Rocked it out at the Geisha House in Hollywood a few nights back with Lucky 7 Lifestyle and Jesse Hart & The Fam.

It ended up being a really great night, even though I was running late due to prior obligations I couldn’t get out of, haha. Ironically I ended up running into (VJ) Michael Benz and (Make Up Artist) Lauren Favorule who I’ve done a lot of work with. Also there was Brand, a model I’ve had the pleasure of working with multiple occasions (like this one).

Met a number of entertainers and models I look forward to working with, and overall, just had a great time.
I arrived late, like I said, so I didn’t really take many photos… mostly just having fun with friends rather than treating it like an event I needed to cover. Irregardless, here are the photos – or click the image above.

Also, last night I headed to Los Angeles again with the Topdown guys to MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) for the Street Fighter 20th Anniversary party and game launch. For those of you who don’t know, Street Fighter IV is about to be released… you hear that? That’s your inner child screaming for joy!

Haha, it took forever to get in… line was huge. I was really tempted to just show my camera, say “Press” and walk through the door. But, that would involve ditching my friends. Once inside we had a really good time. Tons of free gift bags, posters, hats, and other commemorative stuff for people to pick up.
I didn’t even think to check how many stations they had set up to play the new, not yet released, game… but it had to be somewhere around 50. They also had some of the really old arcade systems there with the original Street Fighter series.
A contest was held to see who the best player was… I didn’t bother entering, nor would I have wanted to bother waiting in the line to compete.
There was also live music, tons of prize giveaways. Free laser phone-engraving of any Street Fighter logo or character (I was tempted to have Guile etched on the battery plate to my Blackberry Storm, not going to lie), and food and drinks.

Brought my camera, shot around with friends, nothing amazing, but posted a gallery up anyway.

In other news..

My shoot with Kassandra has been pushed out due to weather, boo! :(
But, will hopefully be happening in the next week or so.

I’m also going to be working with Jesse Hart this upcoming week for a shoot in Hollywood/Beverly Hills.

And, lastly, I’ll be in the Bay Area to visit Friday the 20th through Sunday the 22nd.
Hit me up.