Two weeks ago I was back in the Bay Area to shoot the wedding of Molly and Alan Rowe. Being asked by Alan to shoot for him and Molly came as a complete surprise to me, to be honest. I knew Alan back during high school from playing sports together. But, I’ve known him much more over the years as “Monica’s friend Alan” since he’s very good friends with my sister and is part of their high school group. So, it was a big compliment for a second wedding couple from my sister’s circle of friends to contact me about shooting for them – the first was Nicole and Will Machallister a couple years ago.

I’ve ALWAYS remembered Alan as that upbeat, goofy crazy kinda person – and that side was totalllly apparent during the wedding weekend I spent with Alan and Molly’s families. The best part is that his goofiness totally compliments his wife’s quieter, shy demeanor. And when they interact you can see how much they care about each other – even while Alan was doing ridiculous things like “now dip me!” during their first dance! HAHAHA!!!

Molly and Alan got married in Los Gatos at a family friends house in a beautiful little ceremony in the backyard – it’s a huge backyard though, don’t be fooled everyone. LOL.
The day started out normally enough… with me meeting all the girls at the hotel while they started their hair and makeup for the morning. I was met with groans and “um, don’t take pictures of me looking like this!!” when Molly’s sisters realized a boy was going to be hanging out with them all morning. Sorry ladies! Hope you approve of the shots!
I broke away later on to head over to Alan’s house where all the guys would be getting ready before heading to the wedding location. The men had started their morning a bit slower, and Mrs. Rowe was teasing me saying “Waittt! No photos here! I’m not ready!” when she realized I was showing up to the Rowe residence, camera in hand.
Shortly after getting a few of the various shots I wanted I took Alan’s sister with me back to meet up with all the ladies as they finished preparing Molly for that afternoon. As Molly’s Mom and sisters all helped her with her dress and the last bit of preparations, the guys started to arrive. We were going to do a first-look due to timing of the events that afternoon. The family was starting to rush around thinking we were running late – all the while Molly was casually just waiting for her moment to go see her husband-to-be, as she laughed with her bridesmaids.
Alan and Molly’s first look was really cute. I think at first they seemed to feel like “so we just look surprised?” but after a minute or two they quickly seemed to ignore both myself and the family watching from the balcony and chatted with each other, talked and walked around the ceremony area, and even (completely on their own) walked over and stood in their positions they were about to get married in. Too cute.

The ceremony went off great with both lots of laughs and several tears from parents and family. The reception was a blast – and I wouldn’t expect any less. As I mentioned this is the second wedding I’ve been part of for this group of friends – and I’ve always known them to be a lot of fun. A couple hours of food, toasts, cake, and dancing later the evening was coming to an end – but not before Alan had to go through a car full of balloons with the car key hidden in one of them! How’s that for one last “Congrats” from your buddies before you leave for the hotel?

As always, I’ll post other details in my captions. But please read on and enjoy 150 shots from my weekend with the Rowe, McSpadden and Ward families!

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What a beautiful backyard, huh? This is the setting that Molly wanted for her wedding. The family whose house it is are actually close friends of Molly’s and were thrilled she wanted to have the ceremony there. They were so proud when they were telling me about it prior to the rehearsal that first afternoon.

Pastor Steve giving out a few directions of how things are going to go for the rehearsal

Mr. McSpadden said something like “Well… here you go!” to Alan and then pretended to walk away! Haha!

After the rehearsal was a little bit of Bocce ball and drinks with everyone!

Toasts and congratulations offered to the couple – along with a few stories from the family

Alan also said a little something to everyone for being there, too
Then he went on to tell the story of his first date with Molly!

Starting off the morning with hair and makeup

I had to try three times to get this shot of Molly’s sisters doing their hair in unison in the mirror!

Soon they all simply tipped the mirror and all the girls joined in to get ready

Back at the Rowe residence was Alan, starting his day and getting into his suit for the wedding

“Here John! We’ll stand here in the mirror so it looks like we’re preparing too!” said Dale as we were talking about how long the girls take to get ready versus the men that morning. Good job gentlemen! Lookin sharp!

All the guys watching some of the slideshow that was prepared for the reception

Molly’s dress

As the afternoon approaches and it gets closer to the time Molly needs to get in her dress, the girls all have a few snacks and share some more laughs

The yard is decorated and looking great that afternoon! The weather was fantastic with just the slightest breeze to keep things nice and cool in the shade

Some help from Mom as she buttons up Molly’s dress

Grandma was waiting to help Molly with her jewelry, too!

All of Molly’s girls watching

One quick kiss from Grandma before she ran off to get ready for the ceremony!

Molly heading down for the First Look

Molly walking up to Alan..
Check out her audience back there!

After that first moment of “Hi!” came a hug, kiss, and compliments of how amazing she looked from Alan.

Everyone back at the house was “Aweeeing” and snapping photos!

Like I said, Molly and Alan walked over to where they were going to be standing in just about an hour and getting married.
It’s cute to watch what couples will do if you just ignore them for five minutes and leave them in their own little world

These photos are always my favorite. Silly ones are the ones I feel like everyone loves more..

The high-school group shot with the guys

Molly helping her Dad with the boutineer

Molly looking amazing for her wedding day. This is about 20 minutes before we start – had to get a couple portraits in with the beautiful bride!

And of course a group shot with everyone before we all go out to get this ceremony started!

Alan had a huge smile as all the bridesmaids walked down the aisle and he waited for his bride…

And as Molly started to make her way out with her father Alan stepped over to peek down the aisle for a better view. It was incredibly sweet and I’m not sure many people noticed either

Offering a congratulations to Alan as Mr. McSpadden gives away his daughter

The girls all laugh and Pastor Steve starts off with some silly stories about knowing the bride and groom!

Mrs. Rowe was smiling the entire time! I don’t think she stopped the entire day, actually

Alan holds Molly’s hands as vows are exchanged

The exchanging of rings

Husband and Wife!! Mr. and Mrs. Rowe!

I think everyone thought I was crazy when we said we would attempt a full-family photo with everyone. But, it worked out pretty well! Believe me, the high res is better than this little one. hahaha!

Some of the boys talking during the cocktail hour

Molly making the rounds saying high to everyone as things were being set up for the reception

Everyone is starting to take their seats as the caterers finish off all the BBQ and food they were preparing for the family

Pastor Steve hitting glasses together to get everyone’s attention for a prayer and toast. He laughed when he realized he didn’t have silverware to use and had to try using just the champagne glasses

Alan made a big deal about helping Molly down the steps every time they walked down together, it was hilarious!

Listening to speeches

Molly and Mom-in-Law Mrs. Rowe walking around talking to the guests and family members

I really wish I remember what they were laughing about… whatever it was they were DYING

Alan, Molly, and the Posse… The entire crew from high school plus a couple new additions of significant others!

We had to sneak away to get some couples portraits of Molly and Alan since the backyard was full of guests. I also thought I cropped this vertical prior to uploading… but, you readers will just have to enjoy this one for now. haha!

Molly and Alan laugh as they dance together for their first dance as husband and wife

Alan wanted to be spun and twirled, too!

And dipped!
Obviously these are the sillier ones to share with you guys right now

Molly and her father during the Daddy-Daughter dance

Mr. McSpadden was smiling the entire time he danced with Molly

Next up was Alan and his mother for the Mother-Son dance

She looked so proud

And look at these four! Goofin off shooting photos of themselves!

Alan called his sister over to join in the dance, too!



Andddd a curtsy, too

“Alright, so we’ll do this left-handed” -me
“But I’m right-handed…” -Alan
“But Molly is left-handed… so you lose..” -me, while we were figuring out the most comfortable way to do this shot. Haha!

And Alan was sweet and didn’t smash it on Molly’s face

Shortly after it was time to break it down…

And break it down Alan did!

Sarah and Ernesto! I shot their engagement photos several months ago… you guys might remember? Yes?

Headed out as the sun was getting lower to do a few more shots for them

And of course the most important shot is the one with me… woo hoo!

Anddd more shots of the crew being ridiculous on the dance floor!

I HAD to do this with this pair of photos. Alan was dancing around AND on Molly, it was soo funny – especially since she was laughing through most of it.

And despite Molly telling me that morning that she doesn’t like being the center of attention, she definitely seemed to have a blast.

It was honestly just so cute watching her have fun with her husband that evening

This is the look I get from my sister when she looks up and sees me trying to take her photo after she took one of me working… Thanks Sis! Love you!

Things slowed down for a bit as the night got closer to a close

Had to get a shot after a very long day, with my little sister and brother-in-law, Monica and Matt

Several of the older family members had started to make their way home and the last thirty minutes was mostly just the younger crowed breaking it down

Molly and her mother at the end of the evening.

Ernesto, me, and Sarah! Had to get a shot with these two since I hadn’t seen them since their engagement shoot in Mountain View!

Time to say Good Bye as Alan and Molly made their way out for the evening

However the Posse had snuck out earlier that evening and filled the car with balloons AND hid the car key in one of them…

Alan working to pop all the balloons he can..

Success! Now they can leave! haha!

So again, I had a great time. Huge Thank You to Alan and Molly for asking me to shoot for them. And big Thank Yous also go out to the Rowe, McSpadden, and Ward families for everything they did as well. I hope you guys all enjoyed everything that you’ve seen so far.

For all the rest of my readers that have been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you all know I still have the Vargas-Godoy photos to share with you all. I have those ready and will be posting them up in a few more days for you guys to check out. I’m also currently in Michigan to shoot the Maurer-Gilding wedding tomorrow… so, LOTS more wedding photos coming up.

Catch you all soon!

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