The Biggs Wedding – Annapolis, MD


Another Disney lifeguard wedding for the books!
In the last several years I’ve had the pleasure of watching several of my friends from DisneyWorld get married – and this past weekend the next person to add to that list was my good friend Chris Biggs when he married Brandy.

I met Chris (who we’ve always just called Biggs) 11 years ago when I was a lifeguard on the Disney College Program. He was a lifeguard at Typhoon Lagoon, and I was a guard at Blizzard Beach – Disney’s two water parks. However, we worked together the first several months and had enough mutual friends that we still saw each other and remained friends throughout the year.
In the years that followed working for Disney, Biggs was one of the core group of guys that stayed in touch with each other, planned additional trips, and did our best to keep our friendship strong despite all of us living hundreds or thousands of miles from each other.

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The DuBose Wedding, Prince Charming gets hitched..

Today I returned home from Texas – and as nice as it always is to be back at your own place, this is a trip I wish had lasted longer.
I went out to Texas to attend the wedding of one of my best friends from when I lived and worked in Florida six years ago, Kyle. Kyle and I went through lifeguard training together and worked at Typhoon Lagoon while on the Walt Disney World College Advantage Program in 2003. About two months into our program however, Kyle attended face character auditions and ended up in the roll of Prince Charming throughout the remainder of his contract with Disney. I was busy saving lives, he, however, was busy signing autographs – tough gig…

Here we are, six years later, all reuniting in Texas for his wedding. Sadly, not everyone was able to make it out, just four of the 10 or so in our group. Becky (NM), me (CA), Joe (NJ), and Deanna (TX) were all guards out in Florida and have remained great friends since. And again, it was just really great to be able to spend three days catching up with everyone while celebrating Kyle’s wedding.This was our second night in town after rehearsals when everyone went out for dinner.

The ceremony was great – and I managed to make some really awesome shots like this one here. This poor little guy looked so bored up there, and was rolling his head around waiting for time to pass.

Tiffanye’s dress was beautiful. And she was sweet enough to ask me to take some photographs during the wedding. I was not the official/hired photographer. However, I don’t attend anything that I may want photos of without my camera. And by the end of the night, I knew I had created many great shots that I’m sure both Kyle and Tiffanye will be very pleased with.
Let’s face it, I don’t want an important friend of mine to have bad images of their wedding if I’m there. I stayed out of the photographers way the best I could, but I’m also shameless when it comes to making sure to get a shot that I see someone else missing. So I ended up coming home with quite a few images.

The flower arrangements were beautiful. Tiff did a great job picking out her colors.

There also was a brief moment of panic when they realized makeup ended up on her dress at some point while putting it on. Five anxious bridesmaids and two concerned mothers later it was taken care of…

Here we are again, goofing off at the end of the night. I would say that after one hot and humid south Texas summer day, lots of walking, dancing, and goofing off later… we all still look pretty good. Haha!

I’m really excited to edit the rest of the images from this weekend. Unfortunately I’m still busy finishing the other three shoots from earlier this month; Kyle and Tiff’s photos will have to wait. I’m looking forward to a somewhat quieter August (less traveling anyway) before ramping up for a very busy September.
Good night all! Hope your weekend was at least half as great as mine!