Shooting with Sammy Hagar – The Red Rocker

My day shooting Sammy Hagar.

So it was a phone call somewhat out of the blue. A good friend of mine, and fellow photographer, down in LA reached out to me on a Wednesday to see if I would be around that weekend. I was momentarily caught off guard because he knows I no longer live in Southern California. But it turned out he was asking if I would be in the San Francisco Bay Area and available that weekend.
He said he might have a lead for me on a project he knew I would dig.

And after a few various emails that afternoon, and confirmation the following day, I was booked to shoot Sammy Hagar for AXS TV and Mercury Insurance!


Growing up I had listened to Van Halen, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and all those classic rock groups with my dad. So I knew of Sammy and his music.

This would be awesome.
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Calendar Previews; Update Three

For this calendar preview I want to introduce the stunning Melissa Miko – or in this image… her legs. Haha!

Melissa and I met through my casting listing when I was casting for a completely different image. But, we were able to shoot with her on two different shoots since she had the figure, and the legs, for it. The image above I’m particularly proud of as it’s one of the cleanest and most vibrant shots from the project. It’s also eye catching and very sexy yet simple.
The idea I was hoping to show was classy with sex appeal. I’ve heard mixed opinions on Melissa’s tattoos as part of the finished image. I honestly go back and forth, and I may remove them completely before larger versions are uploaded to my portfolio. What do you guys think? The final version of this shot will be different; different wardrobe, different pose I believe, and different editing. But, this version is my favorite.

My other shoot with Melissa was on the beach – this was actually my first shoot with her.
This concept was simple: Let’s take a girl with a great figure, a vehicle that screams “Beach!” and do a sunset/surf theme. I felt terrible for Melissa though, we basically said “here, hold this board for the sunset”. I’m sure it had to be tiring after a while. And as always, we gathered a crowd pretty quickly. And that Woodie is a ’47 Buick Estate Wagon – a very rare classic.

I liked the colors and pose of this a lot, but we wanted to try something different too. I thought of a pose I shot of a girl I dated a while back (no joke) and figured we’d emulate that style shot.

Again, Melissa has an incredible figure and we wanted to take advantage of her silhouette. Yes, she has her bikini on. No, she is not naked. And, No, I didn’t enhance any part of her.

Here’s me (far left) and Melissa (center) and the rest of the team after the Ferrari shoot.

Melissa was a great model to work with, and hopefully when our schedules match up again at some point we’ll be able to do a shoot again.
I’ll be doing another update here in a couple days. I know I promised Lana’s shoot was coming soon, but I might share Suzy’s or Jenny’s first. Lana’s shoot went great, I’ll be honest, but I want to further edit her shoot and Crystal’s before sharing those here.

Good night all!
See you Thursday!

Promax Motor Sports Photo Shoot

Over the weekend, while many were making plans on how to spend their Superbowl Sunday, I was working with Anthony, owner of Promax Motor Sports, in Alhambra, Calif., on a photo series of his car collection.
Two days isn’t really enough time to do as extensive of a shoot as his collection demands – and hopefully things will continue over the following weeks piece by piece. After all, I only just began to photograph four of many cars he owns.

But, I’m quite happy with how the series turned out. I was able to locate various spots to do our location shooting. I’ll take care of more interior work on dates to come. The images in this post have all been added to my portfolio. I also am redirecting all traffic to my Automotive section as it has my most recent pieces.

Stay tuned though. I’ll be scouting locations for my upcoming pinup shoot with Kassandra, and the beautiful ’34 Chevy owned by Richard and Sarah C. I also will be collaborating with Rosa, a past model, on a water shoot. And have a beach shoot approaching as well.

I’ll check you all soon… til then, enjoy the rest of the Promax Series…

I’m not happy with the interior shots. I’ll redo those and update later

Such a gorgeous car, and incredible sound too… I want one.

BMW 777

I was pleased this shot came out. Tried something a bit different, and have been receiving a lot of compliments on it. Thank you everyone who sent phrase, it means a lot.

Interior shots of the Smart Fortwo. Again, this was a fun little car, I’d totally get one for like… grocery trips and little errands.. But I know I would want to mod it if I had one.

Simple shot of the speedometer… nothing fancy..

So, that’s it for now. If I edit more shots I’ll post them up… But, most likely, there won’t be any other additions until the next shoot.

Good night everyone!

Automotive madness…

This is just going to be a quick update… and slight teaser of things to come.
My weekend is, has been, and will continue to be, filled with all sorts of cars.

Today I had the pleasure of shooting some of Anthony’s car collection over at Promax Motor Sports in Alhambra, CA. The shoot will be continued throughout the weekend, and then depending on things go… over the weeks to come.

Promax’s Smart Car… this thing is awesome, I want one now…


On Friday I attended the Garden Grove Classic Car show they have every Friday evening. Tons of beautifully restored classic cars. Everything from Model T’s to American Muscle. Very nice owners, beautiful machines, and an incredibly friendly atmosphere.

I attended meet to check out the cars, of course. But also to find the perfect car for an upcoming shoot I’ll be doing. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard and Sarah C., owners of a Red ’34 Chevy. Now, I don’t have any photos of the car right now, ironically… However, Richard and Sarah have been kind enough to colaborate with myself and a model for an upcoming pinup shoot.

Meet Kassandra. This shoot is going to be great…

So, I’m gonna keep this somewhat short… Check back tomorrow for futher updates… and watch for some major new additions to my portfolio.
Busy night ahead… with a lot more editing to do too…