My oldest and best friend TJ got married last weekend.
I don’t do many personal posts here, however this is something that definitely deserves a post regardless.

I have known TJ for 15 years, and we’ve got ourselves in and out of trouble during that time. But, Sunday, I saw TJ happier than I have ever seen him the entire time that we’ve known one another. After five years, he married Cassandra on the beach during one of the most fun ceremonies I’ve ever been to.
I was one of TJ’s best men – along with Evan. I promised TJ I wouldn’t take many photos… but it’s also a given that I’m going to shoot the biggest day of his life either way. I managed to come home with 1,000 photos from the weekend we spent at the beach house in Santa Cruz. Honestly, one great shot of their first dance like the one above and a few shots of me and the guys like you’ll see below is all I wanted to come home with.

It’s going to take me a while to get through them and tone everything. But it’s already a lot of fun looking at everything that other people shot on my camera while I was doing other things.

Me, Evan, TJ, and JD.
I met Evan and JD a year after TJ, we’ve all been friends for years. It’s crazy to look at a photo like this and realize how much older we are now.

I highly recommend getting a photo booth for your wedding. Seriously had wayyy too much fun with this thing. And in addition to the photo above this one, this is probably my favorite shot of us four in the last couple years.

Yes, I danced down the aisle… Katrina and I broke it down.

And people cheered when I tangoed with Evan shortly after. TJ is laughing in the background.

Even I was told many times how gorgeous their cake and choice of cake topper was. I can’t take credit for either though, haha. But it was delicious. I agree with that 100%.

The evening ended after a lot of dancing, drinks, TONS of photos, video, laughing, and great times with family and friends. I can only hope that when I get married one day it will be half as fun as TJ and Cassandra made theirs.

Another fun shot from this weekend was the sausage run.. no joke. We actually went to pick up food from a famous butcher shop for our BBQ the night before the wedding. Me, TJ, Mike, and Dale (who you can’t see) headed out to get food and then a ton of drinks from Costco. Even this trip was full of laughing and joking.

Last, is a group shot of Evan, TJ, and me.
This is after the BBQ we had at the beach house, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is lit up in the background. Evan and I are wearing dog tags that were our groomsmen gifts for the wedding that TJ and Cassandra had custom engraved for us.

I had a really amazing week back in the Bay Area. And for the first time in over a year since I moved, I was sad to leave again.
TJ and Cassandra had a really beautiful wedding, an amazing reception, and an incredible weekend full of family and friends. Like I said, I’ve never seen TJ or Cassandra so happy.

Evan and I are taking bets on which of the guys gets married next… haha.