Formula Drift Round 4: New Jersey


Just got back from New Jersey Formula Drift Round 4, where I was out shooting for Falken Tire again!

I wasn’t originally planning on being in Jersey for Round 4, but after contacting Falken on a whim it turned out they needed additional support that weekend. So that worked out great for me since I still had that weekend of June open and am always down to fly to a race to photograph.
So after what will likely be my last direct-flight to an East Coast race (you’d be surprised how many tracks I can fly to direct from San Diego) I met up with the video guys and headed out to grab a bite. This was actually the first time I’d really seen the Falken video crew this season. The other races I had be on, Le Mans Sebring, Atlanta Drift, Long Beach, etc, were all for other clients or Falken bookings where I was the only media support.

It’s always a blast being out with the team. They’re such a busy company that I don’t always get to see many people from their crew, which makes catching up on life less frequent. Plus, BS’ing with the video guys is fun since we can nerd it up and talk about cameras, software, hardware, and debate all the stupid things that none of my family or friends in SoCal really care about. Creative Cloud for Adobe?! Ripofffffff, what do you guys think? lol

The race weekend was great, and went by pretty quickly. Overall Falken did pretty well. Justin took second place. Darren barely missed third place, finishing fourth.

Next up I’ll be heading out to Seattle for Round 5 in Monroe, Washington. Looking forward to that since Falken has said I can go ahead and start being as artsy as I’d like with my imagery from the races. That “they have plenty of action shots” so I can feel free to be more creative with everything. So I’m stoked for that.

Also, I just talked and met with Sony Digital Imaging, I’m going to be testing some of their gear! This is pretty exciting. I was given a bunch of gear to test during the month of July! So I’m currently working with Black Flys sunglasses to set things up with their athletes for some awesome shoots with their athletes. Stay tuned. July is going to a lot of fun with all this new gear….

Anyway… on to the Drift photos!
There’s a bunch for you guys that just want to see a lot of photos of cars/etc. You will be able to tell the images that are straight from camera and don’t really have any heavy editing applied to them.

Oh, also, I’m trying something different for this blog and all the photos that follow are going to be 800 pixels at the longest edge… I’m trying it out to see if I prefer photos a bit larger than my typical 650 pixels at the longest edge. Let me know what you think in the comments about the size change. I’ll need to adjust the right column links though I realize.

More photos after the break

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Formula Drift Round 2: Atlanta


So I’m finally getting around to uploading the action shots that I took at Formula Drift Round 2: Atlanta.

I was out in Georgia two weeks ago or so for the race shooting for Falken Tire this time around. I was the only creative staff sent by Falken, which meant I would likely be on my own the majority of the time wandering the track and getting images out to the Falken team back home on the west coast for them to upload.
My flight to the east coast came just two days after my return from the east coast where I was attending my friends Aaron and Danielle’s wedding in Clearwater, Florida. I suppose I could have spoken to Falken about flying me direct from Orlando, but, that would have meant that I would need to bring even more gear with me to Florida on that trip since I would need different things at the race than I had brought to Florida for that trip.

Anyway, back in Georgia again, and it really didn’t seem as though it had already been over six months since I was there for Petit Le Mans at the end of the 2012 season.

This race I would be focussed on three drivers: Dai Yoshihara, Darren McNamara, and Justin Pawlak.
I was also able to continue my ongoing portrait series while out there, as you guys may have already caught in my last blog post.

Overall it was a great weekend. The weather was overcast and a bit rainy… which unfortunately makes for less-interesting Drift photos in my opinion. Colder track temperatures means colder tires means less smoke…. means boring photos. Hahaha


But… Vaughn DID run over a car on the track… that happened.

Haha, click past the break a ton of photos from the weekend. I decided to just upload a ton from the weekend. Enjoy. But sheer numbers alone you’re bound to at least dig one or two of them.

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Portrait shots of Vaughn Gittin Jr, Chris Forberg, Ryan Tuerck, and Bil Baldwin


When I’m asked what I like shooting most of all my answer would be portraits. Which is saying a lot because I have the opportunity to shoot a LOT of different things from models to racing to weddings.
And while all those other things are a lot of fun, coming back around to portraits is where I always end up. It’s wonderfully simple an they’re WAY more interesting than a racecar on a track I feel like.

The Formula Drift season just kicked off for 2013 – and I’m sure many of you likely saw my blog post earlier this week about it. And during Round 1: Long Beach, I was on assignment from K&N Filters and AEM Intakes. One of the things I was required to shoot was headshots of various drivers that they sponsor. I immediately thought “Awesome! Now I HAVE to get photos with three of the busiest drivers at the track: Vaughn Gittin Jr., Ryan Tuerck, and Chris Forberg.
Now I’m not saying these guys won’t give you the time of day – that couldn’t be further from the truth. However as a photographer for one of their sponsors it’s much easier to get a few minutes of their time set aside specifically for you to photograph them.

Each of my portraits of these drivers only took me about 5 minutes to create. So long as I have nearly all my camera settings dialed than it’s just a matter of lighting being balanced, a few test shots, and a couple “real ones” where my subject can smile or do whatever they like…. then I’m done. Out of their hair AND I have both headshots for my clients along with an image and I can edit into the portraits you see above.

I also met and photographed Bil “The Bearded Man of Drift” Baldwin, who’s become a bit of a legend in the Drift world. I actually had heard of him through a friend of mine that knows of Bil from the “Beard Life” community, haha!

Me and Bil, right after his portrait the morning of the race!

Anyway, click past the break for the portraits I created of Vaughn, Ryan, Chris and Bil – along with some Behind the Scenes that my buddy Rex shot while I was working with Vaughn!

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Been busy, but can’t say much…

The majority of my time recently has been spent doing contract work on various projects.
Unfortunately, as contract work goes, I can’t talk about what I’m doing. I know that a number of you know what it is I’m talking about because, let’s face it, a number of you are involved in these shoots with me.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different models for many different projects also. The above shot is our creative team for one particular shoot with Melissa Miko – a powersports model that I’ve shot a few times now. You may remember her silhouette in one of my posts from last month – it’s also in my portfolio if you go look.

Also, last weekend I did some shots with Jenny down in Huntington Beach. She needed some simple beach photos done for her portfolio and some projects that she’s currently working on. I still have to finish editing some more from this shoot. But, here’s a quick preview… nothing crazy, just simple.

Long time friend, and comedian, Justin Worsham also recently asked me to do new headshots for him. I’m pretty damn sure that I haven’t laughed so hard on a photoshoot in a long time. I knew that I’d end up spending most of the evening with Justin and his wife (who I’ve also known 10 years now) catching up on life.
We even managed to do a quick impromptu family portrait session at the park with their young son.

Justin is hilarious, and just an awesome guy in general. Please check out his website: Justin Worsham.
He posts his tour dates for all over the United States. You can also catch him on Twitter, here.

But yeah, my explanation of my choice in head shot to share… this is the Justin I have always known… the goofy, funny guy that will always get you to smile.

Most recently I had the opportunity to photograph Jeff’s (far right) incredibly clean, and recently restored, Chevy Camaro.
One hundred percent American Muscle – this beast of a car sounds amazing when he fires up the massive engine. I’ve been active in the import tuning community for years; but I’ve always loved classic muscle cars – who doesn’t?
And Jeff is more than happy to talk about the memories he has with this vehicle – like taking his driver’s test in it. That’s right, it’s been family owned since Day 1.

I have other images of this beautiful car, which I would love to share… but I’ll need to save that for another update.

Tomorrow I’ll be shooting with the stunning Megan Black in Laguna Beach – unless the weather decides to work against us. So, expect some new images in a day or two.
I also have five other photo shoots and a wedding to do this week.

But, please check back, ping me on Twitter, text and say hello if you have my contact info, etc.
I’ll be running around between Laguna Beach, all over Los Angeles, and then the Bay Area. But, I’d love to hear from you guys.

Peace outtie.

Formula Drift, Long Beach

Last weekend I photographed the Long Beach Formula Drift races.

I had a really awesome time there, met a bunch of our sponsored drivers – all great guys, and saw some really incredible driving. I wish I could handle my car at even a fraction of the level that these drivers can handle theirs. I always think “Man, I’m in the wrong business…” but, then realize, that being a professional photographer is pretty damn awesome also.

Above is a shot of Tanner Foust driving the Rockstar Scion TC… which, with the wide body kit on it, looks pretty awesome I have to say. Below is a shot of Vaughn Gittin Jr.  driving the 2010 Ford Mustang – which is damn impressive to see someone slide such a massive car around a drift course.

I was pretty pleased with a lot of my shots from the weekend. All are shot hand held – no mono pod, and most with a normal lense – not telephoto. I moved back and forth between 1/15 and 1/125 of a second depending on distance to subject, speed of subject, and which corner I was standing on.

Samuel Hubinette took third place is his BF Goodrich Viper – also impressive to see this car flying through the course.

Here’s how I looked most of the day since I didn’t want to breath in all the tire smoke, haha. Woo!

Visit the racing section in my portfolio for more images from the races. I’m actually just about to leave for the Long Beach Grand Prix where I’ll be photographing for the next four days.
Follow me on Twitter for updates on that too!

And sorry for the delay in updates everyone… I’ve had limited access to the web the last week due to work, travel, and the holiday.

Check back throughout the weekend for new photos from the Grand Prix!

Promax Motor Sports Photo Shoot

Over the weekend, while many were making plans on how to spend their Superbowl Sunday, I was working with Anthony, owner of Promax Motor Sports, in Alhambra, Calif., on a photo series of his car collection.
Two days isn’t really enough time to do as extensive of a shoot as his collection demands – and hopefully things will continue over the following weeks piece by piece. After all, I only just began to photograph four of many cars he owns.

But, I’m quite happy with how the series turned out. I was able to locate various spots to do our location shooting. I’ll take care of more interior work on dates to come. The images in this post have all been added to my portfolio. I also am redirecting all traffic to my Automotive section as it has my most recent pieces.

Stay tuned though. I’ll be scouting locations for my upcoming pinup shoot with Kassandra, and the beautiful ’34 Chevy owned by Richard and Sarah C. I also will be collaborating with Rosa, a past model, on a water shoot. And have a beach shoot approaching as well.

I’ll check you all soon… til then, enjoy the rest of the Promax Series…

I’m not happy with the interior shots. I’ll redo those and update later

Such a gorgeous car, and incredible sound too… I want one.

BMW 777

I was pleased this shot came out. Tried something a bit different, and have been receiving a lot of compliments on it. Thank you everyone who sent phrase, it means a lot.

Interior shots of the Smart Fortwo. Again, this was a fun little car, I’d totally get one for like… grocery trips and little errands.. But I know I would want to mod it if I had one.

Simple shot of the speedometer… nothing fancy..

So, that’s it for now. If I edit more shots I’ll post them up… But, most likely, there won’t be any other additions until the next shoot.

Good night everyone!

Automotive madness…

This is just going to be a quick update… and slight teaser of things to come.
My weekend is, has been, and will continue to be, filled with all sorts of cars.

Today I had the pleasure of shooting some of Anthony’s car collection over at Promax Motor Sports in Alhambra, CA. The shoot will be continued throughout the weekend, and then depending on things go… over the weeks to come.

Promax’s Smart Car… this thing is awesome, I want one now…


On Friday I attended the Garden Grove Classic Car show they have every Friday evening. Tons of beautifully restored classic cars. Everything from Model T’s to American Muscle. Very nice owners, beautiful machines, and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

I attended meet to check out the cars, of course. But also to find the perfect car for an upcoming shoot I’ll be doing. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard and Sarah C., owners of a Red ’34 Chevy. Now, I don’t have any photos of the car right now, ironically… However, Richard and Sarah have been kind enough to colaborate with myself and a model for an upcoming pinup shoot.

Meet Kassandra. This shoot is going to be great…

So, I’m gonna keep this somewhat short… Check back tomorrow for futher updates… and watch for some major new additions to my portfolio.
Busy night ahead… with a lot more editing to do too…

Kick off the year right!

I think I’m one of the few people that didn’t dread the start of the business week now that the holidays are over. The reason for that… I’m a photographer, I love my job. Plain and simple… I love what I do.
Even in today’s rocky economy and needing to live carefully, I still prefer this over having a job I hate reporting to each morning.

Today I spent sorting photos, making edits and updating sections of my portfolio. A large portion of my income recently has been coming from autocross events and track photography. So, I’ve been working on updating that section of my portfolio with my most current and favorite pieces.

I also had some time to practice more Photoshop techniques… never a bad thing. Plus I get to create crazy stuff like the shot above… so what if it’s three months after Halloween. Haha.

I was also a bit bummed.. the other night had this really awesome “Cheshire Cat” looking Moon. I know you all have seen Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and know what I’m talking about. Unfortunately, by the time I got home that night the cloud cover completely set in… so, I took this shot last night. Still nice, but very similar to a shot I did last month.

More shoots coming in the next week. More racing to cover as well. And I think I’m doing a private fashion shoot in one of the clubs in Hollywood – I just have to pick which I want to shoot in. Should be a lot of fun. Stay tuned!

Playin’ around…

Got together with MUA Lauren Favorule today to play around with makeup. Although as I’m typing this the photo seems to have exported a little funny.. something with sharpening… Maybe I’m just tired. I’ll double check in the morning.

I have a busy week ahead – or something… I think it may actually be the weekend, haha. I don’t keep track of days anymore. Various shoots coming up, a few events, etc. Also I’ll be doing a lot of updates to my portfolio as well.

I need to get more of these into my automotive section:

And I need to update my sports portfolio with my new toy…
The Canon 70-200 2.8L IS USM… I’ve owned my Mark III for a year :)

So, hope everyone’s year is off to a good start.

HDR… took me about 10 minutes…

So I’m not really sure why I had trouble with HDR post processing before… But tonight I had some time to kill… Eh, who am I kidding, I’ve barely been sleeping. It’s currently 3:30am and I’m up working on photos still. Haha.
Anyway, last time around I had trouble correctly processing any images to become close to something that would even look somewhat HDR-ish…. Tonight though, it was a piece of cake.

This, over exagerated image, is Tampa. I shot this a year ago on a business trip I took while doing a bit of work for Nikon. I remember shooting it thinking “if I ever learn HDR, I bet it’d look pretty cool”. I’m going out on a limb and saying that I suceeded.

This photo I shot in San Francisco a while ago when I was wandering the streets with my g/f at the time. I was surprised at how clean this one turned out. Makes me almost want to sell my S2000 and buy a muscle car.

Speaking of S2000’s… here’s another shot from yesterday’s track day…

On a rainy track day… everyone becomes a drifter… whether you want to or not.

So, it’s closing in on 4am. I should really try and sleep, or something.
I may have some people lined up for the holiday shoots I was planning. Keep posted here to  see if I pull them off. I also have a fashion shoot coming up, and retro motorcycle shoot, a motorcycle stunting shoot, and who knows… maybe some HDR now, too.