Ok, so this is clearly just me and the Falken girls… but still.

This year I’ve been contracting with Falken Tire for the 2012 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Series! It’s actually pretty great to once again be out on the track working with a major brand such as Falken. Several months ago I worked with them putting together the 2012 Falken Girls poster and promotional images of the girls. Three of them, Brittney Leigh, Julie Galindo, and Mayra Tinajero in the photo above with me. Now I’m handling a small part of their racing photography as well.
And most of you know that off road race photography is nothing new to me – I used to do a ton of it when I worked for K&N Filters. Working with Falken is very different though. I’m actually just as much a photojournalist for the day as I am a race photographer.

During the race day I spend a lot of my time with the Falken team photographing their fans and guests that come by the trailer to meet the models, enter the prize drawings and get more information about Falken products. I’ll typically make my way out to the track several times during practice to photograph Ryan Villopoto – not only the top racer in the series right now, but also Falken’s sponsored racer.

I’ll save all the rambling I could post and just put up some images… they’re more interesting anyway. haha!

Let’s start with the San Diego, Qualcomm Stadium race for Round 6..

Ryan Villopoto easily ripping through the course during practice

Olivia and Randyl signing posters

Randyl, Olivia, and me before the opening ceremonies start

We work very, very hard.

One quick shot on the field before heading back up..
Some random dude was like “Why does HE get the girls to himself…?” I just kinda laughed. Cuz I work with them.. that a good enough reason? Hahaha

Vaughn Gittin Jr’s Mustang tucked into the truck and ready to head to Dallas!

This is why I don’t rush to the opening ceremony… we’re all basically cattle in this entryway.

Ryan waiting to be introduced

Dean Wilson tearing through the course. He finished in second place in the main event

James Stewart flying through the track

It’s very hard to argue with the view that I have during these events..

I was working on getting a great motion/landing shot that night. I was able to nail this one of Dean Wilson during the main event

Ryan was hauling ass during the main event, seriously. He eventually caught up and lapped people that were all the way in the back of the pack.

Only a couple laps remaining

Ryan throws a “Number 1” with his finger as he flies over the last jump and through the finish line!

Media frenzy down in the dirt as awards and interviews are given

The major upside to being tall is that I don’t have to worry about too many other people obstructing my shots. haha!

Thank you Qualcomm for an amazing race and great day!


I also have a ton of photos from Supercross Los Angeles, Round 3 at Dodger Stadium… I’ll share a small selection..

Me and the gorgeous Brittney Leigh – my hair is ridiculously wind blown from the weather that day

Me and Mayra! Such a sweetheart


Practice getting started up for the evening

Ryan tearing through his practice lap

I love motion shots, seriously. Can you tell?

That’s all for now I think…

I don’t want to upload a ton and bore everyone. I’ll be heading to Atlanta in a week with everyone to photograph Round 8 of the series! Looking forward to getting more great images to share with everyone. Sorry I’ve been so behind on updating. Haha. Whoops.

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