Been a busy March…

Wow, March is flying by already!
I started off the month up in San Francisco with some of the members of our car club, TOPDOWN. We attended Wekfest 2010 in Japantown and took home Third Place overall. Also, one of our members and really great friend of mine, Alex Doan took home a first place award for his Spoon S2000. For those of you familiar with the import community and have heard of Spoon’s black Honda S2000, that’s owned by Alex.. and he drove it up to the Bay Area from here in Socal to compete/show.

One handed shot with my Mark III while driving North on 5 in the rain and wind. Haha. Skills…

Also, this month was my birthday, nearly a week ago…

So, I got to celebrate (a bit early) with a couple friends at Disneyland! Haha! TJ, me, and Laura spent the day running around the parks riding rides and taking photos. My old friend Phil signed us in (Thanks Phil!) so we could enjoy the sunny weather and Laura could see Disneyland for the first time ever. TJ came along since he hadn’t been since he was a kid. Had a great time though!

Now like I said, this month has been crazy running around and taking care of a lot of things at a more personal level. I’m relocating/moving soon – still based in Socal though. I’m planning some upcoming trips to the Bay Area, Oregon, and possibly to Sacramento, too. All are work related trips and involve logistical planning with clients/etc. And, my birthday weekend lasted about five days… I won’t lie. Hahaha!

On a professional note though…
I’ve been notified recently of various images of mine being used by clients for many different things…

Jesse got ahold of me this morning, from Brazil, to let me know that one of my shots of him is being used on a press release there in Sao Paulo where he is currently doing shows.
So, I’ve been published in Brazil now! Woo hoo!

Jesse’s also running the image on his promotional material, and his new cd cover.

I recently did a shoot with Derek Jameson. I’ve worked with Derek many times on promotional material, album covers, and his magazine feature that was published last summer. Derek called me up needing a last minute shoot for some upcoming shows. We did a very quick shoot in Huntington Beach – I’ll post more from that shoot on my next update.

This promo poster uses an image of Derek from the shoot we did for his magazine feature in Unzipped, published July 2009.

I may have shared this before now that I’m thinking of it… But, Rick Thorne uses my images on lots of his promo material. And, this image for his Grindz and Rhymez tour features my image of him on Monster Energy’s website.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Not many new images to share with everyone just yet. I’ll have some new stuff up shortly, including another shoot with Derek Jameson (that I mentioned above). Hope everyone is having a great month! As busy as I am right now I’m still having a great time.

FAME Industry Mixer

This past Monday was the FAME Industry Mixer in Downtown LA at Blue Velvet. It featured the artwork of artist and designer Jason Lee.
I first met Jason back November, I was the head photographer for a fashion show at Green Door, Hollywood, that featured the work of Blive Couture and SUBRAGE. SUBRAGE is Jason’s brand, you can check it out here.
I’m looking forward to collaborating further with Jason in the future; we discussed a few ideas that I’m excited about.

Also a shout out to London Moore of CNPublicity for putting the event together. And Lucky 7 Lifestyle (new site coming soon), since they were my fashion choice for the evening.

Later that night I had to head to Hollywood.
I met up with good friend, professional BMXer, Rick Thorne. As you guys know, I do a lot of work for Rick’s band, “The Good Guys in Black“. Well, they needed some quick band photos for some promo posters that were going to be created the next morning. Haha… no rush… at all.

Because of the quick turn around, we went with a simple all-black background. We’ll do a location shoot the next time around.

Also, Rick is bringing me on for his up and coming skate park tour…

Should be a great time. Sponsorship by Monster Army. Seeking out the next extreme sports athletes… Can’t wait.

So, that’s what’s currently going on with me.. I have more big news in the works. But, you’ll have to check back later for that.

My work, on Fender

My work has been featured on the Fender artist’s pages!

I’ve done a lot of work for the Good Guys in Black – they actually make up about half the band photos I currently have in my portfolio.
Anyway, on Fender’s website they have an entire section devoted to featuring various bands. Currently you can view many of the images I did for the GGiB last month during a band shoot. Rick Thorne wanted clean, even images of each member as well as group shots. Those are featured as well as shots of the band performing at On The Rox, Hollywood, Calif.

I also have work featured on a couple more artist pages like this… one for drumming equipment, and one for something else… I’ll have to look those up.

Good Guys rock the Rox

Good Guys in Black rock On The Rox.

The Good Guys in Black brought the noise to On The Rox Saturday night, and I was there to get some shooting in. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dull moment with Rick and Alan, now playing with new members Matt and Ivan. They also premiered a new – which should be up on their MySpace music page at some point I would imagine.

Check out: //  Good Guys in Black on Myspace

Rick Thorne, Good Guys in Black

Tonight I did a bit of photography for Rick Thorne and the Good Guys in Black, again.

Rick needed some band shots created for some upcoming gigs, fliers, postcards, and other media. I also shot individual band member shots for profiles/bios/etc. This is one of my favorites from the evening. I felt that some side lit, high contrast, and near-complete-black-background shots seemed quite fitting for the band.
I’ll be adding the series to my Music section in my portfolio soon.

Also, for those of you here in Hollywood, check the Good Guys in Black this Saturday night at On The Rox (above ROXY) on Sunset Blvd. $10 cover fee, begins at 10p. You may also want to keep an eye for me shooting too.

In other news, my portfolio is being completely overhauled – by me – and will be up and running in it’s new layout this weekend. I’m making it easier to navigate, and will also be changing the focus of my overall site to just my photography. Don’t worry, all my college, high school, and Disney College sections will still be available for viewing.

Night everyone!

My work on other sites

I always take it as a HUGE compliment when friends of mine use my photography for their images anywhere… I remember in school when tons of the athletes and various friends I had were using my photos as their defaults for Facebook and Myspace.

Well, Justin Imamura, long time friend and an extremely talented musician recently submitted some of my images to be used on his musician profile on various sites. We saw this one last night when he was showing me stuff online.
While they didn’t credit the photo to me, both are actually mine. The top image was last weekend at the Chronic Cantina (see previous blog posts) and the lower one is actually shot in San Francisco at Warped Tour back in June when I spent the day shooting various bands. Please feel free to check their webpage here.

Today I leave for Michigan.
I’m heading out to visit some old friends, teach a couple workshops, shoot three or four models, and three different sports events. There is also a birthday party and various other things to attend… Needless to say, I’m going to be busy – and I can’t wait.

So, my gear is packed, my cameras are all charged, I even have my light kit carefully wrapped and packaged for flight.
Leaving the house in about 10 minutes :D

Be sure to continue checking updates next week. I’ll be updating from Michigan. Gotta keep you all in the loop.


Good Guys in Black @ The Chronic Cantina

The Good Guys in Black fuckin’ ROCKED the Chronic Cantina today.

I cruised down to Costa Mesa to chill with the guys at Chronic, enjoy the music and bands, and hell… there was even a fashion show.
The other bands were a bit more mellow… a bit more Sublime… Rick took the mic and they didn’t even get a minute into their first song before there was some sort of power failure at the sound board – how’s that for rockin’ hard?

I shot some 900 images today; a good majority of my shots were of the models since I was asked by each designer to take some shots for them.
Alright, alright… here’s a shot of some of the models during one of the fashion sets:

If people want, I’ll upload more later.

Anyway, today rocked, I made some great contacts, I shot some great photos, and I heard some great music.

Killer way to end the weekend – then again, as Justin pointed out this morning to me… everyday is Saturday for me.

Good Guys in Black

Tonight I did a bit of photography for my friends, the Good Guys in Black. I had the pleasure of meeting these guys when I shot Warped Tour this summer in San Francisco. Their drummer, Justin, is an old friend of mine and it’s through him that I met Rick and Alan.
This is a shot you’ll be able to see in print the Bay Area in the next week for promo purposes for Rick and his band. I have a number of other great shots that I’m going to have to edit tomorrow… since it’s now 2a and I’m heading to sleep.

However, please check out the Good Guys in Black on their MySpace Music profile.