The majority of my time recently has been spent doing contract work on various projects.
Unfortunately, as contract work goes, I can’t talk about what I’m doing. I know that a number of you know what it is I’m talking about because, let’s face it, a number of you are involved in these shoots with me.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different models for many different projects also. The above shot is our creative team for one particular shoot with Melissa Miko – a powersports model that I’ve shot a few times now. You may remember her silhouette in one of my posts from last month – it’s also in my portfolio if you go look.

Also, last weekend I did some shots with Jenny down in Huntington Beach. She needed some simple beach photos done for her portfolio and some projects that she’s currently working on. I still have to finish editing some more from this shoot. But, here’s a quick preview… nothing crazy, just simple.

Long time friend, and comedian, Justin Worsham also recently asked me to do new headshots for him. I’m pretty damn sure that I haven’t laughed so hard on a photoshoot in a long time. I knew that I’d end up spending most of the evening with Justin and his wife (who I’ve also known 10 years now) catching up on life.
We even managed to do a quick impromptu family portrait session at the park with their young son.

Justin is hilarious, and just an awesome guy in general. Please check out his website: Justin Worsham.
He posts his tour dates for all over the United States. You can also catch him on Twitter, here.

But yeah, my explanation of my choice in head shot to share… this is the Justin I have always known… the goofy, funny guy that will always get you to smile.

Most recently I had the opportunity to photograph Jeff’s (far right) incredibly clean, and recently restored, Chevy Camaro.
One hundred percent American Muscle – this beast of a car sounds amazing when he fires up the massive engine. I’ve been active in the import tuning community for years; but I’ve always loved classic muscle cars – who doesn’t?
And Jeff is more than happy to talk about the memories he has with this vehicle – like taking his driver’s test in it. That’s right, it’s been family owned since Day 1.

I have other images of this beautiful car, which I would love to share… but I’ll need to save that for another update.

Tomorrow I’ll be shooting with the stunning Megan Black in Laguna Beach – unless the weather decides to work against us. So, expect some new images in a day or two.
I also have five other photo shoots and a wedding to do this week.

But, please check back, ping me on Twitter, text and say hello if you have my contact info, etc.
I’ll be running around between Laguna Beach, all over Los Angeles, and then the Bay Area. But, I’d love to hear from you guys.

Peace outtie.

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