I spent all of Friday and Sunday at the California Speedway to shoot AMA Daytona Sportbike and Superbike racing. The picture above is of Ben Thompson from the Aprilia race team – which, as it turns out, I knew a couple of the mechanics that were at the race this weekend.

Overall I had an incredible time shooting such a high speed sport. And it’s always a little humbling to realize that many of these riders are younger than me – and I’m pretty young myself… easily one of the youngest professional photographers out there.

There were also a few accidents…

This was probably the worse one. The rider broke his foot, and destroyed the bike… flipped multiple times back over front. Those rims alone are eight grand a piece I’m told.. This was during Friday on the time trials day. There were also two riders that went down today during finals I believe.

I had a really great weekend. This week is looking to be pretty busy as well. Hopefully the weather clears a bit since the clouds, haze, and rain canceled the beach bikini shoots I had scheduled last week – a terrible tragedy, I know.
The next month is going to be nuts… keep checkin back for more photos, more racing, and – of course – some gorgeous models.

Good night all!

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  1. put up more pictures! always love to see more bikes!! (and yeah, those rims are 8 grand rims. ouch)

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