The July issue of Unzipped magazine features a story about singer/songwriter Derek J.

For those of you who watch my blog, you’ll already know that this is a photo spread that I shot with Derek a few months back.
Derek and I have been great friends the last 10 years – wow, that went fast. And when he was approached to be featured in Unzipped, Derek came to me to do the photography. I was extremely flattered that Derek wanted me to do the shoot for him – he pointed out that he was more comfortable working with me than some random photographer. Either way, I was excited to help.

For those who aren’t familiar, Unzipped is gay men’s magazine. So if you don’t know that and go to pick up a copy, you may be in for a surprise. Just as much as people were surprised when I said I had some of my work featured on AVN’s website a month or so ago (AVN is Adult Video News, haha – see past blogs).

The spread features four different shots from our shoot that afternoon. The above one is also included, is my favorite, and will also be added to my online portfolio shortly.

I’m incredibly proud of this feature, and of Derek’s accomplishments. While our lives are very different, our core value sets are very similar – which is probably why we’ve remained friends over the years.

Please, if you’re interested, check out the feature in Unzipped.
You can also listen to some of his music and purchase his cds on iTunes and MySpace – I shot his most recent cd art, too


I have a number of other images featured in various ads. Probably in over a dozen magazines or so… I’ll have to start putting together a list. But here’s an example of a full page ad from this month’s D-Sport magazine.

The image features Tanner Foust at the podium after his second place win at the Long Beach Formula Drift, and also his Rockstar Energy Scion TC. Both images are from my work at the LBFD back in April. You can see some of those images in the Racing section of my portfolio.

This ad, and other like it are in various magazines including Import Tuner, D-Sport, Modified, Truckin’, Super Street, etc… they feature my work from the Long Beach Gran Prix, Long Beach Formula Drift, Lucas Oil Off Road Race Series, Quadcross, Motocross, Superbike, etc…

I’ll get a better list together and update you all soon.

Good night everyone!