So I’ve done two different shoots with the Budweiser Girls over the last couple months… and keep forgetting to share the images here.
They’re already on my website in my portfolio, and several of you probably already saw them on Facebook if you follow my work there. But, I figured I’d post them on my blog for everyone who hasn’t seen them yet.

Our first shoot was down in Orange County a few months ago. That proved to be a very long day as several of the girls flaked out or were running late. Haha, oh models…
The second shoot went a lot smoother, there were still a few cancellations, which always happens with groups it seems like. Oh well, the ones that made it will have new photos at least. Most of my time was spent joking with Liz (who is an old friend that I’ve worked with several times – you guys got a copy of my Christmas card with her, right?). And as girls were ready we’d do a number of shots to get the poses and variety that was needed, and move on to the next. Pretty simple and straight forward, really.

Honestly, there’s not a ton to say about the shoot since it’s girls in bikinis and corsets on a white backdrop… So, I’ll just get on to the photos. Click the past the break for more..


Amber was a riot, really bubbly personality and a lot of fun to chat with as we were shooting. Her and I probably spent the most time together since the girls after her were running hours late and we were just hanging around taking photos the whole time.


Deyra is stunning. She’s Nicaraguan, bilingual, and does a bunch of work on Spanish television in addition to modeling.

Sona’s photos are some of my favorites. This has been my phone background for like two months. (Yes, I use photos of the models I shoot as my backgrounds. Makes for interesting conversation starters when people are being nosey and looking at my screen)

I think her name was Molly? Mandy? I don’t recall… from what I understand she’s no longer a Bud Girl. But, I had already edited these months ago, so, here you guys go.

Amber – yep, another Amber. She was amazing also. Incredibly high energy and we all laughed nearly the entire time we were shooting and joking around. She also speaks FIVE languages… yeah, FIVE. Feel bad about yourself now? I do.



And of course, Liz.
Oddly I only have one photo edited of Liz…. huh. Strange. Maybe because we’ve shot so many times I feel like I edited a bunch more and actually didn’t…

Here’s what most of the day was like… girls running around the house. Not a terrible weekday, is it?

Scott, going through photos with Liz and Aubrey

Lane, going through her photos with Scott

Andddd me and Liz screwing around… hahaha

Soo, not entirely sure why that took me so long to put together and post. Well that’s not true. I do know why it took me a while, because of all the travel I’ve been doing and the racing/wedding work I’ve been shooting this year. Can you believe it’s almost July?? Yikes.

Anyway, for those who are still reading and not just scrolling back up to the photos… check back soon. I’ll have images from some past shoots this Spring with a few other models, some headshots, and stuff like that!










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