Last night I photographed Nanaz on the rooftop of a garage in Riverside, Calif.
I actually bumped into her while shopping for clothing with Jenny for a previous shoot that I did, you may have read that blog.

Anyway, we’ve been in touch since and planned out a fairly simple shoot, at sunset, to take advantage of the sky and clouds. While the location wasn’t incredibly amazing one way or another, we were able to make a number of shots work. I’ll also be shooting a follow up high-key shoot with Nanaz of headshot-style images… she has incredibly beautiful brown eyes. And none of the photos we shot last night do them justice.

I would have loved to do these in Downtown LA… but, maybe next time.

Here’s one last one. This was just a quick shot before I adjusted any of my settings after moving indoors, into a parking garage. The really low-light effect worked out pretty well though. It gives the image a creepy feel.

Another thing that I’ve spent most of the last week on is catching on my racing edits.

I have images from many different races from multiple types of sports that I’ve been too busy to edit and upload the last three months. I know, it sounds crazy to be that far behind, however when you spend the summer handling the major race accounts that I did, you fall behind on your personal website really quickly.

This image was made during the XDL Sportbike Freestyle competition last month at Irwindale Speedway. I have images ready from this event, and also Flat Track racing at the Perris Speedway that are ready to be uploaded. I also have Motocross and Supermoto ready to go up as well.

This shot is of Darryl Atkins practicing for the X-Games. I have a few shots of him that will be going up, as well as I quick track-side portrait for the racer series I started.

I’m still working on Drag Racing, and also Off Road Racing from the Lucas Oil Series. Hopefully those will be prepped and ready for upload this next week. I’m sorry to those of you who are waiting for this larger update to my portfolio – I didn’t realize just how much work I had in store for me with everything.

I’m keepin’ at it though.
Shouldn’t be long…