Well 2014 is off to a somewhat slow start. The race world is very quiet right now with bookings… but I’ve been working with a few model friends the last few weeks for some new images for them. So, instead of cars you guys are getting some girls… not a horrible trade off, right? haha!

Two weeks ago or so Sendy got in touch with me to shoot several new images for her upcoming birthday party’s promo posters, as well as some stuff for Valentine’s Day. Sendy and I haven’t shot in a while, mostly because I was living in San Diego for a year and lost touch with a lot of people around LA. But, she still gogos and hosts parties from time to time and shoots new images when they create new posters.
Plus it’s always nice to catch up with friends. And I hadn’t photographed Sendy since she went blonde, either


This was the image we shot for her birthday poster ;)
Dig it, no?

Here’s how their graphics guy used the shot on the flyer:


Sendy and I shot several other photos as well..




As I mentioned, Sendy also wanted to do some shots in red since Valentines day is coming up. I’m not sure if it’s for a particular event she’s hosting or not, more than likely it’s just for typical promo images so she’ll have them when she needs them.


We shot most of them in a similar style/fashion with lighting.


But after the first bit, we went dimmer and moodier with lighting. I actually really liked this low light shots of Sendy


You can’t go wrong with dim black and white photos of a girl in lingerie either

About a week after my shoot with Sendy, my friend Brittany got in touch with me about doing some beach photos.
I hadn’t seen Brittany in over a year and a half, I think, so it was great to get together, shoot, and catch up a bit.


We drove out to Malibu in the afternoon mid-January when it was still 70 degrees or so outside. It was funny to us because we both have several friends out in much colder climates that were complaining about their winter weather that same week.


The weather was great for us though! We took several different shots, then headed out to grab late lunch/early dinner since we hadn’t eaten yet.
And like I said, always fun when a model friend gets in touch to shoot a bit because we’re both slow for the month and have free time.


Had to get one silly shot before we left that afternoon. Haha! It was actually really damn bright out.

This month, February, I’m wrapping up my Ninja Turtles Re-Imagined project! So I should have a massive MASSIVE blog on that coming up.
Stay Tuned everyone


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