Falken Tire 2012 Promo Model Poster Shoot

The 2012 Falken Tire Promo Model poster has been released! And that means I’m allowed to share additional photos from the shoot with everyone that I created for Falken Tire and their 2012 season!

For those who read my previous blog about the Behind the Scenes from this shoot, you’ll recall that I mentioned the goal of the entire day was the image above. Basically we arrived first thing in the morning – before sunrise – and shot all day until sundown. And then, after 12 hours of shooting we created the image we came for – the poster shot. Seriously. The image we spent so much time planning for was created in the last five minutes of shooting. And was also one of the last 10 photos or so I made with the girls.

But it was worth it. The long day. The lack of food (on my part. I forgot to eat most of the day since I was so busy running around that TJ had to make me stop and take five minutes to eat something at the catering table). I look at photos of me at the end of the day and laugh because I look exhausted.
I did at least 17 shoots that day working with each of the models multiple times and in several locations with many different lighting setups. Everything worked out incredibly well. Falken had a very  aggressive set of goals to complete that day and I’m very proud to say that we met all of them! During the time we weren’t working on group shots the models were in hair/makeup and whoever was ready with their next look would be sent over to shoot individuals.

The individual shots we created are mainly for use on the models profile pages since they’re in no way related to tires or the automotive industry, haha! But part of the reason this location was selected for was for wide variety of looks that could be created around the property.
I had the oh-so-difficult assignment of poolside bikini and exercise photos. Wow. Rough location. Haha!
Throughout the middle of the day and afternoon the girls would be switched out with me to shoot around the infinity pool with all the mountains in the background. Gorgeous. I could easily see why so many magazine shoots are done at this location with this pool.

A second concept for the poster was a composite idea I was asked about. There was some question to the feasibility of doing this shot with six girls and making the shot work at the venue. The one thing there wasn’t much of was large open space and walls. We selected the three-car garage doors as the best spot to create a six-photo composite extra-wide style poster. I think it came out pretty damn good, actually.

Each girls was shot with the same style lighting and power adjusted according to the background, skin tone, or wardrobe. But overall it worked great. I may print a large version of this just for the sake of seeing how it looks. But, the version I’m looking at right now on my 27in screen looks pretty awesome!

Ultimately the pool shot was used for the poster – which is perfect since that was the original idea and goal anyway.

Click the break for a ton of additional photos of the girls… since I know that’s what you’re really here to see.

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Falken Tire Girls 2012 – behind the scenes

The Falken Tire 2012 Promo Girls poster is near release and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share some of the Behind the Scenes photos from the project.
I had an incredible opportunity at the end of last year to work directly with Falken on this. I was contacted and asked about possibly tackling this large scale – and very important – photoshoot for the company. After everything was made official we started the planning phase for a quickly-approaching shoot date.

The ultimate goal for the project was to create their 2012 Promo Model Poster with all six girls. We took the girls away from the track/race scene for something different, stylish and sexy. After budget discussion, location selection, and dates solidified it was time to really crack down and get things moving. Our shoot was right after Thanksgiving and there was plenty to get working on.
I was required to bring two assistants – it would be better to have too much help than not enough for a project of this size. And I’m sure all of you are thinking “Yeah, cuz it would be terrible to hang out on set with a bunch of models all day”. But I needed two experienced people on hand that I knew would be great. I brought TJ down from San Francisco. He has 10 years experience with lighting and set work and who has also helped me on multiple shoots over the last few years and understands my style and how I shoot. David came up from Orange County as my other assistant. I met David working on weddings and he has an incredible knowledge of photography and wealth of experience to bring to this setting.

Our shoot day started early.. EARLY. A 430am call time is never fun, but it’s part of the job. Overall the entire day went great. There were a few hiccups along the way as could always be expected, but we still made sure to get everything taken care of that we hoped to complete. I was able to create a ton of amazing images with all the models. And both myself and my team had an awesome time working with Falken and their crew. The models, Julie Galindo, Mayra Tinajero, Olivia Korte, Melanie Tillbrook, Brittney Leigh, and Randyl Dawn were all awesome. And thank you all for putting up with me having trouble with your names all day… having six new models with a new hairstyle/outfit every time I saw them throughout the day definitely screwed with my head. Haha!

Ok, so… on to the photos! I’ll stop rambling and simply post captions…

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John Remus Photography Christmas Card 2011

The 2011 John Remus Photography Christmas Card is here!!!

The Second Annual John Remus Christmas card has been completed and is going out in a limited run of 150 this year!

Last year was my first attempt at doing a somewhat high production Christmas card. I wanted to do something that wasn’t the typical and generic looking holiday card. After quickly sending out all 100 prints that I made it was clear that this year I’d need to step it up.

There were 110 carded spoken for before I even finished shooting this year!

So if you’re lucky enough to bump into me, or have my cell phone number, better call me up if you want to get your hands on one of the remaining 2011 cards!

Merry Christmas!

John Remus III

Image theft – When FOX stole my photos…

Image theft.
As photographers this is something we constantly face in a digital world. I’m often asked if any of my photos have been stolen. I can quickly answer “Yes, by FOX news actually.”

I was asked to create a post about my story – which is why I’m posting this now, even though the date on this article clearly says September.
A bit of back story on two photos that FOX News stole from me for their broadcast.

Beau Peregino, an actor from the East Coast is an old friend of mine. And as a photographer, I’m typically hired to handle his photos when he needs headshots, or images of some kind – if I’m in the area or available with his schedule.
Well, last fall TMC had a contest to win a walk-on roll on MadMen. Beau and I came up with some very simple images that we felt fit the requirements for the contest.

Shortly after the AMC contest Beau was hired by the Bachmann campaign as their spokesman. As in every campaign, there are accusations made in the commercials. Beau’s character of Jim the Election Guy was really stirring things up in the Midwest. So much so that I got a call from Beau one afternoon saying “If anyone contacts you about me, you can’t comment yet.” He was under a non disclosure to not speak of his roll in the campaign, and no one on Bachmann’s staff would comment on who “Jim the Election Guy” really was. Honestly, it turned A LOT of heads.

Check out one of the videos above.

As an old friend of Beau’s, and fellow professional in the entertainment industry, I just laughed and admired that his character was getting so much attention.
Then the emails started to arrive – not many – but they did…

Once the media found out that Jim the Election Guy was Beau Peregino they did what everyone would do… they Googled him.
And, at that point in time, my images of Beau were among the top hits for his name. Various images quickly spread among blogs and sites with silly accusations about him – everything from where he really lives, to his sexuality.
I’ll be honest, Beau and I laughed many times on the phone over the whole thing and some of the crazier ideas people had, what else could we do?

A few news orgs contacted me for comment on Beau and his acting. I kept my word and said that I couldn’t comment, but I would be happy to forward their info on to Beau. I won’t comment on my clients for any reason, both a professional and personal decision.

Now… with FOX News, my images were simply stolen off my website and Facebook page without asking and BROADCAST in Minnesota on their evening news.

I stumbled on that link when I was searching Beau’s name. I started doing that every few days since I was curious about what new stories were coming about about him.

You can imagine how upset I was to find that FOX stole two photos from either my website, or my Facebook fan page without ever contacting me or asking me in any way to use my copyrighted images.

If you watch the video on the site above, at second markers 50 and 53 you will see two of my images.
They even go so far as to pan across the photo AND STOP BEFORE GETTING TO MY WATERMARK!

One of my photos they used.

I was incredibly upset.

I contacted FOX, both the generic email listed on their site for complaints and contacted the reporter directly to say that copyrighted images of mine were being used without my authorization.

Of course, I never heard anything back.

The image above was also submitted to AMC. But the second photo was taken directly from me. The reason I know this is because the image in their news report is the first version of the photo I posted. If you look at the screen grab at the top of the post you will see the outline of a door frame in the shot. I removed/edited the background on that photo later and uploaded it to my blog. However the unchanged version was still on Facebook. And this image was posted nowhere other than my website and my Facebook fan page.

You can see the blog post here:

So, what did I do?

Unfortunately I was told there was very little I can do.

I was informed by many reliable sources in the industry and I stood very little chance against a company like FOX. That they would assume that someone like me wouldn’t even notice they took my images, let alone pursue anything in the court system.
I contacted some photographer unions but they simply told me unless I was willing to join and pay their fees, they could offer me no help at all.

I shared this story on Twitter and Facebook, tried to contact FOX for a response, and spoke to everyone I could. But, sadly there are times that, as a photographer, you just can’t do anything without a massive budget for legal help.

Since this event (and before) my work has been featured on CNN, AOL, the LA Times, Chicago Tribune and dozens of magazines, blogs, and websites in many different areas of photography genres. Nearly every time I have been contacted in a professional manner about image usage rights by these companies as I hold all copyrights to all my photography.

I’ll just have to continue to do my best to keep my work safe. Which is becoming harder and harder in the world on digital imagery and social networking.

My Hollywood showcase, with RAW Artists


Last night was my showcase in Hollywood, at Playhouse with RAW Artists. As many of you know, I was contacted by RAW Artists a little over a month ago. They had come across my photography and were interested in having me showcase with them. Well, that event was last night and the support I received from everyone was overwhelming.

I was really touched by how many people came out to support me and my work – and even the goofy shot of five of my subjects and myself above is awesome!

So often I tend to look at my work as just photos.
Don’t get me wrong, I believe in my work and stand my imagery. I’m confident in my abilities, but I still will look at my images as something that my subjects allow me to very easily create with them.

What I’m trying to say, is that often I forget that the portraits I’ve created of people mean more to those individuals than I realize.  And nearly every person from my collection in last nights showcase proved that by showing up excited to see their photo on the wall, give me a hug, congratulate me on my work, and thank me for allowing them to be a part of it.

I’m surprised I didn’t get more emotional, but as I go through these photos and see what a great time everyone had talking and meeting one another, it compounds the amount of love there really was last night. Again, Thank You!

A couple things that stand out, before I get to a huge assortment of photos…
My cousin drove up from San Diego to be there even though he had to work at 4a the next day, thank you Gianni!
My Mom and step-dad flew down last minute from the Bay Area.
Adam, who turned into my poster-boy for this whole event, came out on his 25th birthday to be there.
Lauren, my best girl friend here in LA, celebrated her birthday last night with me at the show AND took tons of photos for me because she knew I wouldn’t have time.

Everyone else that attended, texted, called, emailed, posted on facebook, etc. Thank you all for the support!

Please check out the rest of the images after the break, I’ll have a lot more to say about the event and people that attended.

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RAW Artists – April showcase featuring me!

I’m going to be a featured artist in the April show “Unearthed” by RAW Artists!

I was contacted recently by RAW about potentially showcasing my work at one of their upcoming shows. I went to their March show to check it out and see what it was all about. I decided that having the opportunity to share with everyone my work and what I do would be a lot of fun. So, I told them I would be down to showcase in April.

This is where all you guys come in… come support!

The show is Thursday, April 7th at 8pm at Playhouse Hollywood.
Tickets are pre-sale online and they’re $10. Basically, I need to raise $200 to cover my costs. And unless one of you guys wants to donate $200 to me, I’m raising it through ticket sales just like everyone else.
Order your tickets here:

It’s a lounge, so there is a bar. 21 and up only, lounge attire required. Party goes til 2am.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to though, the headliner is Kerli.
She did some of the songs  from Alice and Wonderland, and has an incredible style to her. Hopefully I get an opportunity to talk to her, she would be amazing to add to my portrait series.

Check out Kerli’s newest music video

And, lastly, here’s a screen grab of the online flier…

Hope to see you there!

A little sportbike rig shooting with friends.

We’ve been having some great weather here in Southern California recently. So about a week ago I went out with some friends to do a little rig shooting on sport bikes.

We ended up having a really chill afternoon out riding. Tons of great clouds left over from the recent weather patterns that have been blowing through the area, and a warm sunny afternoon without much heat at all.
Since I had rented a fisheye lens for BMX photos the two days before this shoot, I wanted to make sure to get as much use out of the lens as I could. So I hit up my buddies here to see if they wanted to try various shots.

We started with a few passes up and down the highway for some motion images of riding. I shoot and ride one-handed for those types of shots, and found that it was much harder to use a fisheye this way than my 16-35 f/2.8 that I normally would use.
For the rest of images I used my rig arm and remotes to create those photos.

I’ll just go right into sharing those now.

First up was Al.
All of us ride recreationally, so none of have full riding suits like Adam who I did my last rig shoot with. The images came out great though and I’ve been experimenting with various types of editing for different looks.

This was a quick shot as Al left to do a second pass. That’s me in the background taking a shot with the remote that’s in my hand – Frank and Nolan are sitting on the curb.

This was the shot we ended up liking the most. Al leaned just enough to look toward the camera as he passed.

Next up was Nolan and his girlfriend Serena. The sunset added a lot of great color his gunmetal grey CBR600RR.

I was worried the rig arm would be too short for these images, but it ended up working pretty nicely. At least for a crazy skewed-angle type shot. Haha!

Last up was Frank and his white 600RR.

We also tried this shot of both Al (left) and Frank (right) riding together since they both have white bikes.

The final shot of the night was one of Al. This is actually shot by me while riding alongside him on a Yamaha R1.
I have the camera rig mounted low on the swingarm and am firing remotely while riding. (the remote is taped to the gas tank)
Definitely one of my favorite shots from the afternoon.

Here is how I created that image. I’m on right, Al is on the left.
Thank you to Frank for the photo!

Here’s a short video compilation from clips that Frank shot that afternoon! Mostly just him goofing around and cracking jokes. But you get to see a little bit of how this shoot was done.
I’m going to pick up a Flip camera or something soon so I can start creating more behind the scenes videos for you guys.

And here are a few more images from earlier that afternoon that I took.

I think it’s funny that every time we go riding Serena only happened to bring heels that day. But, we don’t do anything too crazy or fast..

All of us before heading out to do rig shooting. Frank is there, just behind me… whoops!

This was shot by Serena. So now I have a photo of me riding too! Woo hoo!

Hopefull you guys all enjoyed the images. Sorry for the delay. This past Friday I went down on the bike in a turn. It was low speed, but I hit some dirt/gravel as I was turning from one street to another. I hit my helmet in two places on opposite sides as I rolled. Always wear protective gear people. You never know what could happen. I’m fine, just a little sore. Bike is good, just some scrapes and cosmetic damage.

Check back soon for more upcoming shoots!

Ringflash testing with Liz Sterling

This week has been packed with a lot of running around, shooting various things, and also testing some new gear. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently picked up a ringflash. It’s been a lot of fun to play with because it’s such a different way of shooting than I’m used to.
Last week my friend, promo model Liz Sterling, asked me to come do a few shots for testing. Really it was just her way of getting me to come by for dinner to catch up – shooting was just motivation for me to drive since I always looking for excuses to play with my cameras.
So how many of you are actually reading this and not just staring at the photos?

I love the color in this one, except right after Liz and I realized we forgot set up a fan for her hair. Blast! Next time… next time..

I did a few self portraits for fun, too. This was one I did to be a bit more gangster style. I joked that if I ever release my own rap album that THIS will be my album cover for my self titled release.

This shot was a bit of a homage to my friend, photographer David Esquire. He took a similar shot but had a fisheye lens to use. I only had a 16mm.

Lastly, and possibly most important, is my upcoming Christmas card!

I’ve been working on this all week. It’s going to feature me, my friend model/stylist Lauren Parsons, and my friend Anthony also!

So, check back next week as I’m making the last few edits on my card tomorrow and will be ordering copies to send out to people!

LA Rooftop shoot with 8 models, yikes!

Two weeks ago, while in the Bay Area, I was contacted by my friend Elle Favorule. Elle is a make up artist that I met two years ago doing fashion shows here in Hollywood. She called because she was putting together a small photoshoot with the idea that it would end dirty, grungy and with harsher contrasty light.

Well the small shoot quickly blew up in to a much larger production. Elle told me a few days before the shoot that we now had eight people interested in modeling, two hairstylists, two wardrobe designers that wanted to bring their clothing pieces, and the original two make up artists Elle, and our friend Samantha Ward.

We started simple and slowly added different clothing, different makeup, hairstyles, etc. By the end of the day we ended on the dirty, greasy looking photos like the end shot above.

I’ll keep this short, and share a little bit after some of the photos in the captions after the break.


Natalie was the first model I shot that morning, and she was stunning. Very few models can take such a beautiful headshot straight on and without having to force any sort of expression.

And the equally stunning actress Zoe Myers.
Zoe and I had actually met a while back – but both had to be reminded by Elle, haha.

More after the break..
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