Ninja Turtles: A Re-Imagining. TMNT as humans

It’s been a long time in the making, but I’ve finished my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Re-Imagined poster!
And here it is.

From the first photoshoot (Raphael) to the last shoot (Splinter) it officially took me 27 months to photograph everyone. But there is a long explanation behind why it took me so long to complete this project.
So go grab yourself something to drink, maybe a slice of pizza, and get ready for my extremely detailed story behind this project, why I created it, and what went into putting something like this together.

Oh! but if you’re just here to pre-order you copy of this poster, you can do that right now..

You’re going to need to jump over to my online store here:
$30 for a 20in by 30in Glossy full-color print on heavy photo paper, shipped to you. Payable through Paypal.

Otherwise, click past the break to read on!!

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The John Remus Photography 2013 Christmas Card

christmas 2013

Cookies and Milk.

This was definitely the most difficult Christmas card I’ve shot in the last four years.
Milk splash is something I’ve been wanting to do for over two years since I first saw the guys at Aurum Light Studios in the UK posting their splash photography work with models online and it making the rounds in the photo community. I’ve owned all the same lighting equipment for several years. And, honestly, it’s something I thought would not be very difficult with a bit of practice.

Finding models. That was the tricky part.
You’d be amazed at the flakiness of models. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that a test shoot where you’re getting splashed may not sound all too fun. But the results are far better than the same’ol “go to the beach and test in a bikini” type photos.


So the original plan for this card involved four models – even if it was a lofty goal, I thought “fourth card. four models.” sounded like a great plan. But it didn’t work out that way.
Amber and Elizabeth returned to my card this year again after posing for last year’s Christmas card, which some of you will remember.
And lucky for me both Amber and Liz are incredibly attractive AND keep themselves in shape year ’round. So, mixing two gorgeous women was a fun contrast to my planned Ugly-sweater-vest idea as the Tacky Christmas Party Host.

Hair was done Tammy Nguyen and Make Up by Tina Luong. We shot at our apartment which was converted a bit to be able to handle the mess that milk splash would make.
I probably spent about 30-45 minutes with each model for the splash portion. Post work took me a while because I didn’t want to rush anything and I knew I had plenty of time. The plan of adding two more girls was dropped because as I started to hit up models and ask if they were interested, no one was in bikini-ready shape because it’s winter and they all said they’d been eating too much. Haha! Oh well.

The funniest part of this entire experience this year wasn’t even with the girls and the milk, though. It had to do with the cookies…

I used three bags of Chips Ahoy! cookies for this project, to create the cookie tower you see me holding. So, I posted on twitter apologizing to Chips Ahoy! for wasting three bags for my project. They promptly responded and it was all laughs from there. You can read below:


Not only were they great sports about the whole thing, but they contacted me and said they’d love to see a copy of this card when it’s done! So, I sent one out to their offices in New York! haha! Can’t wait to see if hear anything back from them about it! LOL

Unfortunately just yesterday my phone had some sort of file error and I lost all the data on my memory card – I’m pretty annoyed. I lost several months of photos from my camera phone that I hadn’t yet backed up. Funny part is that the day before I told myself “Oh, I need to back up my phone this week… it’s been a while…”
The reason I mention this is that I use my phone for Behind the Scenes photos when I’m working on projects, and this means that I’ve lost those images that I was planning on sharing here. Bummer.


We did take this photo right at the end purely to have one fun Behind the Scenes shot. This doesn’t exactly represent how the shot was created, but you get a bit of the idea. haha!


Silly shot with Amber when she was done. And no, the irony wasn’t lost on her. She looked down, laughed, and just said “…haa…. jugs.”


And of course a shot with Liz when she was done, too.


Love her, she’s always down for any crazy idea I want to try with photos.


After picking up my massive order of cards when I was in the Bay Area, Stephanie came out over to help me stuff envelopes and fill out addresses.


The following day TJ came over to help me apply nearly 100 more stamps to the pile and seal nearly 200 envelopes


Once at the post office I took my usual “here’s the stack of cards THIS year” photo… damnnnnn!!!

So, again, we’ll see if I hear anything from Chips Ahoy! about what they thought.. but so far everyone else seems to like the card.

This year I sent out 225… That’s a 50 card increase over last year’s total. That’s nuts. Next year will be the fifth year of my annual card, and I’m looking forward to coming up with something awesome. I’ve also been keeping tabs on who signed up for which years so I might try and do something special for those who have all four. And this year’s milk splash is going to be very difficult to top.

But I already have one girl who has said she’ll shoot with me again for next year’s card… my other friend friend Amber, who you guys will likely remember:


So, keep your fingers crossed that it works out that I’ll be shooting with Amber for next year, because she’s ridiculously gorgeous as well.

I have at least one more blog I’ll put together before the year is over next week. So stay tuned for that post if you’re interested. But above all, I hope you guys enjoyed my card for 2013 for those of you who signed up for it. And those who didn’t, there’s always 2014 just around the corner


Kane Sumabat’s Controlled Labs Supplements shoot


About a week and a half ago I spent the afternoon with Kane Sumabat, a fitness trainer (and pretty hilarious Instagram personality), who was in California visitin from Canada where he grew up and lives.

Kane and I were put in touch with each other through a mutual Instagram friend, fitness bikini competitor Rae-Ann Camacho who I’ve been working on setting up a photoshoot with. She recommended me to Kane when he was looking for a photographer to shoot with in California for various images.
As it turned out, his supplement sponsor Controlled Labs Supplements was also interested in updated photos of Kane. So after some discussion and scheduling we were able to set up a day to shoot the various images that Kane was looking for for himself AND Controlled Labs. It was a very cool opportunity for me to work with Kane, and as you guys may have read in one of my recent blog posts I was also able to work with Kane on a personal project of mine as well (he was Shredder for my ongoing Ninja Turtles series, full blog coming soon).

My good friend, and usual assistant, TJ Lauters was on hand with me all day as first assistant. He also shot a number of Behind the Scenes photos which you’ll find toward the end of this blog post. TJ also assembled a BTS Video! Check it out

Kane is hilarious in person. His sarcastic humor that he has online is no different than how he is when you’re talking to him. And when it comes to fitness the things that he has the strength to do is just incredible.

Anyway, read on past the break and check out the various images from our shoot. These are the ones I liked and edited. Some of them are pretty straight forward, others may have various effects that I was playing around with on them.

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The John Remus Photography 2012 Christmas Card


I’m a bit late on this update – seeing as how the holidays are nearly over…
But, for those of you that managed to have missed it, here’s the 2012 John Remus Photography Christmas Card!

This year there was a brief period where I was worried that the card wasn’t going to happen. I’m currently living in San Diego, not Los Angeles where I have lived the last four years. So, I was a bit further from all my model friends. But, more importantly, my main model Danielle was now living in Las Vegas.
Last year Danielle called dibs on being my model for the 2012 card. And I had planned a couple ideas around her being the center of this year’s project. However, Danielle moved to Vegas in the summer and is now a dancer in Jubilee! Which is awesome, let’s be serious. However, it meant she was quite far away from me and being able to do the card easily.

But after my initial frustration of maybe not being able to coordinate a shoot being in different cities, I talked to Danielle and we decided we needed to make it happen.
That same week I was contacted by Liz (center girl in the image above) who was on my card last year. She was having lunch that day with Amber (far left in the photo) who I had met and photographed at the Budweiser shoot I did in February. They were joking that “if I needed two more girls for my card they were available!”.
Well, I was already planning on shooting a Christmas Carol themed card, so, two more girls to round out the “three ghosts” sounded like it could be a cool idea.

Plans were made and all the girls were lined up to shoot. Danielle would still be the center focus of the card as the Ghost of Christmas Past, Liz would be the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Amber was rounding out the trio as the Ghost of Christmas Future!
And for those of you curious about how to get a butt like Danielle (cuz several have asked), she’s a dancer and climbs nearly 750 steps a day combined through all her shows… So, go find a tall building, and climb it once a day.

The hardest part of the entire card was actually figuring out how I was going to set myself up as Ebineezer Scrooge. Ultimately I decided that my costume wasn’t going to be THAT important and simply wore a robe and held a candle. Finding an old fashioned white nightgown that we all know from the old movies for that character was too much trouble and I was more interested in finishing the card than worrying about what I would be wearing in it.

All in all I’m very pleased with how this year’s card turned out. And I actually sent out nearly all 175 cards that I ordered – a 25 card increase over last year, and 50 person increase of new people after several didn’t explicitly sign up for a new card this year.

Click below the break for a few behind the scenes photos from my last big production of the year. And as January gets started I’ll be doing more work on my Ninja Turtles project with the four new models I have lined up for that! My annual end-of-the-year write up will be done in the next few days, too…

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My shoots with the Budweiser Girls

So I’ve done two different shoots with the Budweiser Girls over the last couple months… and keep forgetting to share the images here.
They’re already on my website in my portfolio, and several of you probably already saw them on Facebook if you follow my work there. But, I figured I’d post them on my blog for everyone who hasn’t seen them yet.

Our first shoot was down in Orange County a few months ago. That proved to be a very long day as several of the girls flaked out or were running late. Haha, oh models…
The second shoot went a lot smoother, there were still a few cancellations, which always happens with groups it seems like. Oh well, the ones that made it will have new photos at least. Most of my time was spent joking with Liz (who is an old friend that I’ve worked with several times – you guys got a copy of my Christmas card with her, right?). And as girls were ready we’d do a number of shots to get the poses and variety that was needed, and move on to the next. Pretty simple and straight forward, really.

Honestly, there’s not a ton to say about the shoot since it’s girls in bikinis and corsets on a white backdrop… So, I’ll just get on to the photos. Click the past the break for more..

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Megan Renee and Rita von Riot

A couple weeks ago I shot with Rita von Riot (left) and Megan Renee (right). This was part of my color themed series that, honestly, has been somewhat on hold the last few weeks with all the wedding work I’d been doing. Rita, or Crystal depending on how you know her, got in touch with me wanting to do a polka dots kinda theme for her shoot. The great part about working with Crystal is that she always comes up with some fun stuff and plenty of costume/wardrobe ideas to use.
A couple days before we were going to shoot Crystal asked about Megan joining us. Megan Renee is a highly published model across many different tattoo magazines. So of course she’s going to be someone I would be thrilled to shoot with. Not only is she extremely experienced, but her look is also completely different than a lot of the women I’ve worked with over the years.
So we all met up at Crystal’s studio to shoot and spent part of the afternoon creating a bunch of images. It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to getting back to shooting more for this series after my next round of traveling finishes up.

However, until that time enjoy some of the shots from this series. I actually created a separate glamour section in my online portfolio now since it’s been getting more difficult to throw everything into Fashion knowing that not all of what I’ve shot is exactly fashion. Haha, so, some of them fall more in to that category.

We also got a shot of Crystal and her daughter Rylee. Rylee wasn’t too keen on spending much time with us shooting, but, we got a couple decent shots. I still need to go back and edit a few more.

This is one of my favorites from the afternoon

Both girls immediately started sassing it up once they started playing with the sunglasses Crystal had. haha.

And I loved Megan’s expression/pose here. You guys will mostly love the two ladies in not-much though I’m guessing.


I’m getting ready to start about three weeks of travel again in a couple days. I hope to have another update later this weekend for everyone in between my trips. So, check back soon.
I also will find out how I did in the national voting for RAW Artist’s Photographer of the Year contest that just closed public voting.


Makeup shoot with Amber, Lauren and Alicia

Two weeks back I did some studio shooting with Amber – a girl that good friend and MUA Lauren (Elle) Favorule had talked to me about for probably eight months. I’m not sure how she met Amber, but, Elle had mentioned wanting to do a shoot with her for quite a while. So we finally found some time to put something together and shoot.
Also brought on set that day was MUA Alicia Yvette who ended up handling most of the make up that day. We were keeping everything very simple and straight forward. Single color themes, white backdrop. I actually had very little do on set for that reason – all my work really come around in post to bring out more of the image.
I’ve received a ton of compliments on these images and on Amber. Amusingly enough Amber jokes that she doesn’t model professionally, but rather just “goes to auditions to get turned down and feel bad”… She’ll tell you that as she laughs about the competition and strict/picky industry.

Either way, enjoy the shots. Hopefully I’ll be doing some more studio work soon. I really do enjoy the simplicity of shots like these. However I’m also starting a series dedicated to colors. Those images will be a bit more themed though.
I’m also getting ready to leave for two weeks of travel and weddings in Northern California and also in Minnesota. Gonna be a busy few weeks!

Click the break for more photos..
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Joey’s Star Wars shoot – 501st Legion

I’ve known Joey for about five years, and everyone who knows Joey knows that he’s a big Star Wars fan. He’s been a fan since he was a kid. But, it’s been the last few years that he has been building costumes and doing character appearances.
We’ve talked about doing a themed shoot for a while now. But it wasn’t until recently that we were able to make it happen when our schedules finally matched up. See, Joey is in the Bay Area (where I’m originally from) and I now live in SoCal.

Joey had a few various costumes that he wanted to use for shots. Actually, I think I was the one that wanted variety, he was cool just getting some good images of the Stormtrooper suit.
For those who aren’t aware, there is a national group – the 501st Legion – of fans who have suits that match specifications to be true to the characters. These are the guys you see at special events and character appearances.

The image above I created as a possible option for my portrait series that I’ll be showcasing in Hollywood next month. The rough edit and feel matches the style of my previous portraits but the character aspect adds insight to Joey’s personality and one of his many hobbies. Sure, I could have done a mechanic-styled shot at some later point in time (Joey is a highly skilled mechanic by trade), but this image is much more fun.

Anyway, enough of that, on to the images!

I wanted a standard looking Stormtrooper white-on-black image

Total “hero” shot… even those these are the bad guys. Haha!

These were pretty cool.
The Clonetrooper suit was awesome. It’s weathered and completely different design.

Also a great suit. I don’t know the proper name for this trooper. Sorry Joey!

That’s it! There were some other images, but, very similar poses/etc that I’m not going to bother posting online.

This week is already busy with lots of editing from all the travel last week. I have some new portraits that I’m editing, as well as some shoots this week that I’ll be doing.
I’m getting things prepped and ready for the art show as it approaches. Hopefully everyone can try and make it out and join us in Hollywood!

Go buy your tickets now! $10 (that’s it, just a $10 cover)

Call of Duty: Black Ops shoot with Beau

Mother #$&%’in Black Ops!

You guys have no idea how excited I am to share this shoot with you all! About two months ago I got a phone call from Beau Peregino – he’s been on the east coast doing various acting work/etc (seriously, google him for the controversy about the political ads he was in, haha!).
Anyway, Beau sent me a photo of some Special Forces military gear he was given to use by a close friend of his (who is in the Special Forces). Beau said “next chance I have to get you to this coast, we have to do a shoot in this gear.”

Well, shortly after that conversation Activision released their press photos for Call of Duty: Black Ops. I immediately loved the imagery and knew that I would have to emulate the game cover with Beau and the gear that he had.
Two weeks ago I was traveling around Florida for work. So it wasn’t hard to make a few detours after my trip before returning to California.

I traveled up to Maryland to shoot with Beau. I was also able to see a few friends on my extended trip – which included continuing on to Boston.

Here’s a wide version, which I also like.

This crop isn’t as tight as the previous one, but still works and also allows some flexibility if I want to use this shot for other things.

This shoot was surprisingly simple. It was a two light setup – specifically a two speedlight setup, pretty sweet, huh? I worked with two versions of shots of Beau, and composited about 15 total layers for the image when it was complete. Most were smoke and masking layers. There is a lot more to this image that is masked out that I have to work with in case I need it.

Beau and I goofing off when we were starting. Our friend Hillary came to hang out during the shoot and watch, and she snapped the only behind the scenes shot of the night.

I’m currently back in California and catching up on work and edits. I also just ordered some new lighting gear and hopefully will be experimenting with that soon, too! Kassandra (you’ll remember her from the calendar I shot) has tentatively volunteered to test with me for fun once my new setup arrives. So hopefully I can line up her and another model or two for new images soon!

Rosa’s Corset shoot

Rosa and I finally shot again a few nights back – after months of trying to time our schedules and put a shoot together.
The inspiration for this shoot came from a portfolio of a photographer in England. That particular gentleman does all black and white work – it’s gorgeous stuff, all studio work, too.

Well, Rosa recently did a fashion show with a designer who makes her own corset line. That particular designer, whose name I need to get, was kind enough to loan Rosa an outfit for us to do some shooting. The original plan was to do all black and white images. But, as usual with me, I’m going with the color versions for the rest of the shots I want to share.

Also, I’m moving this week, so expect my next update to be delayed as well. I should be doing some extreme sports photos here shortly. I also have another shoot with Megan in the works – you’ll remember her from some of my beach work in the past.

But, for now, enjoy this brief update tonight!

Check back later this weekend for another update with another shoot.