Remember that calendar I shot?
Of course you do… I had to make very vague posts about what exactly I spent two months working on and shooting… couldn’t really show you anything, could barely talk about it..

Well, I can finally show you guys a few preview images from my work!
A bit of a refresher – I was contracted by a major automotive company to shoot their 2010 calendar. Each shoot was unique in style, concept, era, theme, and location. I was given full creativity with the creative department to come up with many ideas for the 12 months. In the end, I was contracted to shoot 9 of the 12 months and have recently received permission to share some of those preview shots with you guys! Note: the calendar has been put on hold til 2011. It will still be amazing when it’s printed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the images are swapped out by that point.

The image above is with the lovely Kassandra Kiremit. Kassandra and I met over a year ago and had planned on doing a shoot like this from day one. It took forever for things to finally happen, but, to be able to shoot for a major project like this was worth the wait.

During this shoot we had an incredible ’32 Buick and long tree-lined driveway at a mansion as our backdrop. I’ve spent some time giving these images an old, weathered, and beat-up effect. I don’t know how the final product will look, as I am not handling their editing. Also, the shots I am sharing are not the shots that will be printed either. These are some of my favorites, though.

Editing this photo I used the same technique as the image above. However I quickly realized that having more dark/black areas in the image made the weathered-look much harder to manipulate. Oh well, I honestly think I like the first image more.

Kassandra and I will hopefully be shooting again in the near future. We’ve talked about a few concepts, but, as usual, it’s a matter of when our schedules match up. Haha.

I’ll be honest and say this shoot was the most frustrating for me.
Our original ideas and concept was great. We had a huge, blacked out, lifted extended cab courtesy of Taylor – who I had shot previously for some K&N Filters ads.
Our model, is a dancer, so therefor small and bendy.
Our location was the Caterpillar/CAT facility. So the ideas around “Big truck, big machines, small girl” were a lot of fun to play around with. But in the end I was very frustrated with my lack of lighting options, and after nightfall the area became pitch black.

We were able to get some good shots, but for me, personally, I left frustrated and felt that it was not a great example of my abilities and skill with photography.

Next up I will post images from another two shoots. I’ve decided to break up the posts because each shoot was so unique that I could honestly write nine very long and detailed blogs about them all. However, most of you may not come back to read each and every one! Haha!

So, check back here in a few days. Subscribe if you haven’t already, and you’ll see more of my work on this project.
In the mean time I’m currently working on some side projects, and looking at fabricating some specialized gear for some specific shoots I would like to do.

February is shaping up to be a very busy month for me. Hope you all are doing as well, too!