It’s always interesting the people you can bump into in an afternoon out with friends here in Socal.
Today, while in Burbank, my friends and I met Jackie Goldberg. Jackie, I found out, goes by “The Pink Lady” – which makes sense for anyone who might happen to see her since she wears all pink.

Actually, the reason I noticed Jackie myself was due to her outfit and style. Pretty much everything she had on and was carrying was pink. She wasn’t just wearing it, she owned it. Down to her pink converse wedges. I commented to my friends – I need to meet her. I want to go talk to her, and take her picture. Comments like that usually go fairly unacknowledged by my friends mainly because hearing me say I want to photograph someone isn’t anything new or surprising.

Well, I was fortunate enough to catch Jackie right as she was leaving the cafe we were at. I was positive I had missed my chance after she walked out; but then she walked back in briefly, so I introduced myself.

It turns out that Jackie does all sorts of seminars and talks for seniors about how life isn’t over when you’re older. She’s also one of the stars in “Rockin’ with the Ages” – which is a musical where all the stars are over 60 years old!

Unfortunately since it was quick portrait I had to use available light. And it was late afternoon in Burbank AND it had been snowing and hailing the last hour or two (I know, crazy right? Snow in Socal?!). So I had to make due with higher ISOs and low apertures. I was still able to get  a pretty nice quick portrait.

Al took a quick snap of us chatting too.. For those who haven’t met me, I’m a giant compared to a lot of people.

For those interested in Jackie’s seminars, please check her website: The Pink Lady
And for those interested in “Rockin’ with the Ages” musical tickets, email Jackie at

I apologize for no major update this week. Things have been a bit hectic and I had a number of cancelled shoots this week. I’ll have more for you all as next week starts off.

One thought on “Jackie Goldberg – The Pink Lady

  1. oh my gosh – this is so cute! I love the pink lady. That last one is so cute with you standing over her haha

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