’re going out with my friend Jaci and going to see what images we can make happen.
I just had my camera cleaned today – got some sort of grease on the sensor with a sensor brush I used. All my lights are charged up… should be a great time!
Lastly, did a few minor updates to my portfolio – check it out with the link at the top of the page!