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This past Friday I went out to Huntington Beach with Liz to do some volleyball/beach shots that she wanted to shoot. I joked with my friends online that “I guessss I could tolerate a third beach day in a row and photograph a girl in a bikini…” Haha!
November and December tend to slow down for me work-wise. And, with California’s heat wave and 90-100 degree temperatures this week, I’ve been at the beach a lot relaxing.

But seriously, would anyone complain going to the beach on a Friday in November? No.

Liz, among other things, does promo modeling for companies, shows, conventions, etc. “Hi, you’re tall and gorgeous, can we pay you to come sell our products to people and all these big events?”… must be tough sometimes, don’t you think?
Anyway, Liz had a number of shots that she liked and wanted to try. So, we went through a lot of different ideas – all of them around the volleyball theme, though. So as I edited everything, I toned all of them very differently. One style of editing didn’t fit every style photo I shot that afternoon.

More photos after the break

Liz and I go way back – about 14 years to be specific.
So this sight, her laughing at me, is something pretty typical when we hang out. This was just a candid shot of her, but, I like the moment and wanted to share it. I think we were laughing about how bad our knees were burning in the sand.

I dig this style with certain photos I’ve shot. An older, washed out, postcard kinda feel.
Admit it, you’d go play some volleyball at Huntington now, huh?

Here’s a shot from the end of the afternoon. Liz wanted to know if I wanted something with a little attitude…

… and that moment was quickly followed by this one.
And probably my favorite shot from the whole afternoon. Not because it captured what we were trying to shoot, no. Because this captured Elizabeth, the one I’ve known for many years that’s always laughing and joking with me.

Anddd, last shot of her and I before we packed up and left. Gotta love camera phone pics. Not too bad though, really. We considered staying and playing some volleyball and enjoying the weather, but decided to go grab some lunch instead.

We have a few more ideas that we’ve talked about for shoots. I’m guessing we’ll end up putting those together in the next month or two after I return from my upcoming trips.

For those on the East Coast, I’ll be in Orlando, Jacksonville, Baltimore, and Boston in the next two weeks. Going to be a busy couple weeks of travel, but should be a blast.
I’m shooting the Winger wedding in Florida, and then up to Baltimore for some shooting with Beau. Trips to Orlando and Boston are just for fun to see some friends while I’m on that side of the country.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone enjoyed Liz’s shoot!

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