The 2012 Falken Tire Promo Model poster has been released! And that means I’m allowed to share additional photos from the shoot with everyone that I created for Falken Tire and their 2012 season!

For those who read my previous blog about the Behind the Scenes from this shoot, you’ll recall that I mentioned the goal of the entire day was the image above. Basically we arrived first thing in the morning – before sunrise – and shot all day until sundown. And then, after 12 hours of shooting we created the image we came for – the poster shot. Seriously. The image we spent so much time planning for was created in the last five minutes of shooting. And was also one of the last 10 photos or so I made with the girls.

But it was worth it. The long day. The lack of food (on my part. I forgot to eat most of the day since I was so busy running around that TJ had to make me stop and take five minutes to eat something at the catering table). I look at photos of me at the end of the day and laugh because I look exhausted.
I did at least 17 shoots that day working with each of the models multiple times and in several locations with many different lighting setups. Everything worked out incredibly well. Falken had a very  aggressive set of goals to complete that day and I’m very proud to say that we met all of them! During the time we weren’t working on group shots the models were in hair/makeup and whoever was ready with their next look would be sent over to shoot individuals.

The individual shots we created are mainly for use on the models profile pages since they’re in no way related to tires or the automotive industry, haha! But part of the reason this location was selected for was for wide variety of looks that could be created around the property.
I had the oh-so-difficult assignment of poolside bikini and exercise photos. Wow. Rough location. Haha!
Throughout the middle of the day and afternoon the girls would be switched out with me to shoot around the infinity pool with all the mountains in the background. Gorgeous. I could easily see why so many magazine shoots are done at this location with this pool.

A second concept for the poster was a composite idea I was asked about. There was some question to the feasibility of doing this shot with six girls and making the shot work at the venue. The one thing there wasn’t much of was large open space and walls. We selected the three-car garage doors as the best spot to create a six-photo composite extra-wide style poster. I think it came out pretty damn good, actually.

Each girls was shot with the same style lighting and power adjusted according to the background, skin tone, or wardrobe. But overall it worked great. I may print a large version of this just for the sake of seeing how it looks. But, the version I’m looking at right now on my 27in screen looks pretty awesome!

Ultimately the pool shot was used for the poster – which is perfect since that was the original idea and goal anyway.

Click the break for a ton of additional photos of the girls… since I know that’s what you’re really here to see.

Oh, first, here’s a shot of the finished poster when I picked some up from Falken Tire Headquarters last week!
Came out great, and they look awesome. I’m gonna hang one on my wall until I see the girls at the races and can get a signed one from all of them to put up!

I can’t think of a better way to share these than to just do it chronologically… so here we go!

The first of the girls I worked with at the pool was Olivia Korte. We did a series of workout themed shots.

My friend Mac pointed out that I should make the skies much richer in post to really bring out colors with contrast. I agree it actually looks much better. This was the first one I changed when he mentioned it. You can see with some of the others I tried different amounts of darkening and saturation.

Randyl Dawn came out and joined us for about five minutes before Olivia had to go in to change to her next look.

Melanie Tillbrook was up next so we changed the angle we were shooting. She came out for her shoot and they started her in this mesh top thing. No one was really feeling it, so they had her switch up the look a little with some jean shorts instead.

We started with an attempt at shooting with the sun as our main light source. It was mid-day and anything we shot was going to be very very bright.

It didn’t take long before we went back to the same setup used previously. It just worked better with the location of the sun.

I loved this shot with her hair and smile

I also tried a shot that was bit more yellowed to reflect the time of day and actual feel on set.

Randyl came out to switch with Melanie and was rockin this awesome purple hawaiin-ish bikini and flowers in her hair. Totally cute.


Yep, I just posted six photos of similar poses. But I thought I’d share since I liked them all and everyone will have a different favorite. Only one will likely make it all the way to my portfolio anyway. Haha!

Mayra was WAY cute in her green bikini and playing around with this exercise ball. Definitely one of my favorite shots of her from the day.

Julie Galindo was up next
Some of you may recognize her from the Lingerie Bowl a couple years ago.

Julie was also the only girl who came out with additional props like sunglasses to play with

We tried few under the patio by the walls. I actually liked this serious shot more than I thought I would

The last model I worked with individually before getting back to the poster shoots (garage and pool) was Brittney Leigh. This particular photo was something I immediately thought of when she came out with that flowy shirt and I was asked to shoot her around the pillars.
It was very bright in the late afternoon sun, so I knew pretty much all my photos with Brittney would have that feel to them.

Brittney is stunning. She also just finished second place in Maxim Magazine’s Hometown Hotties for 2010 and is in the February 2011 issue right now.

We also hiked down into the vineyards to do some shots out there that afternoon

It was a really incredible day of shooting with all the girls and to have such an awesome location at our disposal.

I want to also give a huge THANK YOU to Falken Tire for the opportunity to be part of such a big project for them. I’m looking forward to the next few months where I’ll be doing additional projects with them for other various aspects of their business. But I’ll share more on those as the time comes!

Also, please check out the new section in my portfolio that I’ve created with images of the girls and this shoot with Falken Tire!

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