Shooting with Sunshine Sendy and Tara Love

Last week I had the pleasure of working with two very beautiful and talented models, Sunshine Sendy and Tara Love.
We spent a couple hours shooting last Friday and rocked an awesome shoot with many different looks.

And, since I’ve been running around all week in both Los Angeles and the Bay Area I figured I’d share a few of those shots since it’s been over a week since my last post.
Both Tara and Sendy are not only beautiful, but have a ton of experience in front of the camera. So, creating tons of photos was almost too easy – we spent a lot of the time laughing and joking.

I’ll keep the post short, and simply say that there will be more to come in the future from this shoot, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to work with these girls again soon.

For those of you who follow my work on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve already seen these. But, for those that are new, enjoy!

I’ll start things off with the image that got deleted from Twitter in about 20 minutes. Haha!
I didn’t even bother trying to upload to Facebook… It’s edited so you don’t see anything. But, I figured throwing a watermark on would help keep in somewhatttt appropriate. Haha.

“Here. you can tape me up in this…”
Hot, right? Yeah… everyone else has thought so too.

One last shot of Sendy, showing off her tattoos.

Tara Love.
I could probably say plenty of things about how great Tara is in front of the camera, and you all probably wouldn’t bother reading any of it. I’ll just say simply that I’m looking forward to photographing her again. Stunning. Talented. And just a sweet person to talk to.

I’ve made a few versions of this image with various levels of contrast and brightness.I’m still having trouble finding a point that I’m completely happy with. Tara’s skin tone is a little tricky to get super bright w/o losing too much detail.

Last image that I’m sharing with you all tonight. Really soft edit, it creates more of an artsy/drawing feel to it.

So, if you’re still reading this and not scrolling back up to look at them again, hope you dig the shots. I’m currently up here in the Bay Area. I came into town to photograph for the World Poker Tour in San Jose. I did a couple of small shoots while in town and will be returning to Socal on Sunday.

Check back shortly for more images from this shoot and others.

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!



My photo inspired someone to change their life..

This photo inspired someone I’ve never met to completely change their life.

What an incredible compliment. Wow.

A friend of mine, named Liz, occasionally tells me about her friend Adam. I’ve never met Adam, it’s likely I never will. But I’m constantly reminded by Liz that “Adam has asked about you again” or “Adam mentioned you today. He’s still working out and exercising.”
I’ve heard this from her for at least the last year or so.

But, this week Liz sent me this in a text:

You’re his idol. Simply put. Like, you really did trigger something and inspire him to get into the gym.
It’s pretty major. You basically made him turn his lifestyle around and he doesn’t even know you. You’re amazing.

Adam, this is one of the most incredible compliments I’ve received in a long time. To be given even a small amount of credit in encouraging someone to change their lifestyle to be healthier and take care of themself is so hugely flattering to me.
I wish you the best in your goals, wherever you set them. And Thank You again for such a wonderful compliment.

I’ve never actually shared this photo on my blog – for those of you who don’t know, this is a self portrait I took a while back. To answer the most common questions: Yes, it is me. No, it is not photoshopped. Yes, I’m in that level of shape. Yes, I do actually eat food. Yes, I wear glasses, but usually contacts 99% of the time. The shot is fired on a timer, single light setup. And no, I have no clue what my body fat level is.

For those who are curious: My workout routine is mostly cardio. I run a few miles every day. I do pullups, pushups, and inverted (hanging upside down) situps. That’s about it. Occasionally I may use weights – but not often. I eat healthy, always have. But don’t deprive myself of things for the sake of being in shape. If I’m in the mood for something I will still eat it. And yes, I also eat bread… those Atkin’s dieters creep me out. The main thing… I’m consistent. I run every day – unless I’m traveling for work.

So, good luck to those who have their goals for fitness. Eat healthy, and stick with a routine.

And I’ll be back to photo updates soon with another wedding I recently shot. Thanks everyone!

Cazz and Marissa – LA Apartment shoot

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot with Cazz and Marissa here in Hollywood.

Cazz is someone I’ve been in touch with a couple of months. He was a fan of my work with Crazy Mike and Lyla Dee on the beach in Venice and wanted to do a couples-shoot working with me. I wanted to try something a bit different than another beach shoot though. Cazz pitched the idea of a black/white CK-style shoot.

Having access to an empty Hollywood apartment was definitely a plus. We went with the LA lifestyle feel, and for those of you who did what I did and packed up and moved somewhere to pursue your dreams, you know what it’s like to live in an empty apartment without much, or any, furniture.

One of the funniest moments in the day was when Cazz and I realized we have mutual friends in a completely different industry – Automotive. Many of you are aware that during 2009 I handled K&N and AEM’s photography for racing and am very active in the import car community.

Cazz was great to work with, as I said. This is one of my favorite shots of him from that afternoon. It needs maybe one or two more tweaks before posting to my portfolio… we’ll see.

So, after the break I’m going to be sharing just under 20 additional images from this shoot. I would LOVE to have any feedback from you guys about which ones you like. I’ll be sharing similar looking images, and want to know what you guys feel fits the theme and story best.
Also because I rarely do shoots that are soley black and white – so I’m anxious to hear your thoughts.

In other news, I will be shooting soon with a stunning model named Caitlin Kelly whose work I have liked for quite a while. I’m also trying to put together another shoot for this week, so we’ll see what happens there.

But please, read after the break, check out the images, and let me know what you think.

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Rosa’s Corset shoot

Rosa and I finally shot again a few nights back – after months of trying to time our schedules and put a shoot together.
The inspiration for this shoot came from a portfolio of a photographer in England. That particular gentleman does all black and white work – it’s gorgeous stuff, all studio work, too.

Well, Rosa recently did a fashion show with a designer who makes her own corset line. That particular designer, whose name I need to get, was kind enough to loan Rosa an outfit for us to do some shooting. The original plan was to do all black and white images. But, as usual with me, I’m going with the color versions for the rest of the shots I want to share.

Also, I’m moving this week, so expect my next update to be delayed as well. I should be doing some extreme sports photos here shortly. I also have another shoot with Megan in the works – you’ll remember her from some of my beach work in the past.

But, for now, enjoy this brief update tonight!

Check back later this weekend for another update with another shoot.

Michael and Ava

Haven’t posted an update in nearly a week. Part of the reason is I’ve been swamped with work and various projects.
I’m going to be in a commercial at some point – that was filmed last week. Nothing amazingly huge, and actually I had to play the arrogant sports car driver… hahaha.

Most of the week was spent catchin up on past projects for various people that requested additional photos. The shot above was shot when I went out with my friend Michael (Video Jockey) and Ava Johnson (singer/song writer) in Hollywood. This was on Melrose when we were just wandering around having fun takin a few photos.

I also edited some additional shots from Jesse and Laura’s shoot after Jesse requested a few more be touched up.

I think one came out rather nice, actually. I was able to really make the lighting and skin tones pop out against the grass.

This is another shot from the newly edited images of Laura and Jesse.

I actually am happier with these two than my previous images. I’ll be re-updating my portfolio with these and removing some of the others. I feel this are much nicer images and really set a mood and feeling between the subjects than the previous shots.

Also, it appears that I have images in QUAD, Sport Truck, and Parts Mag this month too… I need to double check those. And the feature on Rick Thorne in Rebel Ink isn’t in this months issue – I checked; I will need to follow up with Rick and find out when it goes to print.

Have a great week everyone!

Portfolio updated! New Engagement shots, and some fashion

Tonight I was able to knock out a ton of editing and catching up on past shoots. It was a relief to finally have some down time and complete a huge chunk of the work that had piled up on me.

Among the updates I ran on my portfolio tonight was the addition of three shots from the engagement session with Joanne and Jason that we did last month. (Well, three weeks ago, but still last month). The shot above, and two others are in my Weddings section.
We had a great time and I’m still very pleased with the entire afternoon of shooting. Hopefully Joanne and Jason are as excited about their images as I was when I finished processing them.

Also, in my Fashion section are some images from the Beverly Hills shoot with Laura Shields and Jesse Hart. I won’t post those images here since you’ve seen them all in previous blog updates. They’re simply added now, higher res, to my portfolio.

Good night everyone! For those of you down here in Socal that will be at Zorba’s Bike Night tomorrow, come look for me! I’ll be lookin’ for some bikes for some up and coming projects.

I’m also going to be on the lookout soon for some new models for upcoming shoots as well.

Stay tuned.

Still playing catch up…

Tonight I’ve been working on three different shoots. I’m playing catch up with some images for Laura Shields and Jesse Hart, still. I have a lot of shots I like… which make it hard to chose which to edit.

Also edited this shot of Miss Alaska, Courtney Carroll when we were goofing off at the beach a few weeks ago in Santa Monica. Just a fun moment when she was laughing.

And lastly is another preview of Joanne and Jason’s engagement shoot. I’ve been working on many images for them and am nearly done. I will be choosing a small selection to use when I update my portfolio later this weekend.

In other news, my site was migrated to a new server by my webhost. It killed my portfolio and php links for about half of Monday. My old site – which still receives quite a bit of traffic for the Walt Disney World College Program (I trained lifeguards at the water parks in ’03) – is still affected. I need to go and edit a lot of root links that are now broken. Sorry to any of you who actually go through that section.

Alright, time to call it a night for me. I have a busy week still ahead of me.
And and a possible shoot in Hollywood to plan and figure out

Catchin up, with Laura and Jesse

Spent this evening catching up on many things – most of which weren’t photo related… things like car maintenance and errands, haha.
But, the last half of the evening was all photo work. So, a quick update tonight to share with everyone another image of Laura Shields and Jesse Hart from our shoot in Beverly Hills a week ago. I think this one is a bit nicer than the previous one I shared. And I still have many more to go through and select for editing.

But, I’m calling it a night.
Sleep well everyone.

Laura Shields and Jesse Hart

I had the pleasure of working with the very beautiful Laura Shields in Beverly Hills, on Memorial Day.
Along with my good friend, singer Jesse Hart, we set out to create some James Dean/Natalie Woods inspired photos.
I’ll be completely honest and say I’m not quite sure how close we got – but I’m also nowhere near done editing the images yet. This is one of the images that caught my eye last night as I quickly sorted through the photos. They will all need to some more work to make them look aged and weathered. But I feel I’m off to a good start.

I’ve been behind in updating my portfolio with recent work. For that I apologize to all of you who follow my work regularly.
I’ll be playing a lot of catch up this week editing images of Marsha, and continuing to edit this shoot of Laura and Jesse. I also shot a fashion show for Studio C Salon that I need to edit. Not to mention the bit of motocross I photographed Thursday before my holiday-weekend cruise to Mexico (no, we didn’t stop. No swine-flu here).

Check back shortly. 
I’m expecting to run some major updates this Sunday.

Also, starting in June, and going through July (and the rest of the year), keep an eye out for my work in various magazines including Rebel Ink, Unzipped, Import Tuner, Super Street, Cycle News, D Sport, Sport Truck, etc…

I told you I’ve been busy…