I’m back in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, this week. Here at CMU.
I can honestly say I never thought I would be back here. But, things change, people change, and “nevers” become “maybes” – or in this case “how ’bout next week?”‘s.

I took the opportunity to redeem some airline miles I had accumulated over the years to fly back out to CMU. so far things have worked out great. I’m having a lot of fun, I’m seein some old friends, and I’m doing a lot of shooting too.

This particular shot of Casey I did last night in the studio. Man, things have changed a bit since I went here. the students managed to break two of the three studio lights… so the department is down to just one. I used a studio light with a softbox, and one of my own umbrellas with a 580EXII for this shot – all set off with Pocketwizards.

This is one of my favorites from that night, and will eventually make it to my portfolio when I have some time. However, the screens here in the computer lab I’m in are scratched and smudged… so I’m not too sure exactly how good a job I did on touching this up.

Hopefully I’ll have some Volleyball to share that I shot on Tuesday (it may have been accidently deleted off both Casey’s harddrive and my portable drive :( )
If not, you guys will have to wait til tomorrow when I have some shots of Soccer to share. Football on Saturday, too!

Keep it real.