Ana and I have been talking about her wedding since last year – and now it’s already over and they’re returning from their honeymoon! And when I really stop and think about it, it doesn’t seem like that long ago that me, Ana, and several of our other friends were sitting around in college playing pool and ordering food late at night at Santa Clara University.

I’ve actually known Ana for nearly nine years – I met her through a couple friends of mine back in college when we both still were in living in the Bay Area. Since then I’ve traveled around the US while completing my degree – and now for my photography. Ana went on to move to Los Angeles, continue even more schooling and become a doctor. But we would keep in touch online over the years. And then, last year, when Daniel asked Ana to marry him, Ana asked me to be her photographer.

For those of you guys that follow my work on Facebook, you may remember seeing their engagement photos that we shot at the LA Zoo. Those were actually somewhat recent since all of our schedules are pretty hectic and it took a while to lock down a date that worked with everyone’s schedules.

Daniel and Ana were married last week in a gorgeous catholic ceremony in Southern California.  When I arrived that morning the men were just heading out to another house for the day. The ladies would actually be using Daniel’s families house to prepare for the morning. So I said my hellos and goodbyes to guys and waited and for Ana to arrive after getting the all-clear that Daniel wasn’t there any longer.

The plan was to eventually make it over to meet up with the men as they got ready… and that just didn’t end up happening since things with all the ladies ran a bit later than we expected. Oh well, they have to wait for the bride anyway, right?

The ceremony was beautiful, and the church was surprisingly well-lit. Typically for church weddings that I’ve shot they tend to be very dark with very few windows, so it was awesome that this location had tons of light pouring in and made it very easy to shoot plenty of images for Ana and Daniel.
At the end of the ceremony, after the pastor introduced Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Godoy to everyone in the audience, Daniel turned and said “So can I kiss her now?” to which the preacher started laughing and said “YOU BETTER KISS HER!”

From there we headed out to the golf course where the reception was being held. The first hour or so we spent outside taking photos and getting a few more group shots and fun shots in with everyone. And, of course, there HAD to that jerk-golfer-guy that clearly sees us taking photos yet seemingly tries to walk into each of our shots and stand on the practice putting green in the background. There were several times that we had to wait because he walked closer to us to “practice” or whatever. Haha, there is ALWAYS someone like that. You think people would be polite enough to wait 5 or 10 minutes til were were done taking a few photos at that spot and had moved on.

Ana and Daniel’s reception was a blast. They seriously had one of the best DJ’s I’ve heard at a wedding as far as his music selection for the night. And there were several family members that didn’t seem to leave the dance floor the entire night – they seriously danced for like 6 hours it seemed like. I stuck around and chatted with Ana as the night went on, and even though I wasn’t really shooting any more at that point it was nice to get to know everyone a bit more and talk.

As I do with every wedding blog, I’ll leave the rest of my comments for the captions. The biggest “problem” with this blog is that Ana is a very old friend of mine, which made it very hard for me to narrow down the image choices to share. So, click past the break for over 200 images from the Vargas-Godoy wedding in Los Angeles a week ago…

And to Ana and Daniel, Thank You for having me be part of your day!

Daniel has some really awesome pets at his house. Their 4 year old Macaw would actually pose for the camera. AND will yell in both English and Spanish if she hears you come in the house I’m told.

Ana’s dress

Going over how she would like her hair styled for the day

Mom’s turn

Ana came over briefly to watch her mom’s makeup being done, too

I told you Daniel has some awesome pets!

Ana’s dad and Daniel’s dad standing and talking as the morning moves along

The other bridesmaids start to arrive

They brought a steamer to help with Ana’s long veil. Assembling it took a little bit of work though…

The girls trying to follow the not-so-clear assembly instruction sheet

Time for Ana’s airbrushed makeup

Time to let Ana’s curls down. She already looks great!

Steaming Ana’s veil to get those last wrinkles out

Alexis (left) practicing her reading for the ceremony that afternoon

Cutest reaction as Alexis turned the corner and saw her future sister in law standing there in her wedding dress

All the ladies toasting to the ceremony that’s ahead of them

Little Paloma giving Ana a hug as she sees her in her dress, too

A little makeup touchup

And a hug from Mom as well

Look how proud she looks of her daughter : )

Ana had bridesmaid gifts for everyone

Diego, the ring bearer, and Paloma, the flower girl, open their gifts from Ana and Daniel

Ana checking her hair as we all start to pack up to head to the church

Paloma, playing with her gift.

A few adjustments from Mom as Ana is almost ready to head out for the church

Even though we were running late, we took one quick portrait before climbing into the cars to head to the church

All the men were dressed and ready at the church waiting for us

A hug from Dad as Daniel stands and talking with his groomsmen

Mom snuck back to see her son as well

Over in the bride’s waiting room Ana is getting her veil arranged.

The men, taking a look at the rings before things start

Aren’t they all just… so… attractive here…

Me and Ana! With Steph photobombing in the background! hahaha!

Daniel asked to do a small prayer before things were started.

Some of my competition as the ceremony got started…

Diego’s pillow that he was meant to carry was missing… so he simply walked and escorted Paloma down the aisle instead!

Daniel, watching his bride come down the aisle

Mr. Vargas escorting his daughter

Before things got started, the pastor spoke directly to Ana and Daniel for a minute or so about things.

He then welcomed everyone there

After a few words there was a short opening prayer with everyone

Then Alexis started things off with her reading

Paloma watching the pianist play and sing during one point

Diego was chillin, haha

Ana holding on to Daniel’s hand during one of the blessings… or one of the prayers.. I’m not sure which

The pastor, speaking directly to Ana and Daniel about marriage and what it means to be a couple

And finally, to the exchanging of vows

And the exchange of rings

There was also a traditional rope/chain used as part of their ceremony to signify the bond of marriage (I believe)


Shhhh! People are praying!

An offering to the holy family

One final blessing…

Andddd Daniel asking “So, can I kiss her now?”

The pastor’s reaction was awesome! He repeated the question as he answered Daniel and laughed as he told Daniel “You better kiss her!”

Their second kiss as husband and wife as they escape to the hallway out front

Signing as witnesses on the marriage license

Mr. and Mrs. Godoy!

We had plenty of time to have fun with photos once we arrived at the venue. Diego is probably the best part of this shot, too! hahaha


Had to do a cute kneeling photo with the flower girl!

The girls wanted a walking photo, and various others. They had plenty of ideas, which was awesome

This is only the second time I’ve seen groomsmen attempt this at a wedding. The first was three years ago at the DeLand wedding

The guys wanted to do a jump photo mostly to poke fun at the girls for doing a jump photo…

I forget what Daniel was laughing about… I think it was that they were both smiling even though I was only shooting their hands.. (in the previous photo)

We of course did a dip shot before returning the reception. Ana was really excited to have one done of her – which is great when any bride asks for specific types of shots they want. Because then I know they’ll be happy with everything

Going over the details for the entrance

Mr. Godoy starting things off with a brief toast to the bride and groom

Steph said a few words as well

Daniel’s brother Andrew talks about first meeting Ana years ago

Ana’s little brother Jose gives a really touching speech about how much his big sister meant to him, and how much she took care of him growing up.

Suzy talked about when Ana brought Daniel around for the first time. She asked Ana “Is it serious?” and Ana responded with “I want to have his babies.” Haha!

And Mr. Vargas gave a brief speech after everyone else, too

Next dinner was served and everyone made their way to the patio to grab a bite

After dinner Ana and Daniel started walkin the tables to greet everyone and thank them for coming

Daniel coming over to say hi to his grandmother

Ana and Daniel’s first dance as husband and wife

Next was the Daddy-Daughter dance

Alexis came over to hug and congratulate her brother as everyone watched Ana dance with her father

And then Daniel brought his mother out for the Mother-Son dance

Ana and Jose dancing and talking as the dance floor was opened up to everyone

After a bit of dancing Ana took the mic to thank everyone one more time for coming out and being a part of their wedding day

Then it was time to cut the cake!

Gotta get those low-angle shots for facebook!

For the most part they were sweet about it and used forks

Then Ana went ahead and used her hands a little bit

All the single ladies were all out to the dance floor for the bouquet toss…

Anddd this is one of those times being taller helps… hahaha


All the men were pushing and shoving as Daniel got ready to throw the garter

And then it got caught on the chandelier!!

It took another couple minutes of jumping before someone actually was able to get it down, too

Had to get a shot with the bride and groom of course!

Shots all around!

Looking good ladies…

Mrs. Godoy and her daughter Alexis, mom and sister of the groom

Ana and her mother on the dance floor

Mr. Vargas pulled his wife out to the floor a few times to dance, too!

The DJ said something about “high school dance” and Jose and his girlfriend IMMEDIATELY started dancing at arms length like you would in high school

I always think it’s cute when I see whole families dance like this at weddings

Paloma ran around giving everyone kisses and hugs goodbye at the end of the night!

Jose was getting DOWN after a few more drinks at the end of the evening! hahaha!

Sorry dude.. I was specifically asked to take photos because it was assumed you’d forget busting out your sweet moves…

Me and Ana, still awake and going… sorta… toward the end of the evening.

One last dance before the evening was over

And a last group shot for everyone that was still there as the party wrapped around midnight!

What an awesome time with everyone. Tons of dancing, great music, and awesome people. I had so much fun with the Vargas and Godoy families. And next time I’m back back in their area I’m definitely going to have to go by and bug them one day and say hello.

A big Thank You again to Ana and Daniel for having me there to share in their wedding day with everyone. I hope all you readers enjoyed everything, too! I’m just finishing up my trip in the Midwest over the last 10 days and will be returning to California tomorrow… so I should have another blog up with images from the Maurer-Gilding wedding in Michigan soon.

See you all back here soon..

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