This evening I had the pleasure of creating some really sexy images with the stunning Megan Black.
Megan and I met last week while working for a client on a private project- and in a couple days put together another shoot just for fun.

Yesterday I went down to Laguna Beach to check out some various coves and areas that I had been wanting to scout for possible location shoots. Well, the extremely dense fog made me concerned that there wouldn’t be decent visibility for my shoot with Megan tonight.
While it wasn’t clear enough for a sunset, we still were able to make some great images that were just plain hot.

This shot is nearly completely black.. It was part of a series of images we took while walking off the beach tonight. There was a little cove we passed and we decided to try a couple more. Many of these images ended up being Megan’s favorites.

Anyway, I promised you guys an update with some great new work – I hope this meets those expectations!

I have a busy week ahead, four more shoots and an entire wedding weekend!

Check back for a mid-week update with more images of Megan, too.

Good night everyone!