Ok, so why am I writing about crypto on my blog… well, I do love a good meme coin. And some of the peeps in the Banano Discord asked about how to set up a basic Dogecoin wallet and let’s be honest… things are much easier to understand when you have photos to follow along.

So what’s the deal?
Banano is doing an airdrop based on your holdings of Dogecoin from a snapshot they’re going to take on November 30th. The snapshot will be based on a wallet you register with them. This has led to a lot of people not as familiar with Doge trying to set up their own Doge wallet to cash in on some of that sweet, sweet potassium… ya dig?

I’m going to keep this as straight forward and simple as I possibly can so people can get their coins in, and then later get them out of a Doge wallet.

Step One: Generate a Doge Address

There are a ton of wallet options out there. But I’m assuming most of you Banano peeps aren’t interested in a mobile wallet, multi wallet, or all the other options out there that do more than just “create an address to use”. Most have talked about confusion creating and managing just one address..
So we’re going to go with My.Dogechain.info on this quick guide. You can google this and go that route if you don’t trust my links, haha.
Disclaimer: What you do with your wallets, your money, and this how-to is at your own risk. I take no responsibility if you do anything wrong. 

Click Create Wallet.

You get a sign up screen.
Enter your email and a password.

It’ll generate a Wallet Identifier for you, this will also be _emailed_ to you.


So, that address is what you’re going to use to log into your wallet on Dogechain. This is NOT your Doge address.

Note: All the addresses, etc in this writeup are going to be trashed after I’m done writing this. Don’t send anything to these addresses for any reason.

Click “Open your Wallet”

Now you’re looking at your Dogechain Wallet interface

On the bottom there in bold is your Public Doge Address
I think it goes without saying no one should be using any addresses in this writeup, haha!

Next, create you Paper Wallet Backup.
Literally just click “Paper Wallet” there on the right side and it’ll download a PDF paper wallet backup for you.

This is what your Paper Wallet will look like.

Left: This is your Public Address to receive your Doge – it’s written in the large font, too. DRW…
Right: This is your Private Key. – this is written in the small font. 6Jq…

So, you might have your Dogecoin in a wallet like Coinomi that uses new addresses for each transaction and you have many coins spread over many addresses. Or you might have them on Bittrex, Polo, or similar because you bought some specifically for this airdrop.

You’re going to want to send your Doge to your Public Doge Address. It’ll cost you 1Doge transaction fee/network fee.
If you’re paranoid, send 5 Doge to your Public Address.
Then check that address here to make sure your funds sent: https://dogechain.info

Enter your Public Address over the right in the search box

..like so

You’re going to see a result like this..
Your Wallet Address, and the amount of Doge you have.

Then you can sweep your address/funds back to your previous wallet with your Private Key.
Your funds will move off the new address back to whatever wallet you used to sweep.

Do you have to do a sweep? No. You don’t. But some of you might be totally new to this and worried about your Doge. So, experimenting with this process will only cost you a few Doge to be sure you’re doing it right.

So, back to getting registered for you Banano..

Now you have your Dogecoin Public Address – and I’m assuming you’re already here from Banano, so you already have your BAN address.

Head over to https://wow.banano.cc/ to get signed up for the AirDrop

Scroll down the page for the signup

This part is simple.

Enter your Banano Address and your Dogecoin address in the form. It looks like the preview image above

Once you do that, it’s going to ask you to send 1D to a generated Doge address to verify you own that Doge address. Obviously this is so you can’t just use an address that holds 1 billion Doge and say “oh yeah man, that’s totally mine”

Head back over to My.Dogechain.info to access your Doge wallet – or just switch tabs if you didn’t close it earlier.
Note: If you need to sign in again you use your Wallet Identifier (which was also emailed to you) and your password (which you hopefully remember or you need to sign up again and sweep your previous wallet using your Private Key that you backed up. This process will not take long, and you will have access to your first wallet. If people are confused on this, comment below or catch me in the Discord and tell me to update this post with a section on this)

Once you’re signed in to Dogechain, click Send

You’ll see this Send window.
Destination is the address that Banano gave you during the registration process.
Amount is the amount of Doge you want to send. In this case it is 1 Doge
Network fee is the transaction cost. This is always 1 Doge.

In the case of this example, it looks like this:

The “Transactions” notification you see is because I already clicked “Send Money” before this screenshot, haha.

After this process is done, clicking Finish on the Banano page gives you this response

ta daa!

That’s it! You’re done!

So, a few things

What if you buy more Doge between now and the drop? Simple, you just send those Doge to Public Doge Address your registered with Banano
What do I do with my Doge after the airdrop? That’s up to you brotha. 1D = 1D, as we say. But you can send your Doge back to an exchange and trade, you can use your Private Key to sweep it to another wallet if you use a mobile wallet like Coinomi or whatever. All up to you!


Well, I’ll do my best to answer them. You can comment here, email me, or catch me on the Banano Discord sometimes (JRem#6405)


Did you find this helpful?

If you found this helpful, and want to throw a few Doge or Banano my way you can do so below. Thanks!

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