Meet the Machallisters…

If it rains on your wedding day… have some fun with it!

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Will and Nicole’s wedding in San Jose, Calif. A completely different contrast to the week prior that I spent in Michigan with the Gerhardt-DeLand wedding.
Will and Nicole were actually in town from Colorado – leaving the snow for what turned out to be a rainy, El Nino, weekend in the Bay Area. The first thing I thought of doing with the bride and groom? Galoshes and an umbrella… and figured we’d throw the Maid of Honor and Best Man in there for good measure.

Nicole and Will were both open to any ideas when it came to dealing with the weather. The ceremony was indoors, so we didn’t have that to worry about. We were even able to do a first-look outdoors before the rain started really coming down. The photo above was actually shot during the rain… you can tell by the wet bricks and small puddles forming. Nicole got a bit of mud on her dress prior to the ceremony, but didn’t mind at all since she had fun with the photos – I love brides that are in such great spirits with everything.

The whole weekend that I spent with the families was great. I was welcomed in as one of the family, and ended up spending the entire rehearsal evening, and all day during the wedding festivities with them. I have many, many, photos below that I wish to share with all of you. So, I won’t say much more here but instead comment on a few of the shots ahead.

Check back middle of next week for another update on some other things I’ve been shooting, too!

The morning started out like so many wedding mornings… breakfast, mimosas, and cell phones.. haha!

Nicole… starting her primping.

Achilles was so GQ right then and didn’t even know it…

We did a first-look that way we could knock out the family and wedding party portraits before the wedding. It worked out really well since there ended up being no time to do photos after the ceremony.

Will, lookin good.

Nicole seemed worried about getting her photo taken. I think she looked quite beautiful.

If you look really close, my sister and her fiance are center on these place cards, haha.

Sometimes you gotta drag the guy down the aisle…Paige is gettin her practice in early.

This was incredibly touching. Will had to turn around to get through his vows because looking at his bride at the same time was too much to handle.

Achilles was hanging out with me… front and center, lol!

Paige was definitely one of my favorite subjects that night.

I love shooting the first dance. Always beautiful…

See! See!! Could she have made it any easier to take overly cutesy photos of her?

Honestly, this shot probably better represents Will and Nicole’s personalities and mood that night! They were so much fun!

The cake was awesome. They had two flavors… I had both.

Michelle dived… Seriously, that’s why she’s on the floor…

Well.Will was supposed to pull off the garter.. but..
And look at Michelle (left side) laughing in the background!

Cutest Father-Daughter moment. Ever.

One last slow dance of the evening…

Again, I had a great time with Will, Nicole and both their families over the weekend. I can’t wait to finish more of their photos and see what all I was able to capture for them.
Hopefully you guys made it through all of these. Check back soon for more updates. Or follow my fan page on Facebook, too!