This evening I did a fashion shoot with singer Jesse Hart, here in Beverly Hills.

I’ve known Jesse for a few months now, but while talking tonight realized that we were both at an event two years ago in Las Vegas – he was performing, I was there for graphics and video. Small world… it truly is “six-degrees” here in LA with everyone I meet and work with.
We had a great time, created some really incredible images, and I’m looking forward to spending time going through the rest over the next couple days. For now, you all get this one teaser shot of more things to come.

Also… I covered this on Friday:

The King of the Hammers desert race and rock crawling… was insane!
I was out there all day for work covering our drivers and sponsored cars (this isn’t one of them). It was a lot of fun to watch as some of these drivers just flew through these canyons and over massive boulders and 6 foot drops onto more rocks… Many drivers didn’t even finish the race. Yikes.

But, I’ll be honest…

… it’s hard to call my job “work” when this is how I pay my bills…

The next week is already filling up fast. And there are going to be some massive trips coming up this year for me, too.

Check back soon for more shots from both events in my portfolio update later this week.

Night all.

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