I shot the image above tonight at about 1am in Downtown Los Angeles. A man walks home alone on the quiet streets.

The last few nights has seen some incredibly thick fog – as bad as 20 feet visibility. I would love to do some more fog photos, but, I’m not up at 5 am to get all the morning shots of the sun trying to break through…

And as for this is how we’re starting off the new year… “foggy”
Sounds interesting… Maybe we’ll have trouble seeing our way this year..

Also, I’ve been shuffling through people’s caller id’s for use as wallpapers on my phone. I decided to screenshot a few of them to share with you guys. I might share more as I edit photos and load them up… But, for those of my friends who rather send me a picture to use – especially if I haven’t photographed you myself – please feel free to do so.

Pretty cool, huh?
I just need a program to shuffle through everyone…

One thought on “A foggy start…

  1. Yay you did me first! :P
    Those all look really nice. I can’t wait to start getting stuff on my phone… come help meee!

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