I’m pretty sure that’s what he must be thinking… At least, I’d like to hope that’s what I’D be thinking if I was able to do a trick like that.
I finished editing down my images from the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series – Lake Elsinore event over the weekend. I was pretty ruthless when it came to cutting down my images, too. I’m going to have a few more chances to shoot this series, so anything not in focus or even slightly cropped in camera in a way I didn’t like got the cut.

Tomorrow I’ll need to go through and make my selections for my portfolio update. I’m going to need to do a MASSIVE race photo update later this week. I have SO many new images to upload. Honestly, I’m probably going to break my Racing section into different categories so certain types of sports are easier to find. I’ll also probably need to start removing images since there are so many.

I actually really like this image. Bright and clean, with some really great motion blur. But, all the sponsor stickers are easy to read as well. Expect many images like this in future updates as I’ve become increasingly good at capturing various levels of blur as slow as 1/40 of a second.
In future races I’ll continue to experiment with different angles/etc since I can knock out all my standard shots in a few laps now.

And, last in tonight’s update… another near-death moment. These are the shots I like to send to my family… typically with the caption: “Great news! I’m not dead!”
This particular instance isn’t quite as close as what happened in Primm… but, it’s not exactly far away either…

Don’t worry Mom, I’m careful on the track!

Anyway, check back soon for further updates. I did a quick update to the Fashion section of my portfolio. But, next is that big Racing overhaul… yikes.. a lot of work ahead of me…